Global Warming Academics Say, ‘Stop Your Engines!’

Stop Your Engines

Climate change is real but that we’re causing it is a scam. It’s alternative science. It’s the pseudo-world of modelers using academia to push the bogus theory of global warming on an over-hyped populace that no longer seems capable of understanding the difference between fact and fiction.

Putting this latest hoax into perspective, no direct cause and effect relationship between human-produced CO2 and global warming has ever been established, despite the fact that there is an evergreen list of thousands of supposed afflictions that evil oil companies have visited upon the world we love.

Amazingly, despite what science teaches us to look for, there isn’t even a correlation to be found between what we can easily observe versus what the global warming hypothesis says we must expect. For example, in the distant past before humanity made its first footprints in the sand, global warming is seen to precede not follow increases in atmospheric CO2. Despite increases in atmospheric CO2 in modern times there has been no global warming over the last seventeen years. Moreover, some scientists now predict decades of global cooling — as cold as the last few years — may lie ahead.

Why are we falling for yet another scam? What has happened that so many of us lack the patience for critical thinking? When did skepticism of politicians and of the bureaucracy and of self-serving government employees in academia become a bad thing? Does an ever bigger, more powerful, overarching federal government result only in systemic ignorance and the death of logic? Have we all become junkies to the idea of simple fixes for every problem no matter how complex and misunderstood?

A global warming alarmist would describe the predicament they perceive we face as follows: normal weather and climate is… normal — so, anything that’s not normal must be stopped. They believe climate isn’t supposed to change and if it does the change is unnatural –i.e., it is caused by the release into the atmosphere of CO2 my humanity. They believe CO2 is a toxin — a poisonous substance to be regulated — and, that ordinary people going about the business of living life are wrecking havoc on the climate.

If academia served the people instead of the politicians probability theory and data collection would be used to confirm that climate change is completely natural, expected and will happen no matter what humanity does or doesn’t do. The mythology of the climatists requires that government scientists use probability theories to justify labeling increasing atmospheric CO2 as the likely cause of every affliction imaginable despite evidence it’s always at the small tail end of the curve showing the universe of all possible explanations for such problems. Climatists  know full well that after years of useless, senseless and superfluous testing, a causal link between CO2 and every dreaded malady known to a PhD will invariably be proven flatly impossible; but, in the meantime the global warming scam marches on as academia banks more bucks dreaming up phony links to every Earthly vagary.

We’ve abandoned science. We’re lying to ourselves. We all are living in the Age of the Hoax. It doesn’t say much for Western academia that they’re telling us to build arks on the tops of mountains because a big flood is coming. Those outside the West are rightly skeptical: unlike the Democrat party, they’re not believers in climatology which they liken to the ancient science of astrology. Climate change is not science.

Science is what we do to keep us
from lying to ourselves. ~
Richard Feynman

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2 Responses to Global Warming Academics Say, ‘Stop Your Engines!’

  1. Wagathon says:

    Many species await discovery, See–e.g.,

    “How Many Species Are There on Earth and in the Ocean?”

    Author Summary

    Knowing the number of species on Earth is one of the most basic yet elusive questions in science. Unfortunately, obtaining an accurate number is constrained by the fact that most species remain to be described and because indirect attempts to answer this question have been highly controversial. Here, we document that the taxonomic classification of species into higher taxonomic groups (from genera to phyla) follows a consistent pattern from which the total number of species in any taxonomic group can be predicted. Assessment of this pattern for all kingdoms of life on Earth predicts ~8.7 million (±1.3 million SE) species globally, of which ~2.2 million (±0.18 million SE) are marine. Our results suggest that some 86% of the species on Earth, and 91% in the ocean, still await description. Closing this knowledge gap will require a renewed interest in exploration and taxonomy, and a continuing effort to catalogue existing biodiversity data in publicly available databases.
  2. AD says:

    Though I like your thought process, but I totally oppose your views here. Because, as a person living in a part of the world wherein I can see the Effect; the so-called Western notion of Development that has caused in and around the region where I live.
    You are right! We should look at what science teaches us to look for – What I see is that in the rush to develop the city with more and more concrete buildings, the tree cover has gone missing. These concrete/glass buildings reflect so much sunlight that there is a marked increase in the levels of temperature over the years.
    You are right! We should look at what science teaches us to look for – currently, there is a debate going whether we will be facing Global warming or Global cooling. But, there is no doubt that Climate Change is inevitable and that too for the worse.
    You are right! We should look at what science teaches us to look for – What I see is the dwindling of animal & bird species with more and more species joining the endangered list of wildlife due to human encroachment of their habitats.
    There are many more observations made as an individual regarding global warming in my part of the world.

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