Proactionary principle

… [the] question of whether risk should be avoided or embraced may come to be a defining feature of future ideological struggles.

CO2 Never Killed Anyone But Socialism Has.

The proactionary principle seems to me to be a useful tool for explaining why America should not abandon the Constitution, free enterprise capitalism, Judeo-Christian ethics and principles, the scientific method nor common sense, on the altar of politically-correct, liberal Utopian progressivism.

Supporting fears of future climate change may be as readily accomplished by slaughtering five goats as by averaging temperatures taken twice a day at discrete locations around the world. Belief by the participants is all that matters.

What lies between, no action and precaution…

What is the difference between living in liberty and surviving in serfdom? To know that is to answer the question, who shall be responsible for your actions? For those who are willing to accept personal responsibility for their own acts their own lives there is no one more than the responsible individual that can better determine those things they must and must not do to live their dreams.

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

Between no action and precaution.

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