The Academic Winter of Global Warming Alarmism

Crumbling AGW

All that supports the crumbling edifice of global warming are government revenues.

The self-anointed gurus of global warming are the absolute best that public-funded education has to offer and what are we getting for our investment? Fear of the future. A culture of illusion, self-defeatism, confusion, negativity and nihilism is all that an army of alarmists teach in the dropout factories of Western education.

Teachers have become preachers of the frailty of truth, the hopelessness of ideals and the vacuity of knowledge. They are doubters of integrity and honor in the character of humanity. “Claims such as ‘2,500 of the world’s leading scientists have reached a consensus that human activities are having a significant influence on the climate’ are disingenuous. That particular consensus judgment, as are many others in the IPCC reports, is reached by only a few dozen [UN-approved] experts.” ~Mike Hulme

The Utopia of secular, socialist academia has become the silent scream of self-realization denied. A crumbling of human values has lead to the most ignoble end of all: an inexorable collapse of identity and culture. “Take Al Gore, who is sort of the chief propagandist. I think for him it really is a religion. He has this unshakable belief that it’s his mission to spread the gospel of global warming according to Al. So there’s nothing I can do about that. His film is a brilliant piece of work. It looks wonderful when you see it. The fact is of course that the pictures don’t actually prove what he’s saying is true.” ~Freeman Dyson

The end of Western civilization is marked by many theories. For example: fear of modernity where free men and women engaged in the business of living are destroying the planet and threatening every creature on it (AGW alarmism) is a Western theory that respect for human life must be sacrificed on the altar of environmental superstition to stop the Earth from becoming the next Venus.

Indian, Brazilian and Chinese businessmen do not care about what Western AGW alarmist preachers of doomsday believe. They are never going to ask school teachers employed by the government for permission to emit CO2. They don’t ask and won’t ask because they don’t fear the climate and are not frightened by the hoax and scare tactics of Western academia. They really don’t care if the Democrat party turns an energy-deprived American economy into another Greece or Spain or GM or Boston or California.

“And we should be outraged that our politicians have not represented us well in that way. By the same token, the Chinese ought to be just as outraged that Americans are putting about as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.” This statement shows how Trenberth (and the warming advocates in general) have isolated themselves from the economic reality of the global economy. Being “outraged” in Dr. Trenberth’s context means that you believe rising levels of CO2 have been the primary cause of global temperature rise, and that this will continue in the future. I and many of my colleagues do not believe this to be true. We owe our industrial society and elevated standard of living to fossil fuels. Fossil fuels have won out over other energy sources because they are the most economic and the most efficient form of energy. We need to maintain a vibrant growing economy so that we can afford a large commitment to research alternate energy sources. This will entail emitting higher amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. To cut fossil-fuel use so drastically would cause a global upheaval beyond anything Dr. Trenberth imagines. It would also create extreme economic hardship and, at the same time, do virtually nothing to alter global temperatures, as no less than global-warming alarmist Dr. Jim Hansen recently admitted in a court of law. It would keep the non-developed and developing world in a state of grinding poverty. In addition, studies have shown that full adoption of, for example, the proposed Kyoto Protocol would reduce warming only six percent by 2100 compared to “business-as-usual.”

~William Gray, Excerpt from, We Are Not In Climate Crisis — Dr. Gray’s rebuttal to Dr. Trenberth’s comments (Dr. William Gray and Dr. Kevin Trenberth: The Global Warming Debate Continues, Part II, 10/10/09)

All of humanity who would allow access to energy to be limited by effete snobs sitting on their ivory throwns in American Universities will fall into decline and suffer misery, poverty and die as idiots. Governments that fear individuals’ pursuit of liberty will always try to control individuals. The UN and the Euro-communists tried to use AGW to control America, and the Democrat party tried to use AGW to control the individual. Global warming isn’t about the globe or warming. It’s about anti-Americanism.

Energy abstinence is the definition of enviro-whackpot conservation. And, it is hypocritical because the liberal fascists only want to deny others not themselves. The lesson of history is simple: deny yourself the right to use energy as you please and someone else will use that energy as they please. If you know history and know science then you know CO2 brings abundance and that without history there is only superstition and ignorance.

The AGW alarmism mindset is that Africans don’t need CO2 to stay alive; let them eat windmills. Global warming AND cooling is a historical fact and not the invention of men. AGW is a liberal fascist tyranny devised by politicians to usurp the energy of individuals.

What part of ‘CO2 is a harmless chemical’ is not understood? An example of Leftist AGW alarmist productivity is to apply more and more controls to individuals’ access to energy to create more and more economic slaves. There would be no humanity without global warming and CO2. The past 650,000 years of the Earth’s geological history as embodied in the Vostok ice cores tell us that current atmospheric levels of atmospheric CO2 is actually at a low point in.  Dr. Will Happer’s testimony before the U.S. Senate established that, “the planet is currently starved of CO2, and has been so starved for several million years.”

It is taxing to deal with the fanatics of the AGW alarmism religion — the fiction of Michael Mann and Al Gore — as it is with the fanatics of all religions:

Mann et al. [about 1999]… concluded that, “the latter 20th century is anomalous in the context of at least the past millennium.” This conclusion was greeted like the triumphal return of Jesus Christ. Decades of work was overturned by one journal article. The MWP [Medieval Warm Period] had been reinterpreted out of existence. Within a few days, the research by Mann and his colleagues passed from analysis to fact… Four years later, Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas (2003) reviewed more than 200 previous studies and concluded that the evidence for the existence and global extent of both the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age was well established. It was hardly a controversial result, yet the Soon and Baliunas (2003) paper was greeted by a firestorm of controversy. Three editors of the academic journal in which the study had been published resigned in protest.” ~David Deming, ‘Global Warming, the Politicization of Science, and Michael Crichton’s State of Fear.’ JSE. 2005 Jun;19(2).

The force of reason forced the Left to abandon the long flat handle of their fictive ‘hockey stick’ but the Left will not admit Al Gore’s use of it was a knowing and purposeful fraud. In fact, even global warming has been abandoned for the new threat of climate weirding which pretty much is any weather event that makes the news. As it is now, climatology itself has become an indictment of the government-education complex that is doing all it can to support a sociopolitical shift of America to Euro-communism. The average American’s pocketbook is fast becoming the property of the state as all economic opportunity is outsourced to places like China, Brazil and India.

The desire to save humanity is always
a false front for the urge to rule it.

–H L Mencken

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  2. omanuel says:

    Thanks, Wagathon.

    1. In general, I agree with your assessment. Control of humans is the primary goal of AGW.

    “In a nutshell, the core ethos of the Climate Change
    Movement is the fear and loathing of humankind.”

    2. Fear and loathing of humans with knowledge of the energy that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki sixty-seven years ago left these hard choices for world leaders today:

    A. Reduce human population, or
    B. Restore integrity to science, and
    C. Develop nuclear energy judiciously

    Click to access Dilemma_Facing_Leaders.pdf

    – Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

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