Settled Science of Global Warming: Sun God Helios a Hoax

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Say it ain’t so Joe. Just like we discovered a fiery horse- drawn chariot is not driven across the skies every day by Helios the Sun God, we now learn that Western school teachers cannot predict what the weather will be in 2100 nor can they prevent harsh weather today or choose what the average temperature of the globe will be tomorrow. Shocker!

Nevertheless, global warming alarmism continues to be like a disease that only infects Western hypocrites while the rest of the world’s population is thankfully immune. Even the fruits of our largess have become bitter fruits–e.g., “The President, the World Bank, and the Export-Import Bank,” says Steve Goreham (‘Climate Policies Lock Chains on Developing Nations’) have accepted the ideology of Climatism, the belief that mankind is causing dangerous climate change. By restricting loans to poor nations, they hope to stop the planet from warming. But what is certain is that their new policies will raise the cost of electricity in poor nations and prolong global poverty.”

Brazil, Russia, India and China sure got a good chuckle out of Eurocommunists getting away with blaming America for heating the globe. Western academia applauded. Meanwhile, “China and Germany are,” says Goreham, “huge coal users and usage is increasing in both nations. More than 50 percent of German electricity now comes from coal as coal fills the gap from closing nuclear plants. Today, China consumes more than 45 percent of the world’s total coal production.”

And meanwhile, Leftists of Western academia keep taking money to create phony Global Circulation Models (GCMs) that prove America’s evil CO2 is destroying the Earth. Academia has been able to fool a lot of people even though, “the observed trend is not a member of the modeled set of predictions (i.e., the models do not statistically capture reality as represented by the observations).” ~Knappenberger and Michaels, (Climate Models’ Tendency to Simulate Too Much Warming and the IPCC’s Attempt to Cover That Up)

We of course paid the bill for Western academia to create the GCMs that paint this amazing story about America being responsible for global warming. It cost us billions to pass this fiction off as the God’s truth. Nature, however, has been telling a different story for 10,000 years and has pretty much had the last say over the last seventeen years of no global warming whatsoever despite increased atmospheric CO2 levels.

Should we ignore the fact that academia’s, America-is-evil-and-is-killing-the polar-bear, story has been very helpful to the Left’s war on capitalism? Academia took sides against America.

So what is the real science of global warming and climate change? We can begin with how amazingly bad are the GCMs. The climate models that Western academia has erected like a Tower of Babel are of a morbid interest now, just to see how contrary to reality are the preconceptions that underlie all of the official government GCMs. For example, the observed 15-yr moving trend during the period 1951-2012 from the Hadley Center temperature record fell below the 2.5th percentile of the world described by academia’s GCMs. What it means is that according to the digital reality of the government’s climatists there is less than a 2.5% chance the real world really exists.

To some it comes as no surprise how we got here. “The peace movement had been mainly Western-based and anti-American in its leanings. Many of its members moved into the environmental movement, bringing with them their neo-Marxist, far-left agendas.” ~Patrick Moore (Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout)

The critical mass of Leftists and radical environmentalists that comprise the global warming alarmism movement use AGW theory to give wings to liberal fascism in America. We can put away the crystal ball because we can see what is happening: while global warming is not a problem, the Eurocommunists’ solutions to the non-problem of global warming are fearsome.  “Greenpeace,” according to Patrick Moore, “became increasingly senseless as it adopted an agenda that is anti-science, anti-business, and downright anti-human. This is the story of our transformations.”

“Poverty,” says Moore, “is the worst environmental problem. Wealth and urbanization will stabilize the human population. Agriculture should be mechanized throughout the developing world. Disease and malnutrition can be largely eliminated by the application of modern technology. Health care, sanitation, literacy and electrification should be provided to everyone.” Unfortunately, the environmental movement, “abandoned science and logic somewhere in the mid-1980s, just as society was adopting the more reasonable items on our environmental agenda,” and as Moore observes, it is ironic: “this retreat from science and logic was partly a response to society’s growing acceptance of environmental values. Some activists simply couldn’t make the transition from confrontation to consensus; it was as if they needed a common enemy. When a majority of people decide they agree with all your reasonable ideas the only way you can remain confrontational and anti-establishment is to adopt ever more extreme positions, eventually abandoning science and logic altogether in favor of zero-tolerance policies.” (See, “Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout,” by Patrick Moore)

Left vs. right has been the real cause and effect underlying AGW theory. Moore says, “the environmental movement was hijacked by political and social activists who learned to use green language to cloak agendas that had more to do with anti-capitalism and anti-globalization than with science or ecology. I remember visiting our Toronto office in 1985 and being surprised at how many of the new recruits were sporting army fatigues and red berets in support of the Sandinistas… they were extremists who confused the issues and the public about the nature of our environment and our place in it. To this day they use the word industry as if it were a swear word. The same goes for multinational, chemical, genetic, corporate, globalization, and a host of other perfectly useful terms. Their propaganda campaign is aimed at promoting an ideology that I believe would be extremely damaging to both civilization and the environment.”

They are basically blaming every change they see on global warming, even the return of a species that was native to the Atlantic for millions of years. ~Dr. Patrick Moore, Co-founder of. Greenpeace

Of all the time and money wasted separating the wheat from the chaff in the phony science called climate change, Western academia missed the elephant in the room. The “new approach to environmentalism,” according to Dr. Patrick Moore, “requires embracing humans as a positive element in evolution rather than viewing us as some kind of mistake.”

If people who say they’re concerned about the environment want to join all of the rest of us who really do love and respect, in awe and humility, the nature and grace of Earth’s beauty, they will have to give up hawking for donations from old women with Alzheimers who survived their rich industrialist spouses and stop conflating global warming with environmentalism even if it takes an all mighty come to Jesus moment to deal with the withdrawal pains.

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  1. omanuel says:

    I sincerely wish you were wrong, but quite independently this old left-wing liberal came to essentially the same conclusion.

    For sixty-eight years (2013 – 1945 = 68 yrs) the public has been deceived about energy (E) stored as mass (m) in cores of heavy atoms, stars, galaxies and some planets.

    FEAR of nuclear annihilation is at the base of a new tyrannical one-world government that George Orwell correctly predicted in the book he started writing in 1946: “Nineteen Eighty- Four.”

    See this one-page synopsis of my autobiography, “A Journey to the Core of the Sun.”

    The core of the Sun is energized by the same source of energy in cores of uranium and plutonium atoms that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 & 9 August 1945.

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