Climate Alarmists are Prosperity’s Burden

Modernity-worn and scratched
The view from the edge of time… is not what we were warned about. There is no terrible specter of global warming doom. The school teachers of climate change sold us a bill of goods: the blatant hypocrisy of AGW theory (the belief that modern life is causing dangerous climate change) fails the first test of pragmatism. The inner convictions of the climate alarmists are separate from easily perceivable external realities. Just see how they live compared to how they would have us live; compare what they say will happen to what is really happening: no global warming at all with a cooling trend lasting into the 2030s.

”Throughout history,” Dr. Philip Stott observed back in August 2008 (“More On Cognitive Dissonance — The End Of The World Is/Is Not Nigh!”), “many competing cults have attempted to predict dire catastrophes for the Earth.” Stott asks, “What happens when the predictions fail?”

What’s next is a question that may be answered in our lifetimes. Just look for examples among climate alarmists and mainstream media that carried the message  of impending climatic disaster. “They are starting to experience a powerful dissonance because of their strong promulgation over the last 20 years of the doomsday, catastrophic view of global warming,” Stott says. “Historians, long hence, will surely have a fascinating time analyzing the rise and fall of the cult of catastrophic global warming. Even now it is possible to detect close parallels with the pattern of many traditional doomsday cults. And, it is particularly interesting to note that scientists are just as susceptible to such cults as nonscientists.”

Climate alarmists talk about a ‘global ecosphere’ that acts like a greenhouse. The Earth doesn’t work like a hothouse a grower might use to raise tomatoes so why do climatists intentionally confuse things with a fallacious analogy? The Left believes it’s just too good not to use — even if the Earth doesn’t really work that way — because, it fits their narrative that modernity is heating up the globe (AGW) like frying a bug on the sidewalk with a magnifying glass or leaving a puppy in the backseat of a car with the windows rolled up. The Left is pushing AGW for political purposes, even if it means pushing crazy ideas like a backyard BBQ and the SUV you used to pick up the charcoal are contributing to global warming, raising the seas, stirring up more and bigger hurricanes and burying warmth deep in the oceans where it cannot be measured but nonetheless will someday rise to the surface and consume us all like a fiery Phoenix.

The fantasy fallacy

When did Climatology’s break with reality occur? The break has become so great, Walter Stark (See, “Warmists Can’t Stop Themselves,” Quadrant) is forced to consider if something more is going on in the minds of climate alarmists. It could be that the stars of climate change catastrophism are simply that self-righteous. “Or could it just be that the constant misrepresentation of reality that is now the norm in climate research,” Starck wonders, “has become so ingrained that adherents have difficulty differentiating reality from fantasy, not unlike the condition psychiatrists used to call Pseudologia Fantastica?”

Simply put, Starck wonders if Al Gore and the climate alarmists are just pathological liars —e.g., has Al Gore  been to, the fantasy world and back? From wiki we see that the element of fantasy is among other revealing characteristics. Let us consider some of the other characteristics we find in wiki when we look at the fantastic claims of climate alarmists–e.g.,

The stories told are not entirely improbable and often have some element of truth… [climate changes and we all know nature is not all sugarcane and lollipops but humanity shouldn’t be declared guilty based only on, “highly dubious prophesies by a small coterie of third-rate academics,” Starck says, “whose reputations and careers have been based almost entirely on dramatic claims about climate change which have proved to be either wrong, doubtful, or at best, yet to be verified.”]

The fabricative tendency is long lasting; it is not provoked by the immediate situation or social pressure as much as it is an innate trait of the personality… [it is what climate alarmists claim — not what the weather is actually doing — that creates the sense of impending doom. “When the idea of dangerous anthropogenic global warming (AGW) from fossil fuel emissions arose,” says Starck, “it found strong resonance across a variety of important interests. For researchers it meant funding and recognition. With the media it was attention-grabbing drama. To activists it was the mother of all eco-threats. Business saw huge profits to be made, while bureaucrats recognised the potential for massive increases in power and control.”]

A definitely internal, not an external, motive for the behavior… [academics were drawn by the reward. “For an academic with only a meager reputation to risk,” says Starck, “the temptation would have been hard to resist — especially so for those suffering from that common academic malady, an inflated opinion of one’s own importance and intellectual ability. The opening of a shortcut to fame and fortune while bypassing the normal and tedious slog to recognised expertise was surely too right to have been just luck. It must have been meant to be and has accordingly been defended with all the ferocity of true believers.”]

The stories told tend toward presenting the liar favorably… [The Eurocommies gave Gore a Nobel.]

The Copenhagen fallacy

Considering that the climate models are the only support for the AGW premise, and the AGW premise is the only support for the climate models, exposing this simple fabrication is all that needs to be done to put an end to this circular argument that forms the basis for the entire climate change lunacy. (Norm Kalmanovitch)

The Left’s view is that, even if cannot prove AGW theory, and whether CO2 does or does not cause global warming — and, even if global warming would actually be a good thing for all humanity — we still will pass laws to control CO2. We don’t need to know the truth about CO2. No matter what the truth is an Expert Central Authority will take a cut every time the public uses CO2. Period. Packing more Leftist gadflies onto the saddles of the engines of society to demand from on-high how the productive shall solve the non-problem of AGW will end only in dead horses.

Underlying AGW and the idea of a Global Temperature is a concept whereby central control over the worldwide production and distribution of goods and services will be related to a meaningless average that is calculated by a central authority. Control will be accomplished by creating a carbon market whereby the cost of CO2 will become a global exchange rate. Failing to bring that about, CO2 will be classified as a poison and everyone who deals in it — pastry baker to candlestick maker — will be taxed like cigarette sellers.

Climate alarmist fallacies

Climate alarmists argue that without central control over increases in atmospheric CO2 content, the result will be consequences that are worse than nuclear war, worse than radical Islamic terrorism, high unemployment, a paralyzed economy, youth without a future — worse even than loss of individual liberty. We can avoid this climate alarmist fallacy by finding who it is that is suffering from global warming. Where are they? How are they are suffering? The answer to these questions will be interesting because throughout human history global warming seems to have been a net big benefit to all of humanity whereas central control over humanity has always resulted in increased misery, poverty and death.

The Leftist global warming agenda is actually based on their socialist values. Rather than a scientific argument, climate alarmism is an ad hom attack on everyone who chooses to purchase a SUV over a Chevy Volt. Imagine a world dictated by a central authority based on an official Global Temperature that is infinitely malleable because it is based on official data that is used in official statistical models that infallibly point to a human fingerprint on a digitized creation of a smoking gun.

Fact or fallacy?

The natural greenhouse effect is a myth, not a physical reality… a manufactured mirage.

Horrific visions of a rising sea level, melting pole caps and spreading deserts in North America and Europe are fictitious consequences of a fictitious physical mechanism which cannot be seen even in computer climate models.

More and more, the main tactic of CO2-greenhouse gas defenders seems to be to hide behind a mountain of pseudo-explanations that are unrelated to an academic education or even to physics training.”

(Gerhard Gerlich and Ralf D. Tscheuschner, Falsification Of The Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects Within The Frame Of Physics)

The biggest fallacy of all is believing humanity must act now because the Earth can’t wait any longer. Sure, sure we all care about the Earth. The Left doesn’t have a lock on concern for the environment. But, the Earth does not care one wit if we survive.

Over-the-top climate alarmists have even claimed it’s too late. Even if we act now catastrophe is already here now and even greater disaster ahead is certain. On its face this sort of fatalism seems like bad marketing if it is intended to get humanity to change its evil ways. It is, however, a desperate Hail Mary attempt by the climate alarmists to shame us into doing something they believe we should have done long ago; and, then count on our innate desires to think and act positive about something like, maybe it’s not be too late if we act now, and, lets all quickly hand over the economy to the Left’s socialist planners.

In the eternal battle between truth and lies the ascension of AGW hits hardest on conditions necessary for the exercise of free will. A belief in the self-evident truth that liberty is the God-given right of all humanity is being tested.

Will academia finally tell the truth? Every time they lie, it seems like a crime unfolding: “it seems,” as Ralph Waldo Emerson observed, “as if a coat of snow fell on the ground, such as reveals in the woods the track of every partridge and fox and squirrel and mole.”

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