It Is Always Warmer Before it Snows

Cold Night LightSo many truisms:

     ► It is always darkest before the dawn

     ► Fear is a liar

    ► Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away (Philip K. Dick)

     ► The Left no longer has a viable ideology (see, carbon fetishism below)

     ► Appealing to reptilian brains is all the Left has left to maintain power

That’s been working well for the Left is the problem–fear! But, where’s the science, the thought, experience, reasoning, logic, success, the humanity?

Climate change isn’t science. AGW (the theory that humanity is causing global warming) is a political religion and we must all ask, has America been ambushed by academia?

Academia killed the scientific method. With the death of science we must question everything; stray through an infinite nothing with eyes wide open, always looking for traps and snares. Global warming corruption of academia has reached a tipping point: Skeptics can never take a holiday again!

The simple fact that we now must especially treat government scientists’ claims to effective personal skepticism means we no longer see them as trustworthy and their status is no longer legitimate. And, therein lies the problem with GCMs (the global circulation models that climatists point to as fact as if they have captured reality in a bottle).

If our only evidence were observational, we might have to pause at this point, and wait for more years of data to accumulate. However, since we do have theoretical results…we can put the theory to use. Different models agree reasonably well as to the increase in globally averaged sea-level temperature that would be produced by a prescribed increase in CO2 concentration… [and proceed by] introducing a second null hypothesis, which would say that the difference between the means of two populations, one to which the earlier decadal mean temperatures belong, and one to which the later ones belong, is not different from the numerical value that the consensus of the theoretical studies stipulates…

This somewhat unorthodox procedure would be quite unacceptable… for example, if the models had been tuned to fit the observed course of the climate. Provided, however, that the observed trend has in no way entered the construction or operation of the models, the procedure would appear to be sound.”

(See, Words of wisdom from Ed Lorenz)

GCMs have from the beginning been tuned to fit the course of climate. Moreover, all of the parameters used to tune the models (as dictated by AGW theory) have been founded on carbon fetishism. The Left has turned global warming into a function of CO2. Capitalism deals in real not phony providers of real not phony commodities–e.g., the productive seek to associate themselves with providing goods and services that others value. The clearest example of Karl Marx’s commodity fetishism is not fresh baked goods from the ovens of your favorite Baguetterie. Rather, it is the Climatism of the Left with its central focus on CO2 where all social relations between men and women have no meaningful value beyond the rise and fall of an esoteric average global temperature that results from consensual activity. Essentially, the economy of the Left is an alienation of humanity.

According to the Hoover Institution’s recently completed Golden State Poll… many liberals have a deeply ideological view of energy and climate and policy, one in which certain truths must be accepted to show one’s moral virtue while genuinely inconvenient truths are ignored. Conservatives, always appropriately skeptical of liberal utopianism, have reacted against that by redoubling their skepticism. While the media and liberal politicians attack them, conservatives know that it is hard to have a rational argument with a fanatic about the subject of his fanaticism.”

Jeremy Carl, Liberal Denial on Climate Change and Energy, National Review Online (23 October 2013)

Global warming groupthink serves only to bring down the West. AGW True Believers demand that we share their faith and if we refuse they demand that we share their fears. We don’t need more serial fearmongers who enjoy scaring little children with hot doomsday stories about a global thermal Armageddon caused by evil capitalists:

Schoolteachers teach terror when all they
have left is the power of fear.

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  1. omanuel says:

    FEAR of death from nuclear annihilation in 1945 convinced Communists and Capitalists, conservatives and liberals, democrats and republicans to join forces and take totalitarian control of society.

    The rest of this tale will be documented in an autobiography in preparation: “A Journey to the core of the Sun.”

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