Damn the Fossil-Fuel-Burning Public

AGW Hoax the Novel

Global Warming Litmus Test — what do the following best describe: Heat reservoir, heat sink, heat content, heat storage, heat capacity heat in the pipeline, thermal budget, thermal memory, thermal capacity, buffer…

True story: the heroes of AGW Theory (the idea that humans caused global warming by releasing carbon dioxide into the air) had a very poor grasp of the facts about the heat carrying capacity of Earth’s oceans. Either that or they simply never gave the slightest consideration to the possibility that their AGW Theory might be wrong; and, that they were wrong. Isn’t that funny? I guess the joke is on us. Everyone knows that it takes energy to fill a pipeline–especially if you are filling the pipeline with energy! AGW Theorists refuse to consider that heat is energy and ocean heat is the result of solar activity (if you’ve ever paid a utility bill you understand that it takes energy to heat a tub full of water). They could care less that solar activity changes over time. They never stopped to consider the time might come when all of us could see that the oceans were giving up their heat energy — instead of accumulating and storing it — like the water in a kettle that slowly loses heat when the flame is turned down.

This makes sense because reality makes sense: that’s what sanity is. That is why global warming alarmism is insane. Or, it could be that AGW Theorists just didn’t bother to think it through — though it seems so obvious — because they had an agenda. Perhaps the AGW Theorists never imagined they’d be made to look like monkeys as skeptical scientists stepped forward to provide the facts about what really warms the oceans and what it means when the oceans stop warming; and, what happens when oceans begin to cool; and, what is happening now.

The AGW alarmists didn’t stop to consider that the top three meters (10 feet) of the Earth’s oceans hold a thousand times more heat than all of the Earth’s atmosphere. They still do not get it that because they are so large the oceans bring a sort of thermal memory to the Earth in that they continue to give heat back to the atmosphere even when the Sun sets and also when solar activity diminishes over time. If the oceans did not store and give back their heat to the atmosphere it would be very cold at night like it is on the dark side of the Moon (or the dark side Mercury with its atmosphere that is composed almost entirely of CO2).

In the real world, the Sun provided more energy than usual during the latter half of the 20th century. Heat from the sun accumulated in the oceans like water in a reservoir. As the Sun’s energy diminished the oceans stopped warming. After a while the oceans began to gave up more heat than the Sun put in so the oceans began to cool like water running out of a reservoir .

For any given area on the ocean’s surface, the upper 2.6m of water has the same heat capacity as the entire atmosphere above it! Considering the enormous depth and global surface area of the ocean (70.5%), it is apparent that its heat capacity is greater than the atmosphere by many orders of magnitude. Consequently, as Hansen, et. al. have concluded, the ocean must be regarded as the main reservoir of atmospheric heat and the primary driver of climate fluctuations.

Heat accumulating in the climate system can be determined by profiling ocean temperature, and from precise measurements of sea surface height as they relate to thermal expansion and contraction of ocean water. These measurements are now possible on a global scale with the ARGO buoy array and from satellite measurements of ocean surface heights. ARGO consists of a world-wide network of over 3000 free-drifting platforms that measure temperature and salinity in the upper 2000m of ocean. The robotic floats rise to the surface every 10 days and transmit data to a satellite which also determines their location.

[This paper was posted at http://climatesci.org on May 5, 2009. Falling Ocean Heat Falsifies Global Warming Hypothesis, By William DiPuccio: The Global Warming Hypothesis]

The trend in ocean temperatures –i.e., if they are rising, holding steady or declining — points to an energy imbalance in the climate system. The level of heat in the oceans is the “litmus test” that, according to Dr. Roger Pielke, Sr., falsifies the AGW Theorists’ hypothesis that humanity’s CO2 is responsible for global warming. Otherwise, the level of heat in the oceans would not reach a plateau and begins to decline even as atmospheric CO2 levels continue to rise.

Reality: Oceans cover 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. The Pacific ocean is so enormous it alone accounts for more than half of the Earth’s surface and has a greater surface area than all of the continents put together. The Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Antarctic oceans are mostly (97 percent) salt water and are a colossal heat sink — climate’s thermal memory — that slowly takes on, stores and slowly releases heat to the atmosphere. The oceans buffer the Earth’s climate. The oceans are an enormous reservoir of heat with a heat capacity that is so large they heat the atmosphere around us.

Myths: CO2 stores heat. CO2 traps heat; acts like a blanket. CO2 turns Earth into a greenhouse. Changes in solar activity and ocean heat levels are irrelevant to climate change. The planet is not being warmed by heat being released from the oceans into the atmosphere. There is no historical precedent for current global warming. The UN-IPCC and European governments don’t hate America and they really believe taxing fossil fuels will save the world from global warming and if you sign an agreement with them they would do everything they promise and never stab you in the back because they are honest and not politically motivated.

“As a boy, I remember seeing articles about the large global warming that had taken place between 1900 and 1945,” says William Gray, CSU’s famous hurricane hunter. “No one understood or knew if this warming would continue. Then the warming abated and I heard little about such warming through the late 1940s and into the 1970s.” What happened is a cooling spell began in the ’40s, by the ’70s Gray says, “there was speculation concerning an increase in this cooling. Some speculated that a new ice age may not be far off.” Then, there was a resumption of global warming in the ’80s and from that sprang the “current global warming bandwagon that US-European governments have been alarming us” about, as Gray says, and has been blamed on “the fossil-fuel-burning public.”

Our global climate’s temperature has always fluctuated back and forth and it will continue to do so, irrespective of how much or how little greenhouse gases we put into the atmosphere.

Although initially generated by honest scientific questions of how human-produced greenhouse gases might affect global climate, this topic has now taken on a life of its own.

It has been extended and grossly exaggerated and misused by those wishing to make gain from the exploitation of ignorance on this subject.

This includes the governments of developed countries, the media and scientists who are willing to bend their objectivity to obtain government grants for research on this topic. ~William Gray

It is time to get off the warming bandwagon. Like all of the other phony pseudo-science bandwagons AGW theory begins by discarding the scientific method. The drill is always the same: frighten us all into crapping our pants and acting out of a sense of urgency before we know, if ever, that we’ve been taken to the cleaners: like paying $600 to replace a $50 part on your car because it stalled. Remember when media darling Carl Sagan said if Saddam Hussein sets Iraq’s oil wells afire the release of black soot into the stratosphere will block the sunlight and cause a “nuclear winter” scenario? With that Sagan essentially dared Hussein to torch Iraq’s oil wells in his last ditch effort to frighten America and stave off personal accountability. Then, media darling Al Gore did the same thing: Gore tried to frighten America with fears of body bags caused by runaway global warming as he lives in a mansion consuming the electricity of a small African country and uses a private jet to collect a Nobel and maximize his revenues for helping push the global flimflammery.

Wm Gray is right: “this topic has now taken on a life of its own.” It’s all political now. Academia is part and parcel of the continued wholesale global deception concerning all of the the phony alarm about AGW. The health of the free enterprise economy means zero to them — it is not global warming that is the problem: it’s government! What is the biggest union in the US right now? Is it the Teamsters or the UAW? Or, is it the Service Employees International Union? It is the National Education Association and, they are saying, no, no, no, not God Bless America. God damn America and the heroes of the Greeks, the scientific method, traditional morals, ethics, traditions and all of the the fossil-fuel-burning public in the private sector who pay all the bills.

Human kind has little or nothing to do
with the recent temperature changes. We are
not that influential.

~William Gray

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