Science of Al Gore Shallows Pool of Good Will

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Monthly savings on your air conditioning bill could be the big unintended consequence of climate change. Going on 20 years (since 1998) the Earth has been tilting towards global cooling.

How did this happen? Let’s concede that we begin by using the same methodology that brought us fears of climate change — albeit statistical tools that are fraught with brazen threats to common sense and scientific reason — that Al Gore et al., used to conjure up fears about climate change. Still, it is hard to argue that the methodology — essentially taking the average temperature of the world on a regular basis — was completely free of bias when Western academics and politicians on the Left used it to predict out-of-control global warming due to the perfidy of America, capitalism, oil companies, cars, planes, trains, power plants and ostensibly every mechanical tool or toy that draws current to operate.

What does all of this mean? For starters, weather oscillations literally come and go, regionally, globally and on yearly to millennial time scales that trade-off, coincide, overlap, brush up against and sometimes bend over or spit in the face of the celestial winds of fortune. Let’s look as some recent examples:

Since 1990 we are looking at 1°C drop in the mean global temperature of the Earth’s surface. (See—e.g., Coming Ice Age… According To Leading Experts…!)

None other than weatherpersons’ weatherman, Joseph D’Aleo, tells us, “In the first decade since 2000, the 49th state cooled 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit,” and asks the big question: is ALASKA HEADED FOR AN ICE AGE? “It’s most significant in Western Alaska,” D’Aleo reported, based on a paper from UAF’s Alaska Climate Research Center, “where King Salmon on the Alaska Peninsula saw temperatures drop most sharply, a significant 4.5 degrees for the decade.”

As for the rest of the country, Joe Bastardi reported, “Second Coldest Start To Spring In US History” and, “The only year when the spring started colder was 1975.” The use of coal is making a comeback in Europe. Perhaps that is why the apple blossoms were late in Washington, DC this year. “There’s less and less investment in the green energy sector and governments have even started to tax renewables,” according to Dr. Benny Peiser who warns that, “The green energy obsession is self-destructive.”

The background is important. Al Gore is a retired lifetime federal government employee. The federal government is incompetent. And, U.S. Senators are the most out of touch with the real world than anyone else in the world–no one but the devil’s spawn will ever be elected and that is why the Constitution essentially is a document to protect the public from U.S. Senators and every other elected and unelected government bureaucrat who all could care less about anything but themselves. “I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power,” as lover of liberty, James Madison understood and worked so diligently and with such foresight to prevent, “than by violent and sudden usurpations.”

Riddle me this:

Shallow government scientists,
Preach to shallow minds without ears.
As creeks shallow out,
Their courses shallowed to trickles of memories of past vigor,
Of deadly falls shallowed like placid pools, lazy fools,
I called out global warming alarmists, shallow down dudes,
As if they’d shallow up over their babbling,
Shallow commands that only nouns can be verbed not adjectives;
But, poets quickly shallow the pool of words that can’t,
Perhaps thoughts traveling at Godspeed,
With pictures that reach minds without ears,
Will shallow our relentless plummet into unknown.


Humanity cannot cause an asteroid nor a volcano nor an iceberg but humanity can make seas rise? How awesome! Too awesome. Humanity’s contribution in the grand scheme of things is but the single beat of a butterfly’s wing — just a thought of a thing in a world we can imagine but not hear nor see nor effect in the slightest except perhaps in a part of the soul in a corner of the mind of an old man in a lounge chair nursing a Manhattan.

One explanation for the birth of global warming and endless scare tactics is that the politicians of secular, socialist Western Europe and academia conspired with the UN to run a sting on Americans, many of whom have yet to realize the Left had declared jihad on Americanism. One thing we know for sure: we have relinquished power to the Left to rule over our lives and now they are taking what they want. ‘The trouble with socialism,’ as Margaret Thatcher was keen to warn us about, ‘is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.’

Make your own Bible. Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a trumpet. ~Emerson


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