0°C Is The New Global Warming Since Spring Has Sprung

Overly Civilized

They refused to confront a global warming hoax.
Academia ran from its duty.
Engaged in scare tactics…
Where do we go now?

It was perhaps from the slow spring the idea sprang forth like a lilikoi-filled, haupia-laced and bacon-encrusted maple malasada. That’s when it was sprung on us — the Left’s new Long Range Forecast for the EU: that, if not for increased atmospheric CO2, there would be global cooling. Is that good? No– for the Left and government’s climate change machine, even no change in the global mean temperature of the Earth’s surface is bad news just as the prospect of a free man will always be anathema to their plans for us.

The degree to which reason,
has lost all value in the West,
is worse than we thought because,
0°C is the new 4°C of global warming,
since the global mean has actually been -1°C…
for, the last 25 years, and counting.

Our public school teachers refused to address the scare tactics of the climate change fearmongers; and, they participated in anointing prognostications of doom with a veiled glee that is more horrible to witness than anything extremists from Islam have visited on a post renaissance Judeo-Christian society. Academia ran from its duty to do the work any good conscience demands: to meet head-on and overcome superstition and ignorance.  What does that say about science and us as a civilization and our future as a society?

Why does anyone care to work hard for a lifetime simply to have their earnings taxed and wasted on windmills dedicated to the West’s gods of nihilism? Do you believe all of the UN/Eurocommunist-inspired green initiatives designed to eliminate free choice in the marketplace have done anything more than signal the Left’s willingness to burn down in the house they’ve torched? If so, the EU is an actual case study. They’re returning to coal. Or, they’re going down — one or the other. Where the idea of going nuclear remains unpalatable we see for example that Germany may be the first of the EU countries to begin the abandonment of the global warming house of cards in favor of coal and gas-fired power plants.

The EU is already so weak only a strong US could bail them out of their dilemma — again. But, the US is now weak. It’s looking like an intransigent and insatiable 47% will bring the socioeconomic system in the homeland to the edge — again. The US does not give a red cent to anyone that it doesn’t first  steal from granny’s savings, the futures of America’s children or borrow from China.

The anthropogenic global warming (AGW) hypothesis actually has nothing to do with “anthropos.” For those in the know AGW really means, kick an American. That America was responsible for bringing the entire globe to a white hot climax was just too spanky an idea for the Left to pass on. The federal government is incompetent but letting the market dictate how best to serve the needs and wants of the people is nightmarish to Marxists.

From that point on what we’ve seen is the continued neglect of time-honored principles and a violation of good faith in matters entrusted to academia. We’ve seen a reliance on unsound scientific methods for gathering and interpreting raw data and the wholesale abandonment of the scientific method. We’ve seen a failure to recognize the insufficiency of climate scientists and the ineffectiveness of academia to face and deal with a systemic breach of fiduciary duty and fraud in the field of climatology.

But, with our large brains some among us cannot help but notice what is happening as the Sun progresses through a long solar slump — as has happened before (e.g., 350 years ago during the little ice age). That is when we stopped listening to climate scientists and began considering how humanity might best get through the next 300 winters without their help. The weather has not cooperated with the government scientists of global warming.

There is science and there pseudo-science. Science comes up with an idea like the oceans are causing warming, and when they cool, the air cools. Pseudo-science says: well CO2 is adding to this, but how much? IT’S A QUESTION THAT CAN NEVER BE ANSWERED. Does the question then become: Would we already be heading into a mini ice age were it not for CO2 saving us? How do you answer that? Untold amounts of money are being thrown at a question that isn’t even something of consideration. ~Joe Bastardi

Facts have nothing to do with global warming politics. AGW is really about Left vs. Right —i.e., Secular-Socialism vs. Individual Liberty. And, it matters not one wit how many millions will suffer and die for lack of energy.

I am… giving you the ‘why’ before the ‘what’. What I’m amazed at is how people can keep seeing things that are opposite of what they claimed would happen 5 years ago, simply change the terminology, and then say the things they say. That kind of mentality is one that does not accept any answer except the one they think it should be. So the fight is not on a level of a normal argument. The arguing is with people who believe they possess the “truth” and that anything short of their “truth” cannot be tolerated. ~Joe Bastardi

The current situation is easy to describe. The Earth warms and cools over time. That is a fact. Currently, it is politically attractive for the Left to claim a bigger government with greater control over the economy will save the world from being too hot; and, it sounds  silly but it is a fact that many people — generally all on the Left of the political spectrum — say they believe this. Similarly, it is inconvenient for the Left to concede that if the mean global surface temperature of the Earth continues to drop at the same rate as over the last 25 years — i.e., going down a -1°C — the Earth will be “in an ice age” by 2100. Even so, they cannot get over it —i.e., “Human kind has little or nothing to do with the recent temperature changes. We are not that influential.” ~William Gray

What is the Left really trying to accomplish? Is the ultimate goal of the Left that no one should feel inconvenienced in the slightest by their lack of desire to provide anything of value to society? Is the safety valve on secular, socialism to simply abort all the new entrants into the civilization? What happens when, for example, the Eurocommies finally run out of other people’s money?

Rather than worrying about how we can stop global warming, we need to do the sensible thing: realize the Left fed us made-up data, stop bitching about it and just defund the bastards. Do that and watch a real real melt-down begin. Fixing climate change requires fixing the government–sooner or later; and, it begins with eliminating about half of it. The EU-UN global warming hypothesis was founded and maintained on ‘fixed’ data. The real data stopped being alarming a long time ago and by using ‘fixed’ data government scientists’ GCMs (global circulation models) have become little more than briefcase bombs carried by blinded sheiks of nihilism into crowded cafés. The time has come for taxpayers to ‘fix’ things before they are nailed to the frail cross of government-funded UN-ized science.

The perturbations caused by the Left’s disruption of the free market system and their bridges to nowhere are far more destructive of society than a cigarette smoker. Leftists hate the automobile. Now, the government owns GM. Comparing Tesla to free-market principles is like comparing Chicago politics to the Ten Commandments. There is $45,000 in government credits for every “S” class Tesla that is sold.

The Precautionary Principle as the Left defines it is that nuclear energy is so dangerous, preventing the construction of nuclear power plants should be made as easy for the Left. And doing what is required to construct a nuclear power plant — any power plant — must be devilishly expensive and nigh unto impossible for a market-based energy industry to bring off. Can you imagine getting the Hoover Dam constructed today? Moreover, Leftists believe the secular, socialist pinkonomy of the French is what we should emulate in every state in the Union except that no state in the Union should be permitted to emulate the French nuclear-energy-production model. Nuclear energy is okay for the French and the Germans who buy energy from the French and it is okay for America’s enemies and competitors but “made in the USA” nuclear energy is verboten.

The AGWeebs are part and parcel of the 47% head start the Left counts on to push its liberal fascist socioeconomic agenda against the productive sector. It would be great if more people had the courage of a Greenpeace founder like Patrick Moore and campaign against all of the environmentalist bullcrap they’ve ingested instead of against capitalism that has afforded  them the many luxuries that they enjoy and the rest of us want and are willing to work for.

“At about the same time, as Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore explains on-camera, environmentalism became more extreme. By the mid-1980s,” says John Ray, “environmental goals —e.g., clean air and clean water — had become so mainstream that activists had to adopt more extreme positions to remain anti-establishment.” And then, “the Berlin Wall fell and the Cold War ended,” which is when Ray says, “many peace-niks and political activists moved over to environmental activism, bringing their neo-Marxist political philosophy with them. As Moore puts it, environmentalism became the new guise for anti-capitalism. Global warming alarmism was thus borne… political opportunism by unemployed left-wing political activists.”

On the Left of the political spectrum — which is where as we see the most support for fixing the non-problem of AGW — that is the cause and effect relationship of global warming: it has nothing to do with CO2. Rather than climate change there is a far greater causal connection between the global warming alarmism of the Left and a moribund economy, staggeringly high real unemployment, and the Left’s war on everyone and everything from William Gray, George Bush, Gov. Palin to oil companies, hamburgers, big Cokes and the Tea Party.

The EPA has become so politicized the obvious thing to do is simply eliminate the agency altogether. Iraq should be the model for government downsizing—e.g., start with those who stand up and cheer the razing of Americanism and then pull the plug. We can get by without the EPA. California has its own EPA. How many paid gadflies do we need? Isn’t the attorney tax already too large? Government has become a clot going to the heart of commerce.

If we fail to act PDQ how much longer before cyber-espionage on the people, control of capital, energy, free enterprise and a jihad on capitalism, science and individual liberty becomes the new social order of a liberal fascism in America? The Left will continue to look to Al Gore as representative of consensus opinion and will continue to claim that climate change is a genuine threat even as the globe cools. That is why the EU awarded Al Gore (not Bill Clinton) a Nobel; and, Barack Obama too. Perhaps the next Nobel should be awarded to the entire US Senate. What global warming alarmists find Impressive seems to be influenced a lot by the urban bullcrap effect. They’re full of it and have become experts in turning wine into piss.

The ‘new approach to environmentalism’ – according to Dr. Patrick Moore (co-founder of Greenpeace who authored Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout) — ‘requires embracing humans as a positive element in evolution rather than viewing us as some kind of mistake.’ Patrick has essentially outed Leftists as perpetrators of the anti-humanist and anti-capitalist agenda of the Eurocommies.

True, true, if not for the fact that the ‘hockey stick’ by Michael Mann was put forward with an imprimatur of credibility by government and EU/UN-approved scientists it would be a humorous caricature of science-based alarmism. In calling CO2 a poison the EPA proves climatology is not just a caricature of science it is a science-based tragicomedy.

A lot of environmentalists are stuck in the 1970s and continue to promote a strain of leftish romanticism about idyllic rural village life powered by windmills and solar panels. They idealize poverty, seeing it as a noble way of life, and oppose all large developments. James Cameron, the multimillionaire producer of the most lucrative movie in history, Avatar, paints his face and joins the disaffected to protest a hydroelectric dam in the Amazon. ~Patrick Moore

To what extent can the global warming consensus be challenged without fear of reprisal from government, even if there could be “no possible justification” under the laws of this land? In the news today is as follows:

The Department of Justice used a secret subpoena to seize two months of Associated Press journalists’ phone records without notifying the news organization, a senior department official told NBC News. That admission came after the AP said earlier Monday that the government had seized records from its offices’ phone lines in 2012 in what it called a “massive and unprecedented intrusion.” The news agency’s chief executive said in a letter on the service’s website that there could be “no possible justification” for such an “overbroad” seizure of dozens of phone lines’ records, but the official who spoke with NBC News called the step necessary to avoid “a substantial threat to the integrity” of an ongoing leak investigation. The letter a U.S. Attorney had sent to the AP didn’t give a reason for the seizure, but the AP noted that he is already conducting a leaks probe to determine how the AP learned about an al-Qaeda bomb plot it reported on before the government made it public last year. Get More at NBC News

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and every Leftist in town will eat his catch. The old consensus is dead in the water. The new consensus is that we’ve got another 50 years and then we’re doomed. Keep pumping hot air into the AGW bubble.

The Left is so lost now that anything they say can be turned around and make perfect sense if only coming out of the mouth of someone who is not a global warming alarmist. For example, If we want to avoid, unnecessary and highly expensive panic-type subsidized investments driven by political whims and the expectations of quickly earned money and instead invest available means in a well thought through long- term energy research program, (the past as described by Lennart Bengtsson), the next step is simple! Simply admit we’re idiots to continue to pay Leftists to destroy the economy, even when they begin to say things (like Bengtsson above) that actually sound rational.

We need to Admit that is what has gotten us into the dilemma we face today. We must learn more quickly that if we don’t begin turning the overloaded government ship of state on its keel, Non-Westerners will be eating our lunch and roasting their game at our campfires for the next 300 winters. We can only be better prepared to face whatever comes at us by not waiting for WWIII to rediscover our strength from within — work to relearn what Amercanism is all about — and, work to take advantage of the abundant natural energy from coal to natural gas, nuclear, and whatever the inventive minds of a free people will dream up and work to achieve.

Climatists promised warming and it didn’t happen. Their Line-of-the-Day method of propaganda is all petered out: there are only so many ways to come with a non-problem in a way that frightens people. We’re no longer frightened. We’ve all heard it before already—that Marxism is the only hope and that Americanism can only lead to Catastrophic, Calamitous Runaway Global Warming and Extreme Climate Change Weather Disasters to Kill All Life. Leftist bullcrap! Environmentalists are more interested in bilking little old ladies — i.e., wealthy surviving spouses of evil capitalists — out of millions in donations to save polar bears and stopping the seas from rising than in actually making serious and meaningful contributions to humanity and it is costing us more than jobs. They’ve set our houses afire.


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