The Left’s Great Global Warming Bubble, Boom or Bust?

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In the beginning, the Warmanism Movement was founded upon the quasi-science of climatology’s global warming hypothesis and environmentalists. Since then anti-American contra-cultural elitists of the Left, in politics, in academia, the government bureaucracy and the media took over the movement and have become a secular-socialist socio-political lobby dedicated to bringing about economic totalitarianism. “It was similar in the Soviet Union,” Freeman Dyson observed. “Who could doubt Marxist economics was the future?”

In a world in which a plurality of the electorate annoints unelected plutcrats to dictate decisions affecting their lives in areas where both rational and natural ignorance are the norm, we’re all far better off before it’s too late, listening to the sage advice of those who no longer need to look before they leap. We already have all the paid-for government toadies any society can sustain without finally coughing up a Mao-sized hairball.

“Neither the failure of the environmental apocalypse to arrive nor the steady improvement in environmental conditions over the last 40 years has dampened the ardor of those eager to make hair shirts for others to wear.” says Fred Seigel. What we see with the AGW True Believers is, “that the threat of catastrophe can be averted only through drastic actions in which the ordinary political mechanisms of democracy are suspended and power is turned over to a body of experts and supermen.”

There is nothing reasoned or practical in what the global warming alarmists say they want. Their demands are no different than demanding to know how long shall the Jews have before they must meet the demands of the liberal fascists to vacate the Middle East. Seigel probably believes the more things change the more they stay the same (so much for the promise of universal free education) when he observes, as follows:

True to its late-1960s origins, political environmentalism in America gravitates toward both bureaucrats and hippies: toward a global, big-brother government that will keep the middle classes in line and toward a back-to-the-earth, peasantlike localism, imposed on others but presenting no threat to the elites’ comfortable lives. How ironic that these gentry liberals-progressives against progress-turn out to resemble nothing so much as nineteenth-century conservatives.

The Dilbert strip captured the spirit of it when we watched Dogbert at the keyboard, “writing fake press releases for imaginary new green energy technologies… Scientists say that by 2040 you will be able to power you entire home with the breeze from your refrigerator door.” (

Patrick Moore (Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout… ) knows first-hand how the liberal fascists of the Left took over the environmental movement and destroyed science and civil discourse:

“Some activists simply couldn’t make the transition from confrontation to consensus; it was as if they needed a common enemy. When a majority of people decide they agree with all your reasonable ideas the only way you can remain confrontational and antiestablishment is to adopt ever more extreme positions, eventually abandoning science and logic altogether in favour of zero-tolerance policies.”

That is why the Left spent eight years demonizing George Bush. The Left always needs somebody to hate and a new crisis to create. “A lot of environmentalists are stuck in the 1970s and continue to promote a strain of leftish romanticism about idyllic rural village life powered by windmills and solar panels. They idealize poverty, seeing it as a noble way of life, and oppose all large developments. James Cameron, the multimillionaire producer of the most lucrative movie in history, Avatar, paints his face and joins the disaffected to protest a hydroelectric dam in the Amazon.” ~Patrick Moore

This is in the end just how a hoax dies. When you finally hear hysterical, rivers-will-run-red-and-oceans-will-boil, global warming alarmists finally bolt the consensus and say–e.g., I am proposing perspective, then you will know it finally got tough for the AGW True Believers of modern liberal fascism to remain relevant.

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