Climate Change: Teacher Tell the Truth!

Venus_Earth_Comparison_HorizontalIf you value science you cannot shield the indefensible from scrutiny. Al Gore provides innumerable opportunities to correct the record. Is it too much to ask of our public-funded teachers to confront insanity when they hear it — political correctness be damned? Instead, they’re teaching global warming in Western schools.

For starters, what did teachers say when Al compared Earth’s future to what we see on Venus if we on Earth persist in driving  our own cars instead of taking a bus to work?

We should not even hire as teachers those who are unable to make themselves aware of simple facts about Venus that make comparisons between it and Earth ridiculous–e.g., a single day on Venus is about 2/3s of a year on Earth. Venus is the only planet that spins backward! Venus will always receive a lot more energy from the Sun than Earth. It’s closer!

Look at the composition of the two planets. Instead of Earth’s atmosphere being composed of just ~0.04% of CO2, even if it was more like the Venusian atmosphere — that is composed of 96% CO2 and filled with clouds of sulfuric acid — the two planets could never be meaningfully compared by any reasonable person because the atmospheric pressures are so different: a day on the surface of Venus is more like being atop a piston in a diesel engine at the top of the compression cycle where the fuel mixture explodes!

Venus is not anything like Earth because most of the Earth is of course covered by water. It is the ocean (lakes, streams and clays) on Earth that hold the heat, not CO2. And, if not for the heat holding capacity of oceans, Earth would be a lot colder than it is now.

It is about time that the Western education system recreated itself. It is time we all realize that our schools will remain unfit to do public service until they are divorced from politics.

With NOAA now admitting that the present solar cycle will finish far below most in the Grand Maximum of solar cycles over the past two centuries, with American solar physicists William Livingston and Matthew Penn pointing to a collapsing solar magnetic field, and with Russian astrophysicist Habibullo Abdussamatov saying that carbon dioxide is “not guilty” and predicting a prolonged cooling this century, it is about time.

The previous warm periods (Medieval, Roman and Minoan) likely had the same natural origin as the present one. Hence, we should expect a century of cooling that essentially reverses the warming of the 20th century. This is what the Greenland ice core temperature reconstructions show happened previously. ~Gordon J. Fulks

In the Twilight Zone the West has entered, enlightened voters believe we are the new boss of weather and must join together to elect those who understand the evil that AGW will bring if we are not told what to do. Government scientists tell us AGW skeptics are Holocaust deniers, children will never know what snow is, rivers will run red and “oceans will begin to boil ” — Earth will be like Venus — global warming is not a Left vs. right issue and, unlike our ignorant ancestors, we will be led to survival by high priests in green robes with computer models chanting anti-energy and anti-food slogans (with us receiving our marching orders from the headquarters office of New Liberal Utopia that is swinging around the Sun on the dark side of the comet Hale-Bopp).

When it comes to talking about Earth’s climate in the public schools the conclusion reached by skeptics about global warming is ignored. Only the official view that global warming is alarming  is permitted. And, there is a third possibility that no one is allowed to consider. For example, no one can say–e.g., We have invested a lot of time and money and it has been wasted because we are still as clueless as a roomful of monkeys throwing darts at charts. All of the models are quatsch according to scientists — like Hans von Storch — who actually understand statistics. For all we know, the Earth may not even have a climate, at least not on any timeline that humans can appreciate.

Whether the globe is currently warming or cooling we should all be very happy that it has warmed over the last 150,000 years because over the last one million years the average global temperature is < 0 °C –e.g.,

Temperatures over the last 1 million, 150 thousand, 16 thousand and 150 years

Worrying about ice curtailing, leaving polar bears splashing, gets boring.
There’s been warming and we’re looking for heating that is missing.
The likelihood of stopping warming from happening is daunting.
We know skeptics are writing about warming not happening.
Warming is a non-problem Western science is answering.
Those believing warming is alarming are denigrating.
And, the odds cooling is happening is concerning.
But, what is so chilling is just not knowing.

The standard of those pushing AGW theory is identified more now with a cultural movement than a moral or scientific position. When secular, socialist academia abandoned the scientific method is the moment when Climatology became the science of Darwin on pot.

Years ago, Western institutionalized science came to be used to undermine Judeo-Christian ethics, principles, customs and traditions. Western science is now being used to crush the will to question government and to undermine our power to reason.

On issues of integrity and responsibility in science and research, Judith Curry asks the key question: “What is responsible behavior of scientists in balancing the challenges of rights of free speech and political activism?  How can the public and policy makers distinguish between a scientist speaking with the credibility of a subspecialist in a narrow field, and those extending that to the use of the phrase “science says” about very widely ranging matters of political economy in which they are not specialists but activists?” Walter Starck sums up the big problem in the science of global warming as follows:

The leading scientific prophets of this cult are overwhelmingly comprised of young researchers whose entire careers are based on climate alarmism. In contrast, the middleground, balanced (“sceptical”) scientists are overwhelmingly researchers with well established expertise in other fields. The alarmists repeatedly refer to a catechism of highly selective evidence to support their claims. The sceptics cite voluminous other evidence from their own varied fields which contradicts the alarmist’s claims.

When it comes to what the Earth’s climate will be in 50 years or even next year, school teachers should have the courage of Socrates to simply admit –e.g., “All I know is that I do not know.” That is the wise thing to do; and, that is the only honest thing to say about global warming.

If we take everything into account,” says Richard Feynman, “not only what the ancients knew, but all of what we know today that they didn’t know, then I think that we must frankly admit that we do not know. But in admitting this, we have probably found the open channel.” Feynman continued:

This is not a new idea; this is the idea of the age of reason. This is the philosophy that guided the men who made the democracy that we live under. The idea that no one really knew how to run a government led to the idea that we should arrange a system by which new ideas could be developed, tried out, tossed out, more new ideas brought in; a trial and error system. This method was a result of the fact that science was already showing itself to be a successful venture at the end of the 18th century. Even then it was clear to socially minded people that the openness of the possibilities was an opportunity, and that doubt and discussion were essential to progress into the unknown. If we want to solve a problem that we have never solved before, we must leave the door to the unknown ajar. “The Value of Science,” address to the National Academy of Sciences (Autumn 1955); published in The Pleasure of Finding Things Out : The Best Short Works of Richard P. Feynman (1999) edited by Jeffrey Robbins

The government has taken sides against the public. Unfortunately, we have been forced to realize that the public schools are a part of that government. We need to be honest and admit to ourselves that we are paying school teachers to tell lies to our children. “Although the public has little knowledge of science and too easily falls for scams, scientists know that they cannot hold onto theories in the face of contravening evidence, even with vast government largess hanging in the balance.” ~Gordon J. Fulks

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.

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