Climate Change Magic and Superstition


Hysterical Schoolteachers of
Blood Moon Global Warming Astrology

Trees cause rain, say Russian researchers Anastassia Makarieva and Victor Gorshkov –e.g., clear the forest in North America and it won’t rain in Africa. But, before we start blaming America for droughts elsewhere, let’s look at some numbers.

In the United States, which contains 8 percent of the world’s forests, there are more trees than there were 100 years ago. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), “Forest growth nationally has exceeded harvest since the 1940s. By 1997, forest growth exceeded harvest by 42 percent and the volume of forest growth was 380 percent greater than it had been in 1920.” The greatest gains have been seen on the East Coast (with average volumes of wood per acre almost doubling since the ’50s) which was the area most heavily logged by European settlers beginning in the 1600s, soon after their arrival. ~Starre Vartan (mnn)

So how do we interpret these facts? By cutting and using trees did America commit sins against nature from the 1600s? Did America find redemption in its use of coal for energy that lead to a regrowth of the forests since the 1940s?

On some level what inspires fears of human-induced climate change is a large measure of irrationality – e.g., dig fossil fuels out of the ground and turn it into the energy needed to turn salt water into fresh and make deserts flower with it. It sounds plausible – even possible – but, does it sound inspirational, aspirational or would that be an unmitigated evil that neither man nor woman should ever do?

Is there no longer such a thing as natural variation? As we see with global warming alarmism, Western academics have come to view every natural catastrophe as being caused by humanity.

In a recent article about , Douglas Sheil says, “Anastassia and Victor recently commented to me (when I shared a draft of this blog), much of what is currently considered ‘natural climatic variability’ might in fact reflect the effects of human land-cover change if only we adequately understood these influences better.” This view is only a little different from what global warming alarmist academics like Dr. Kevin Trenberth have been saying since at least 2009 –e.g., “we know that the whole ocean is warming and sea level is rising at unprecedented rates. The pattern of observed warming is unlike any natural variation and the rates of change are faster. Hence we can prove that the observed warming is not natural and we can point to the cause: observed increases in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that trap infrared radiation from escaping to space.”

Obviously, it is in the interest of the global warming lobby – i.e., the teachers of human-induced climate change in our schools – to adopt a view that nothing can be seen as excluding the possibility that late 20th century warming was caused by increases in anthropogenic-CO2 increases in the atmosphere (the AGW theory).

What AGW believers are really saying is that they are willing to believe in an unprovable hypothesis. That is what superstition is all about. The goal of the scientific method is to free minds from hatred, prejudice and fear born of superstition and ignorance. To forsake science when it conflicts with the elaborate belief system of a group of people is what religion is all about: global warming has become the religion of the Left. That is why any scientist with a reputation to protect made a beeline for the UN exits years ago and certainly by 2009 with the discovery, dubbed CRUgate, of all the fraud and corruption in the climate community.

Global warming has never been about the science: it’s nothing but a hoax and a scare tactic. “The ‘radiative forcing constants’ in the IPCC models are devoid of physical meaning,” argues Roy Clark. “This approach is empirical pseudoscience that belongs to the realm of climate astrology. The results derived from climate simulations that use the radiative forcing approach may be of limited academic interest in assessing model performance. However, such results are computational science fiction that have no relationship to the reality of the Earth’s climate. Radiative forcing by CO2 is, by definition a self-fulfilling prophesy, since the outcome is pre-ordained with a total disregard of the basic laws of physics. An increase in CO2 concentration must increase surface temperature. No other outcome is allowed and other possible climate effects are by definition excluded.” [See, Clark R. A null hypothesis for CO2.EE 2010;21(4):171-200]

The null hypothesis for AGW that Clark proposes – and that global warming alarmists refuse to consider because it cannot be rejected – is as follows: It is impossible to show that changes in CO2 concentration have caused any climate change to the Earth’s climate, at least since the current composition of the atmosphere was set by ocean photosynthesis about one billion years ago.

Unfortunately, the academics, activists, politicians and bureaucrats leading the push for carbon dioxide taxation and use of renewable energy are nonproducers who are woefully ignorant of both the economic reality of productive activity and the practical limits of technology. They are technoeconomicilliterates with a cargo cult understanding of production. Their prescriptions amount to a ritualistic belief that admitting sin (GW) and making an appropriate sacrifice (carbon dioxide taxes) will in some undefined (magical) way bring forth all the right changes, discoveries and implementations that are needed to effect a bright new world of clean endlessly renewable energy with minimal inconvenience to anyone… ~Walter Starck

How thee shows with each tick of the brow to be not worthy. Schoolteacher! It rankles to behold blinding ignorance. Schoolteachers? Do you take credit for what nature does?  

The growth of plants in the Carboniferous caused a reduction in atmospheric oxygen and carbon dioxide, forming the basis for large deposits of dead plants and other organisms. Plant debris became the basis for peat and coal, smaller organisms provided oil and gas, both after millions of years of applied heat and pressure from geological change; mountain building, erosion, deposition of sediments, volcanic eruptions, rises and fall of sea level and movement of continents. Marine organisms used carbon dioxide to build shells and coral polyps and these became the basis of limestone rocks.

The idea promulgated by the IPCC that the energy received from the sun is instantly “balanced” by an equal amount returned to space, implies a dead world, from the beginning with no place for the vital role of carbon dioxide in forming the present atmosphere or for the development or maintenance of living organisms, or their ability to store energy or release it. ~Vincent Gray

So judgmental  – here are equal parts emotion and delusion – schoolteachers! If only these secular, socialists were just atheists and not perhaps deranged, liberal fascist eco-whackpot fundies with deranged souls or no soul – and, without shame – and indifferent to the existence of truth: a sorry judgment on corruptibility.

Who are they who have achieved a dread of reality and who feel compelled to cause pain and injury to children? Superstitious schoolteachers who disbelieving of nature have now come to fear it: true bringers of knowledge only cause them injury for they have forsaken reason and – no longer having a will to uplift others – are hopelessly destitute and disgraceful.

Witness these schoolteachers, destitute of the impulse to any uplifting activity, who nonetheless never fail to exalt in their pride in themselves. See how these True Believers demonstrate fear, not awe; irrational ignorance, not reasoning power. They urge helpless and hopeless impotence, not boldness; and, that’s a pity. The greatest terror for them is to be awake when truth happens – schoolteachers! An excessive indulgence of emotion is hardest on reason: schoolteachers teach terror when all they have left is the power of fear and they fear all the gods, the land, the sea and the sky.

They can’t bring themselves to admit that evidence of natural variation should not be considered proof of human-induced climate change. So very safe are they from ever being struck by a good idea – schoolteachers, with inflamed and savage brains of prisoners in Plato’s cave: here we have fears of all kinds displayed by weak blackmailers, tormented by the knowledge of others. The darkness was lit, bells were rung; but, all of the school teachers have fallen asleep or are blinded by ignorance and rooted in the most stubborn soil. No greater mischief do they than with false judgments and deranged emotions and delusions, scar tender souls.

... it was such a temptation for everyone to say, “Well, with CO2 rising we can say in such and such a year it will be this hot.” It was a mistake we all made… But being an independent scientist, it is much easier to say you made a mistake than if you are a government department or an employee or anything like that. (James Lovelock reflects…, Nature)

So great is the energy found in a hurricane if it could be harnessed it would power the US for years. Alas most of the energy is used up transferring a huge column of air into the upper atmosphere. Of the energy contained in an average hurricane, 1,500,000,000,000 watts… fully half of the global electrical output, according to an article by PBS’ NOVA, just 0.5% of the energy released is what we see flattening cities in places like Florida. Some 99.5% of the hurricane force cause no harm and is naturally dissipated — every second, some 2 million metric tons of air are circulated in, up, and out of the hurricane — where heat energy is radiated to empty space — which every day equals, the energy released by the fusion of four hundred 20 mega-ton hydrogen bombs (See, Rice University’s Hurricane Trivia at Houston TeacherTECH Archives).

Consider that the ‘human effect’ global warming alarmists worry about — humanity’s release of CO2 — is so small it must be measured in parts per million of our atmosphere as if it is a poison that in small amounts contaminates the world around us and if unchecked will kill us all. Imagine this peril of feared human-inducement to just a single solar flare that has enough energy to fulfill all our our power needs for a million years.

The derangement of the schoolteachers of human-induced global warming can be compared to the actions of the water authorities in Portland who drained a 38 million gallon reservoir at Mt. Tabor because a teenager peed in it last week: “Our customers,” says David Shaff (Portland Water Bureau administrator), “ have an expectation that their water is not deliberately contaminated.” Portland’s Official News Release essentially tells us that government is taking action to eliminate a public health risk that is believed to have been caused by a de minimis ‘human effect’ that can only be measured in parts per million.

Thousands of scientists from around the globe who have closely followed the IPCC statements believe that they have grossly exaggerated the influence of CO2 rises on global warming. ~William Gray


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  1. Wagathon says:

    Come, come now… even Climatists have a God-given right to freedom of religion.

  2. cartoonmick says:

    In-depth studies, carried out over the last 45 seconds, confirm there is a direct link between the climate and politics.

    Both climate and politics change over time !! A fact confirmed in the afore mentioned in-depth study.

    “Man” is the main cause of all political change, therefore “Man” is the main cause of climate change.

    The climate is seen as a problem if a particular political party is in power, whereas there is no problem at all to be see with the climate if the opposite party is at the helm.

    So, the simplest way to solve any climate problems is to keep that party “who see no problems”, in power.

    Not only will this save the Earth from certain destruction, it will save a lot of money in the national budget as there’ll be no need for climate science committees, reports, analysis, action etc.

    Prior to the 45 second in-depth study, a cartoon was created, which may, or may not, conflict with the theme of the above summary.

    That climate change cartoon is here . . . . . . . .


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