Global Warming and the Science of Hebetudinous Sophists

Hazy coastal day

Mainstream media is slowly being infused with reason, a new awareness  about reality courtesy of a growing independent gentlemen and women community of the skeptical AGW science. Official Western prognosticators of global warming doom are left clinging to their weathered altar of gratuitous alarm upon which the free enterprise economy and property of America’s unborn have been sacrificed to quench the fears of the Left.

Climatology has come to the point now where it is like we’re simply hiring experts to paint talismans on flat roofs where they can best be appreciated by passing gulls. No one believes the future of the Earth is endangered by a runaway pause in global warming, even if the Earth has seen the death of millions during the 15 year global warming pause.

So, official government climatologists apparently see no cause and effect relationship between the pause in global warming and the unleashing of an unholy hell on Earth by us moderns, engaged only in the business of living in a manner all aspire to live. Has Al Gore agreed to a sequel: An Inconvenient Pause?

It is damn hard to maintain a continual state of alarm and panic about humanity destroying the Earth with its global warming-causing CO2 when there is no global warming. The AGW Union of Secular, Socialist Researchers have nothing left but to hope for a city somewhere to simply bust into flames and burn to the ground (like a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah) as a result of the flipping of the switch on the final incandescent bulb that sets off Thermageddon.

Dazed and confused, Western climate science staggers into a future about which they did not predict and have no clue. Michael Mann has become the Karl Marx of the fairytale field of science we call Climatology. It’s no wonder that non-Westerners give Climatology about the same respect they reserve for the ancient science of astrology.

Right now we have over 65% more Arctic sea ice area, a record high sea ice area around Antarctica, a record low tornado season, record late start hurricane season, 15 years of no global warming, a cooling tropical Pacific and a “strongly cooling Southern Ocean”.

The above are just some examples illustrating just how embarrassingly wrong climate science has been. ~P. Gosselin

Some of the alarmists say wait–e.g.,“There is no statistically significant pause in surface warming.” How insane is that? There is either a pause or there is not a pause. Only the  Trenberthians of global warming alarmism speak of a world outside our perception and ability to measure that is waiting to spring forth like the Phoenix and consume us all in a fiery heat. Statistics are not even relevant when it comes to a pause–e.g., for a pause in elevation gain, you need a level not a probability table.

Like the Trenberthians of the globe’s missing heat problem (i.e., it’s really, really there but we just can’t find it is the problem), the UK’s Met Office Report has delivered upon a new angle. To give weight to its erroneous conclusions about a cause and effect relationship between global warming and humanity’s contribution to atmospheric CO2 levels, they have simply dreamed up a chimera about warming in the later part of a warming period as providing some special signal about what part of the total warming must have been caused by humans. And, sure enough — even with a 15-year pause in global warming — They predict we’re still doomed if we fail to give Leftist-liberal government total control over our futures.

One thing that is amazing about the long pause in global warming is that it is on top of ample evidence, for example, “CRUTem3 has overstated U.S. warming trends during 1973-2011 by at least 50%.” Moreover, all of the governments’ GCMs (Global Circulation Models) greatly overstated predicted global warming. And, the government climatists now concede that half of the global warming is due to natural causes. Moreover, the government climate change fearmongers finally discovered that the Earth has been the site of previous warming periods, all without any help from humanity. The ‘hockey stick’ has been cracked. “You gotta love these guys ‘discovering’ what all of us have been saying.” ~Joe Bastardi

With consensus crumbling away it apparently makes good politics to be even more sure that AGW is a serious problem. With little left to keep the global warming house of cards from collapsing completely, the climatists of the Left are now playing meaningless statistical confidence games for no purpose other than to blame humanity for living. What we now hear from them is–e.g., while I was sure that it was ‘very likely’ that humans were the cause of all global warming, now that I know humans are not responsible for all of it, I am even more confident in my belief that it is ‘extremely likely’ humans are at least responsible for half of it.

Why not? We will continue to pay for and suffer from this kind of political motivated Leftist science until we can finally address the real issue. Instead of global warming we need to talk about what we can do stop the Left from continuing to destroy the culture and the economy. Global warming has never been a real problem but it is a symptom of a real problem and academia has been a big part of the real problem from the beginning: the Left hates America.

Global warming alarmism is code for the Left’s willingness to condemn the Third World to a cribbed existence of mind-numbing privation. We know capitalism works:

Poverty rates started to collapse towards the end of the 20th century largely because developing-country growth accelerated, from an average annual rate of 4.3% in 1960-2000 to 6% in 2000-10. Around two-thirds of poverty reduction within a country comes from growth. Greater equality also helps, contributing the other third…

China… is responsible for three-quarters of the achievement. Its economy has been growing so fast that, even though inequality is rising fast, extreme poverty is disappearing. China pulled 680m people out of misery in 1981 – 2010, and reduced its extreme-poverty rate from 84% in 1980 to 10% now…

The world now knows how to reduce poverty. A lot of targeted policies—basic social safety nets and cash-transfer schemes, such as Brazil’s Bolsa Família — help… But the biggest poverty-reduction measure of all is liberalising markets to let poor people get richer. (See, Toward the End of Poverty)

Perhaps the most crucial, piercing question that the people in academia should ask themselves is this: “Are we really needed?” Year after year, the system takes in tons of money via all sorts of grants.

“What’s bothersome, however, is how long a purely theoretical result can be milked for grants before the researchers decide to produce something practically useful. Worse yet, there often does not appear to be a strong urge for people in academia to go and apply their result, even when this becomes possible, which most likely stems from the fear of failure. You are morally comfortable researching your method as long as it works in theory, but nothing would hurt more than to try to apply it and to learn that it doesn’t work in reality. No one likes to publish papers which show how their method fails (although, from a scientific perspective, they’re obliged to).” (Anon, Resignation Letter to École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, published Sept. 9, 3013)


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