World Safe — Global Fearmongering So Passe

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story at Yale Environment 360

e360 digest – 28 Feb 2013:
Earth Unlikely to Face  An Ecological Tipping Point
A team of international scientists has rejected the idea that the planet could face a sudden and irreversible ecological shift as a result of largely human-driven pressures… including climate change, biodiversity loss, and over-exploitation of resources…
—  This reality, the authors suggest, should encourage communities to pursue appropriate conservation solutions at local and regional levels rather than becoming distracted by projections of “doom and gloom” on a global scale.
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The authors…

Does the terrestrial biosphere have planetary tipping points?
Barry W. Brook, Erle C. Ellis, Michael P. Perring, Anson W. Mackay, Linus Blomqvist
Trends in Ecology & Evolution – 28 February 2013

…concluded, as follows: identifying critical [tipping] points along global continua of drivers might be unfeasible and… characterizing global biotic change with single aggregates is inapt. Simply put, they’re saying reductionism is quatch!


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Civilizations come and go. The American experience, Western Europe… they’re just recent examples. We have more to fear from ourselves than the environment has to fear from us. The longest and most enduring memorial to humanity on a modest scale are some stone implements and on a grand scale the Egyptian pyramids and Great Wall of China. A thousand years from now a few restored gas pumps will be the only historical reminder of humanity’s flirtation with the idea of humanity’s God-given right to liberty.

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The Medium is the Message:

The Guardian, a self-styled “Greenie” shows it is wholly oblivious to the socioeconomic and political implications of climate change as a heuristic phenomenon–e.g.,

We are electing politicians who associate the business of living with evil as if going to work in the morning to make products and provide services that other people want and are willing to pay for out of their own earnings is causing calamitous global climate disruption and destroying the Earth’s environment.

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