Gods of Umami Cool to Hot Seas Rising

OMGodsThere has been no meaningful rise in the sea level since 1250. A claimed rise is the sort of calamity climatists said was happening and being caused by global warming.

As soon as real data was available,  based on accurate, undeniable and verifiable satellite information we learned the seas did not rise. The satellite data proves it is time to shake off fear, superstition and  ignorance about an imminent crisis of a disastrous sea level rise caused by humans going about the business of living.

Reasonable or not anyone who desperately wants to believe in human caused global warming is probably desperate to believe in anything even hot expanding seas!

Several recent polls have found ‘climate change’ skepticism rising faster than sea levels on Planet Algore (not to be confused with Planet Earth, where sea levels remain relatively stable). ~Jay Richards

When it comes to fearsome sea-related tragedy the whimsy of the gods has been on full display since ancient times. We need look no further than to the Mediterranean where the wreckage of ancient Roman merchant ships lie at the bottom of the sea still laden with with their cargo of amphorae full of goods like garum.* From intrepid seafaring Romans and Greeks before that — facing fears with heady hearts and brawny hands and fate in gods’ hands — we are now laden with phenomenal stat-pricks of Western academia that are handy only in masturbating their fears in public classrooms and pontificating from their heated and air conditioned ivory towers high above the rest of us about a future rise in sea levels being something we should all blame on modernity and worry about now even though it happens over centuries at less than a snails pace.

It’s a great gig for insurance companies too. They’ve been handed a gift by capitalism-hating Leftist conjure ups who have created a market for insurance against something that can’t happen: catastrophic damage due to impending, intemperate, undiscriminating and calamitous, mayamathamannahominis sea level rise, oh my! Never mind that there is only so much that seas can rise. Man may free-up some CO2 but water? There is only so much water –e.g., Dawkins’ logic has it that every glass of water in England has at least one molecule of water that passed through the bladder of Oliver Cromwell (1599 to 1658). In our water world there isn’t enough available water to flow into and raise the oceans: 70% of the world’s fresh water is where 90% of the world’s ice is — in Antarctica, with its -49°C average temperature, where it mostly neither rains nor snows. And, the sea ice there has been growing over the last 30 years too, not melting, so don’t expect fast changes in an increase in the amount of fresh water flowing into the oceans from Antarctica.

For the seas to rise as government-scientists hoped global warming would melt Antarctica and failing that, all we have left to give are the ice fields and glaciers. That’s not likely given an anomalously quiet sun. With low solar activity, if the gods of chaos decide to throw some volcanic activity into the mix, something a bit bigger than iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull could frost our sneakers, as occurred in, The Year Without a Summer — the Poverty Year — a severe time in the Northern Hemisphere during the summer of 1816 as Earth approached the final years of the Little Ice Age.

Shall we look to the North for the water needed to raise the seas? Melting all the ice in the Arctic would do nothing. Antarctica is a continent (the size of the US plus Mexico) under a two mile thick sheet of ice, whereas ice floats on top of the ocean at the North Pole like ice in a glass of water that won’t overflow when the ice cubes melt (the weight of the ice already displaces is own weight or volume of water).

How about runaway global warming causing oceans to increase in volume due to thermal expansion? That sounds scary. However, the oceans have been in a cooling trend for years. And, when the oceans are cooling there is no global warming (See–e.g., the dark line which is an average of, 44 climate models vs. climate reality in the lower troposphere). And, as oceans cool there is no thermal expansion — oceans are contracting not expanding.

The absence of heat accumulation in deep water is corroborated by a recent study of ocean mass and altimetric sea level by Cazenave, et. al. Deep water heat should produce thermal expansion, causing sea level to rise. Instead, steric sea level (which measures thermal expansion plus salinity effects) peaked near the end of 2005, then began to decline nearly steadily. It appears that ocean volume has actually contracted slightly. (William DiPuccio)

The takeaway message is even if you are really concerned about rising seas you still have a couple of centuries to sell your seaside condo in Portland, ME or Boston, MA before it’s washed away by the great flood of rising seas. Even if global warming wasn’t a hoax a rise of sea levels still is impossible to predict–e.g., some scientists believe that with global warming there would be increased precipitation and it could fall as snow on a frozen Antarctica and stay there resulting in falling sea levels.

The doyen of sea level scientists, Niklas Axel-Mörner… determined the sea level curve over the past 5,000 years based on evidence of morphology, stratigraphy, biology and archaeology supported by extensive C14 dating, and found that ‘All over the Maldives there is evidence of a sub-recent sea level some 20 cm higher than the present one. In the 1970s, sea level fell to its present position’… Our politicians (and some scientists) should base their opinions on real observations instead of alarming us with nightmares of catastrophic sea level rise based on false models of ice caps. (Cliff Ollier)

The detailed Maldives sea level studies done by Axel-Mörner’s team of scientists — looking back over the last 5,000 years — found that, “All over the Maldives there is evidence of a sub-recent sea level some 20 cm higher than the present one. In the 1970s, sea level fell to its present position.” No one is drowning in the Maldives because Americans drive SUVs. And, what if the seas do rise? It has happened before but change is slow. The recently discovered ancient port of Wadi el-Jarf on the Suez is thought to be the oldest harbor in the world. It dates back to the time of the Pharos (2600 BC). It’s submerged limestone anchors and an L-shaped wharf from the shore (determined using a tacheometer) is partly out of the water at low tide: proof that what is fast for the earth is in our terms at the pace of the long slow march of human civilization.

The EPA’s labeling of CO2 as a poison is an example of pseudo-intellectual, anti-business McCarthyism. Fueling fears of sea level rise is the real WATERGATE. The EPA should just forget about the facts and make human-caused sea level rise illegal. That will stir up chaos: Accurate Tea Leaf Reading in a Climate of Chaos

Serial sovereign defaults and further severe global economic recession seem unavoidable. In these conditions, the ongoing obsession over AGW is looking more and more like a mental disorder, not unlike the mass manias of the Middle Ages… [where] angry mobs may be only too willing to accord full credit to false prophets. (Walter Starck)

Increased taxes on petroleum products is like taxing cigarettes. Think of it as increasing the price of a product to cover the putative cost of government-run health care… like an insurance policy that is paid to the government that owns you instead of to you the victim who paid the premium or to those who actually loved you. In other words it’s just another tax: more government fingers in the cash drawer that gullible people support because they believe someone else is paying the toll, or because it’s not their ox getting gored, or because they themselves live off of government transfer payments just like… the phenomenal stat-pricks of global warming.

Even when alarmist evidence is conclusively discredited (e.g. the hockey stick graph), the climate alarmists continue to use it, and to dismiss all conflicting evidence no matter how sound or voluminous it may be. When their own claims fail, they revise the evidence, not their hypothesis. Recent examples of this have involved the current global cooling trend, the absence of a signature tropical tropospheric hot spot, Antarctic cooling, oceanic cooling, unchanged rates of sea level rise, etc. All these phenomena have been subjected to dubious data manipulation trying to make a silk purse to suit GW out of a sow’s ear of empirical data which refuses to conform to their hopes. (Walter Starck)

* Recipe for garum: Start with the desired type and part of the fish—e.g., mostly small fishes including intestines—macerate with salt and allow to rot (cure: ferment, liquefy) in a covered pot (or ancient vessel known as an amphora) in full sunlight for about 3 months in dry, warm weather (location of fermentation should be on a hill in a deserted area of an island remote from sensitive neighbors). Draw the clear liquid off the top of the pot for use with other foods for that umami flavor (glutamic acid). An herb-infused decoction of the remaining sludge may be used as a nutritious flavor-enhancing sauce. Or, just buy some monosodium glutamate (knowing that much 2000 years ago could have made you the richest person in Rome — with your umami flavor enhancing salt — and yet today it’s probably not long before “Bloombergs” ban it from NY restaurants).


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