Climate Change and Old Sol Mean Business

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There has been a 17 year hiatus in global warming. The word, hiatus has the connotation of a calming effect — like the halcyon days of Greece — a peaceful, floating, Indian summer of endless youthfulness. And yet, for global warming alarmists, discovery of a hiatus brings only pain. Oh! how the Left doth swoon for chaos…

Think of Al Gore and his associates like David Blood as the Bernie Madoff of the environmental movement. They created a market which has been disintegrating from day one, including a total collapse of the Chicago Climate Exchange, but not before the principle players cashed in their shares… It’s a epic story of modern day high priests and soothsayers, political hubris and pseudo-scientific largess on a scale never before seen in history.

(Andrew McKillop, Global Research)

Recognizing the cold weather that many face together with the EPA’s recent ban on wood-burning stoves, Rep. Tammie Wilson commented as follows: “Everyone wants clean air. We just want to make sure that we can also heat our homes.” Wilson continued: “Rather than fret over EPA’s computer model based warning about the dangers of inhaling soot from wood smoke, residents have more pressing concerns on their minds as the immediate risk of freezing when the mercury plunges.”

(See, Dr. Larry Bell, “EPA’s Wood-Burning Stove Ban Has Chilling Consequences For Many Rural People,” Forbes)

Like a ritual burning of money, global warming alarmism and the Left’s policies — i.e., their proposed fixes for the problem of climate change that they claim confronts everyone on Earth — are actually a protest against Americanism. The Left has embraced a negative act of pure nihilism. Rather than any science-based behavior designed to serve humanity, the Left’s actual desire is to leave all of humanity out in the cold like a bad dog.

Where we are at in the West with global warming is where the Jews were in the days of Moses –i.e., 40 years of wandering the desert. Only, according to Prof. Richard Lindzen, we’ve got 50 years of wandering around before we should even think of changing a thing about how we go about the business of living. There is no impending calamity that demands we should immediately trash our economy and dash employment hopes for generations to come.

The real problem is, we have too many climate liars. And our psychic reward system is all tossed up: positive societal change in the present political climate is uncertain because the productive are paying government scientists to do the wrong things. And, that means things will get worse before they get better.

Certainly someday the truth will show itself to all. Until that time, Lindzen tells us that when it comes to worrying about CO2, there’s nothing we can do that is better than doing nothing. History tells us the same thing: “At least 40 periods of warming and cooling have occurred since 1480 AD, all well before CO2 emissions could have been a factor.” (Dr. Easterbrook)

From an historical perspective, global warming alarmists should realize that we have not really progressed that far from the days of the horse and buggy–e.g.,

Open hearth cooking—cooking in a fireplace—was the only way to cook in the White House up until Millard Fillmore’s administration (1850-1853)… Coal was the hottest and burned the longest. Hard woods—ash, oak, hickory, maple, and dogwood gave good heat, burned evenly, and lasted a long time.

(Mary Brigid Barrett, ‘A Taste of the Past: White House Kitchens, Menus, and Recipes,’ Our White House)

Oh! how the Left hates big oil but, before electricity (made utilizing fossil or nuclear fuel or damned-up water) were school teachers just as critical of, big candle? Nevertheless, technology marches on without the help of the teachers of global warming alarmism… nor their blessing. Even so, we’re now burning natural gas which means we’re burning more hydrogen and less carbon. Government did not demand we do this: Government is not a solution to our problem government is the problem. (Ronald  Reagan )

It has, “cooled for what will be 18 years this winter…  this decade is already the snowiest ever for high impact east coast snows. The cooling will accelerate as the Atlantic joins the Pacific and as the German and Russian scientists predict, the sun continues its dive into a Maunder or at least Dalton like Minimum. This cooling is related entirely to the cooling Pacific and occurring despite the fact we have not had major volcanic activity since Pinatubo in 1991… and if a major volcano occurs, the cold we saw this past week will be commonplace.” (Icecap)

In hindsight, we should have known. Like education, knowledge sneaks up on you like a healthy dose of common sense: we’re just not that powerful: We can’t control the weather. We should accept that. But, it’s a learning experience–e.g., we have learned that Western academia has way too much time on its hands and we need to make some serious cutbacks in the government-education complex because their way of thinking and serious lack of common sense will keep the rest of humanity from ever coming in from the cold.

I am absolutely dumbfounded by the totally absurd and stupid things said every day by people who are purportedly scientists that make absolutely no sense whatsoever…  [W]hat they’re doing in the U.S. is using CO2 to impose all kinds of restrictions to push a socialist government… CO2 by itself is incapable of causing significant climate change. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 39/1,000ths of one percent. It’s nothing. Ninety-five percent of the greenhouse effect is water vapor, and water vapor is not changing.

(Don Easterbrook Predicts 20 More Years of Global Cooling)
Update: 1039 — 5 February 2014

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  1. omanuel says:

    Missouri continues to suffer ice storms, bitter cold, and loss of faith in our government’s AGW tale.

    Yet not a single member of the consensus science community has challenged the data in Figures 1-3 (pages 17-29 of Chapter 2 of my autobiography) or the conclusion that the Sun’s core is a pulsar remnant from the birth of the solar system.

    Click to access Chapter_2.pdf

    Is the United States National Academy of Sciences like “a generation of vipers,” a private, self-perpetuating organization that reviews the budgets of federal agencies for Congress and thus guides their research, with little or no limit on conflict of interest?

    With deep regrets,
    – Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

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