Are Global Warming Fears Based on Racism?

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Does Western civilization harbor a subliminal prejudice against barely-clad cultures associated with life in warm climates? Did Western academia knowingly play to ancient cultural taboos in the northern hemisphere against scantily-clad humans to help propel fear of global warming into mainstream thought?

Scientific arguments, no matter how cogent, will never have any weight in the wrong debate. Science-denying, consensus-fabricating global warming alarmists are a generation of the most short-sighted hypocritical idiots in the history of this country. Now that the mommies and daddies of the late great generation — that lived through the depression, knew evil and stood up to it, and had respect for the freedom of others, i.e., people that the Leftist and liberals would brand as right-wing conservatives who have no place in NY — are either dead or aged surviving spouses, kick-started by pacemakers with hip and knee transplants and free medicaments, the effete snobs of AGW Armageddonism now feel empowered by idea of being the fascist block wardens of American-style Eurocommunism.

A good case can be made that even years after Al Gore’s, “An Inconvenient Truth,” was released – and years before the foi2009.pdf-CRUgate disclosures by a disgruntled whistleblower – there was a better understanding about climate change than we see among government scientists today, despite an ongoing government-sponsored disinformation and propaganda campaign against, big oil (i.e., capitalism).

Even at that time there were many who understood global climate change throughout history could not be based on a denial of solar activity. Rather than CO2 as the monocausal explanation for global warming — which so happens to serve the interests of Leftists who demand hegemony over the American economy — climate change is, primarily driven by changes in the orbit of the earth:

Low summer insolation occurs when the tilt of the axis of rotation of the earth is small; the poles are pointing less directly at the sun; the Northern Hemisphere summer solstice is farthest from the sun; and the earth’s orbit is highly eccentric.

Despite the many ups and downs in global temperatures over the period spanning the course of humanity, on an Earthly and not human scale the climate history of the Earth tells a far different story: there has been no global warming on Earth over the last 10,000 years — see e.g., Easterbrook Graph… a 10,000 year cooling trend,—e.g.,

“The Milankovitch theory of climate change proposes that glacial-interglacial cycles are driven by changes in summer insolation at high northern latitudes [i.e., solar irradiance received]. The timing of climate change in the Southern Hemisphere at glacial-interglacial transitions (which are known as terminations) relative to variations in summer insolation in the Northern Hemisphere is an important test of this hypothesis. So far, it has only been possible to apply this test to the most recent termination because the dating uncertainty associated with older terminations is too large to allow phase relationships to be determined. Here we present a new chronology of Antarctic climate change over the past 360,000 years that is based on the ratio of oxygen to nitrogen molecules in air trapped in the Dome Fuji and Vostok ice cores. This ratio is a proxy for local summer insolation, and thus allows the chronology to be constructed by orbital tuning without the need to assume a lag between a climate record and an orbital parameter. The accuracy of the chronology allows us to examine the phase relationships between climate records from the ice cores and changes in insolation. Our results indicate that orbital-scale Antarctic climate change lags Northern Hemisphere insolation by a few millennia, and that the increases in Antarctic temperature and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration during the last four terminations occurred within the rising phase of Northern Hemisphere summer insolation. These results support the Milankovitch theory that Northern Hemisphere summer insolation triggered the last four deglaciations.”

~Kenji Kawamur, et al., Northern Hemisphere forcing of climatic cycles in Antarctica over the past 360,000 years, Nature 448, 912-916 (23 August 2007)

“We need to raise the level of our game in terms of explaining the planetary warming by infrared absorption of CO2 etc. The missing area of understanding seems to be the actual physical mechanism. Lets target an explanation at an audience that has taken 1 year each of undergraduate physics and chemistry, plus calculus. Once we have something that is convincing at this level, we can work on how to communicate this to the interested public…” ~Judith Curry

What we know for sure is that even on a human scale the Earth has not warmed to any significant degree over the last seventeen years going on two decades. We may wish to know what the future holds for us but we should not let Western school teachers take advantage of our fears, and confuse the ancient science of astrology with real science, simply to give gravitas to humanity’s superstition and ignorance.

We really do not know why this stagnation is taking place at the moment. I hardly know a colleague who would deny that it has not got warmer in recent years.

~Jochem Marotzke (Director, Max Plank Institute for Meteorology)

We should look at recent weather and understand that, according to Dr. Tim Ball (WND radio), this “major cooling cycle could match [the] Little Ice Age… If you look at the historic record, and I mean going over 10,000 years, this pattern occurs as the earth starts its cooling down process. And that’s what’s going to happen,” Ball said. “We’re going to be in this cooling until at least 2040.”

**Updated 1420, 23 January 2014**

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