The Gods of Climate Change Get Chili

Global Chili

One, interpretation of the so-called pause or hiatus in global warming, is the answer to this simple question: where has the cold been hiding, deep in the ocean?

Global warming has been on hiatus for 17 years going on two decades. Some scientists speculate about decades more of global cooling; and, other scientists who still believe humanity’s CO2 is heating the globe speculate about where the heat is hiding (where else but deep in the ocean?).

It is a very opaque way of saying internal natural variability is the reason, to say the heat is hiding in the ocean. (Professor Richard Lindzen, UK Parliamentary Hearing on the IPCC, Jan. 28, 2014)

A good working definition of societal insanity was provided by Prof. Lindzen: Trying to solve a problem that may not be a problem by taking actions that you know will hurt your economy.

We are standing on the corner of Now and La Futura; and, still the Left persist in its old way of thinking that humanity is some kind of horrible mistake. The Left’s war on climate change is doublespeak for its war on capitalism: global warming alarmists exhort us to worry about the future of children 50 years from now as if they believe their offspring will build statues in their memory — but, fine words butter no parsnips. The Left revels in economy-killing policy-making and nothing could be crazier: “There’s virtually no policy,” according to Lindzen, “that beats doing nothing for 50 years.”

How the global warming alarmists long for the good old days of Michael Mann. The IPCC showcased Mann’s apocryphal hockey stick to prove its theory that here was no climate before America — no MWP (Medieval Warm Period) and no LIA (Little Ice Age) — just runaway global warming during the last 50 years of the 20th century because Americans drove SUVs.

But now the message has gotten a lot more complex–e.g., climate always changes, all global warming can be explained by natural causes, and many scientists foresee years and perhaps decades of global cooling ahead. Pushing fears of America being responsible for heating the globe is making school teachers look like they’re taking us for fools to achieve ideologically-motivated objectives or worse: they’re simple superstitious idiots, busily sacrificing the futures of our youth, essentially throwing their bodies into the ocean to appease the Left’s new Gods of Warming.

The hiatus is 17 years long and there is no magic line to be crossed when everyone finally cannot help but realize this is reality today and there will always be something else tomorrow. After enough time goes by all of us will say, today’s weather is tomorrow’s climate and there is nothing we can do to cause or prevent it even if sometimes in gets darned cold outside. We always live in the specter of a hiatus — i.e., between periods of something better or worse — and, the future will always be hiding somewhere beyond our ability to find or measure it.

“Somewhere along the line it came to be believed by many of the public, and indeed by many of the scientists themselves, that climate researchers were the equivalent of knights on white steeds fighting a great battle against the forces of evil—evil, that is, in the shape of big oil and its supposedly unlimited money. The delusion was more than a little attractive.” ~Garth Paltridge, ‘Climate Change’s Inherent Uncertainties,’ Quadrant Online

“The IPCC speaks of attribution for the last 50 years,” says Lindzen. “Before then, we are dealing with natural climate variability. Warming from 1919-1940 almost indistinguishable from the warming 1970-1998.”

America’s public-funded school teachers of global warming alarmism, “can no longer use the environmental movement as a scapegoat,” says Paltridge, “if it should turn out that the threat of global warming has no real substance. It can no longer escape prime responsibility if it should turn out in the end that doing something in the name of mitigation of global warming is the costliest scientific mistake ever visited on humanity. The current redirection of global funds in the name of climate change is of the order of a billion dollars a day. And in the future, to quote US Senator Everett Dirksen, a billion here and a billion there, and pretty soon we’ll be talking about real money.”

We have certainty about adverse consequences of the policy options on the economy, but uncertainty about the impact of the policy options on the environment. ~Richard Lindzen

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