Thinking Harder and Smarter about Global Warming


Is anyone really looking forward
to another Little Ice Age?

If so, calling a halt to the inevitability of Heaven and Earth is a tall order even if you believe in AGW theory. It would be easier for humanity to address the consequences of another Little Ice Age—e.g., increased illness, famine and death due increased plant diseases and crop failures.

“Somewhere along the line,” says Garth Paltridge (Quadrant On Line), “it came to be believed… climate researchers were the equivalent of knights on white chargers fighting a great battle against the forces of evil – evil, that is, in the shape of big oil.” It is more accurate to accept that global warming is Left v right political gamesmanship — and, not science at all and NOT about “big oil” being evil — but, really about Eurocommunism and socialism versus individual liberty and about dead and dying Old Europe combating the forces of evil in the shape American capitalism.

“Scientists – most scientists anyway – may be a bit naïve,” according to Paltridge, “but they are not generally wicked, idiotic, or easily suborned either by money or by the politically correct.” It is hard to hold a similar view concerning lifetime, Leftist politicians like Al Gore. It’s even harder to see academia in a favorable light given the eagerness with which they take our money and their obvious desire to undermine the very society and economy that not only produces envy in the EU but also provides the goods and services and relative freedom from want that that all of us desire.

Paltridge asks the key question: “What has happened to the scepticism that is supposedly the lifeblood of scientific enquiry?” Well… whaahappened to the scientific method? The EU hated George Bush because he stood up for America against Kyoto and the “consensus” on global warming. Compare that to the EU giving a Nobel to Al Gore, the UN and Obama for supporting global warming alarmism and doing everything they possibly could to bring down Americanism.

“Throughout history,” Dr. Philip Stott observed back in August 2008 (“More on Cognitive Dissonance — The End of the World Is/Is Not Nigh!”), “many competing cults have attempted to predict dire catastrophes for the Earth.” Stott asks, “What happens when the predictions fail?”

We use statistics to tease out reality from a sample of it. We don’t need samples when we have reality right there in our faces: all we need to do is open our eyes. The global warming alarmists simply do not wish to accept what they see. Being skeptical of the Leftist’s theory that humanity’s CO2 is dooming the globe is no different from being skeptical of claims that aliens cause global warming. In both instances, the null hypothesis of AGW theory — that all observed global warming can be explained by natural causes — cannot be rejected.

 Historians, long hence, will surely have a fascinating time analyzing the rise and fall of the cult of catastrophic ‘global warming’. Even now it is possible to detect close parallels with the pattern of many traditional doomsday cults. And, it is particularly interesting to note that scientists are just as susceptible to such cults as nonscientists. (Dr. Philip Stott)

With all we know about Michael Mann, how can he still have a job at Penn State? And, what about the conspiracy of silence among academics concerning Mann’s ‘hockey stick’ and its use by the UN-IPCC to perpetrate and perpetuate a fraud? Do academics face no consequences when it is shown that they have zero respect for truth?

We usually think of people being victims of a hoax. But, we are paying to be victimized! It is an open question about whether a society that funds government scientists to push the global warming hoax upon them really has a future. If economic and moral decline is inevitable it is because academia’s global warming alarmists have become the Baghdad Bob of Western science.

The issue of climate change is now the classic example of post-normal science, originated and serviced by a research machine funded massively and almost entirely by a government department dedicated to drastic alteration of society in the name of fixing the ‘problem’ of global warming. ~Garth Paltridge

The record-breaking cold spell across the US has caused an increase in energy use. How about a little appreciation for fossil fuel power plant operators and coal miners? Do we really want to continue rewarding big government for demonizing big oil by increasing taxes on the energy we use?

It is beginning to look like we’re past the last few decades of Global Al-Goring — during which time we learn of the global warming hiatus over the last 17 years — and, now we may be headed for decades of global cooling. We were warned about that years ago by The Old Farmer’s Almanac based simply on looking at repeating trends in solar activity. In the future, if Western society is to survive, we need to be smarter about thinking a lot harder when government scientists claim they see our future — it’s bad; and, they’ll save us from doom if we just put our future in their hands.

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