Philosophy of AGW Insult Commie Dog Armageddonism

AGW Commie Dogs

Look at the politics of personal destruction practiced by liberal fascists to stifle truth. See how they try to banish all that notice Al Gore the king of the Left has no clothes. It is so  amazing how quick they are to spot anyone who loves America and in the first sentence of anyone who falls outside the margin of political correctness how soon they pack up to shout’m down and play their ad hominem attack game. Not even Joe the Plumber is allowed to have a differing opinion. And, you can’t respond in kind no matter how much you love the truth and how kind they are to America’s enemies. You must hold your tongue or be marginalized, demonized, knocked and mocked – how Kafkaesque! Remember how quick the AGW Alarmists and their comrades were to denigrate William Gray and associate legitimate scientific skepticism with those who deny the Holocaust ever existed? The “denier” label began with the attempted marginalization of William Gray when the AGW Alarmists employed the rhetoric of ‘Holocaust denier’ to compare Gray to a Nazi because he dared to question the global warming consensus.

Looking back now, at the swarms of scientists making beelines for the UN exits since 2007  and the big crush at the exits that occurred at the end of 2009 with the grand debunking of Mann’s hockey stick and the Yamal tree-ring circus, and the nature trick, it nevertheless will probably be the CRUGate’s ‘Deep Throat’ with the foi2009.pdf disclosures that will mark the ‘Official date’ that AGW died.

That puts us today in the cognitive dissonance phase of global warming that Philip Stott predicted, marked by insult commie dog crapulent b.s., raised to a fever pitch before they’re all dragged down by the stone of dead cold logic. Even this final howling of the AGW Alarmist, Heaven’s Gate Cult of ScienceHot Dogs marks a point in time that does give rise to some hope.

For example, we can be amazed at how much faster a hoax gets debunked these days. Compare the speed to days of yore as measured by time of AGW’s dramatic rise and eventual plummet to earth. We’re looking at 10 years to defeat the global warming hoax and probably not more than another decade of global cooling before the cognitive dissonance loses its bark. That is a lot faster than 50 years to debunk the Piltdown Man Hoax followed by another 50 years to piece together who all that were in on the hoax. It is just a matter of time before all of the liars in academia are cashiered-out on their tenured-asses and we all move-on-to-dot-sanity or some other enviro-whackpot mass mania.

Of course, there was a lot more at stake with the global warming hoax. Even so, it actually is amazing progress considering America was attacked by the entire Leftist, liberal Utopian establishment, allied and conspiring together in a conspicuous consensus of anti-Americanism with a willing mainstream media and a broken governmental-education machine fueled by millions of taxpayer dollars to pay for endless filing cabinets full of junk research. What with all of thankless, hostile and hypocritical Old Europe stabbing George Bush in the back from Day-1, with all of the typical anti-America, tyrannical regimes, tin pot dictators, fascists and commies in the UN against President Bush, the U.S. and even Jesus, it’s no wonder that individual liberty and free enterprise have been bruised badly.

In the beginning, only a relative few principled scientists like William Gray had the courage to put truth and reason before ideology. Gray stood up to the knowing printing of deception by his peers and the IPCC. The idea that human CO2 – most particularly CO2 from the US – has caused global warming, and if not for the US the climate would somehow be ideal, is an insane idea. Only a dysfunctional global politic gives cover to an academia that could get away with preaching in schoolrooms that if we destroy America we will end hurricanes and tornadoes and the seas won’t rise. The AGW Alarmists have nothing to offer but a world facing a looming catastrophe but it will rain lollypops everyday if we believe in the schoolteachers of global warming.

Sure, AGW theory is a dead idea but global warming is still useful politically: AGW Alarmism and the ‘hockey stick’ are still giving the charlatans and snake-oil salesmen something to play a fast, loose and dirty sting on the folks. We still have Democrats that are being elected by associating the business of living with evil as if going to work in the morning to make products people want and are willing to pay for out of their own earnings is causing calamitous climate disruption and destroying the environment.

After Al Gore receiving a Nobel prize from the Eurocommies for his global warming propaganda and knowing that no one will ever truly be held accountable in any meaningful way for all of the lies and deceit, we all should see that fear of global warming has been a cruel joke on humanity. What will the next big lie be? What will be the next big joke on the productive? In a crazy sort of quixotic way, the success of Americanism may in fact signal the end of  Western civilization by giving rise to the AGW religion.

Isn’t fear of global warming nothing more than a symptom of moral decline that is the real reason the West is dying? Putting things into perspective, perhaps the successes of the Minoan, Roman and Medieval warming periods sowed the seeds of destruction for these societies too. It is not hard to associate these warm periods with the birth of many old religions, just as other religions may trace their beginnings to periods of glaciations, and just as we might trace the emergence of the global warming religion today to America’s past economic success.

In that light CO2 becomes a metaphysical ‘truth’ that is all bound up with epochal shifts of populations during epochal shifts in climate, much like in history, from travelers across the frozen Arctic to Viking plunderers raiding Paris and founding colonies from Greenland to Canada. Shall we be tempted to draw a cause and effect relationships and if so shall we continue to sow the seeds to our own demise? For instance, can we even imagine that in addition to times of relative material plenty, such as the current interglacial warming period has afforded to Western Civilization that the current warming period also has given birth to the philosophy of AGW insult commie dog global warming Armageddonism?

Telescoping things, global warming is far better for the human race by all objective indicators when compared to Ice Age living. Even so, perhaps the veritable plenty of economic success, together with the vagaries of human nature itself, mass superstition and the frailty of the intellect of the consensus, makes moral decline and self-destruction inevitable.

An example of such decline would be the insanity of global warming alarmism, which may simply be a symptom of the decline and death of the West in general, brought about by  self-defeating nihilism. What is to become of a people who see no value in objective truth? Surely, the devaluation of truth will spell the E-N-D of any society. The devaluation of the teachings of life, and of life itself, harkens the diminution and fall of a culture. The devaluation of founding principles and mocking traditions that unite a people may be the unavoidable legacy of material success.

…there is nothing more necessary than truth, and
in comparison with it everything else has only secondary value ~Nietzsche

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