Passing Through the Fire! How the Left Politicized Weather

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True believers of catastrophic human-caused
global warming theory (CAGW) face increasing
difficulties of pulling off a con.

From the beginning, even in CAGW’s most alarming incarnation, the negative consequences of acting upon our fears far exceeded our faith in the messengers of the sweaty doom that awaits us all if we fail to heed school teachers’ warnings. In the end the catastrophe of responding to fears of CAGW was averted by non-action.

The stagnation in global temperatures since 1998 is causing scientists to take a much closer look at natural climate variability. ~Judith Curry

We now have time to investigate the investigators. In his article about lifetime Leftist politician Al Gore and global warming (‘Let Us Prey,’ Fall 2007 Range Magazine), author Tim Findley talks about UCSD professor Roger Revelle, the first global warming heretic.

“Before he died in 1991,” reports Findley, “Revelle produced a paper with [former NASA climate scientist Frederick] Singer suggesting that people should not be made to become alarmed over the greenhouse effect and global warming.” Their article (subtitled, “Look before you leap”) said as follows:

Drastic, precipitous and, especially, unilateral steps to delay the putative greenhouse impacts can cost jobs and prosperity and increase the human costs of global poverty, without being effective.

Findley says Revelle’s article, “was a Judas kiss to [future ecomessiah] Gore, who was already conducting congressional hearings meant to produce just the sort of alarm his former mentor [Revelle] was saying was unnecessary.” In what may have been the first official government act of Leftist McCarthyism in the sordid history of CAGW alarmism, “Gore suggested” says Findley, “that the professor had become the victim of Alzheimer’s disease.” This was the birth of runaway global warming alarmism–i.e., all emotional appeals, connotative analogies, theoretical concepts, lacking in disciplined thinking and without benefit of the scientific method. This is how the liberal fascists of the Left, who first took over the environmental movement, then began to use global warming to take over the civil discourse, even if it meant destroying science.

Some activists simply couldn’t make the transition from confrontation to consensus; it was as if they needed a common enemy. When a majority of people decide they agree with all your reasonable ideas the only way you can remain confrontational and antiestablishment is to adopt ever more extreme positions, eventually abandoning science and logic altogether in favor of zero-tolerance policies. ~Patrick Moore (Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout…)

The CAGW movement also can trace its roots to as early as the 50’s when, “a longstanding inclination among some members of the upper class,” according to Dr. Donald Gibson, was broadcast nationally (with the help of a willing mainstream media). “This inclination was to redefine achievements in science and technology as either evil actions threatening to nature or as futile attempts to reduce human suffering that was said to be the result of overpopulation.”

This tendency, partly articulated as a worldview in the writings of Thomas Malthus, takes what might be reasonable concerns over issues such as air and water quality and embeds them in an ideology deeply hostile to economic progress and the majority of human beings… The overall thrust was still clear: the U.S. and the world should move in the direction of ending population growth, and protection of the environment should be given an importance equal to or greater than that of improving the standard of living… Economic growth and technology were portrayed as problems. ~Dr. Donald Gibson

It was at that time that environmentalism and especially global warming alarmism became, according to professor Richard Lindzen, “a quasi-religious issue.” No matter how much CAGW theory has been debunked, Leftists in academia and an entrenched government bureaucracy continue to keep the faith.

However, my personal hope is that we will return to normative science, and try to understand how the climate actually behaves. Our present approach of dealing with climate as completely specified by a single number, globally averaged surface temperature anomaly, that is forced by another single number, atmospheric CO2 levels, for example, clearly limits real understanding. ~R. S. Lindzen

The global warming believers don’t want to listen; they have another agenda when it comes to climate change and have stopped-up their ears to reason like the Heaven’s Gate cultists who donned black Nikes and committed mass suicide by pulling plastic bags over their faces in preparation for a one-way trip to Utopia. For all who want to join the AGW Climate-Man Cult there is no need to wait many years for the teachings of science to catch up with their view of reality nor need they wait for the comet Hale-Bopp to swing around again. They need simply refuse to believe in the current global cooling trend and  any natural variation in climate that has occurred over the last 10,000 years.

But I think a more significant statistic — one that doesn’t rely on opinions, but on facts — is that 100% of climate scientists don’t know how much of the warming in the last 50-100 years is natural versus human-caused… And since there is no fingerprint of human- versus natural-caused warming, we might never know the answer to this central question. We might have to just sit back and watch where global temperatures go from now on. ~Dr. Roy Spencer

The monotonic increase in atmospheric CO2 combined with global warming alarmist fearmongering by the secular, socialist government-science authoritarians, has caused a reappraisal of the value of Leftist ideology in modern social and economic affairs. CAGW simply forms a part of the ideological underpinnings of the new doctrine of CAGW environmental consciousness, which is nothing more than the means by which Leftists reward favored groups with rights – enforced by a liberal fascist state – to the property and services of society’s productive.

It is not a new doctrine. It has existed under various headings and in various forms and manifestations for centuries, always based on the idea that the starting point of our thinking should be the Earth, the planet or nature, not man or mankind. It has always been accompanied by the plan that we have to come back to the original state of the Earth, unspoiled by us, humans. The adherents of this doctrine have always considered us, the people, a foreign element. They forget that it doesn’t make sense to speak about the world without people because there would be no one to speak. If we take the reasoning of the environmentalists seriously, we find that theirs is an anti-human ideology. ~Václav Klaus

Given their prejudices and preconceptions the CAGW believers don’t even make good atheists. I’m guessing all would utter the word Creationist with self-righteous sneers. That’s just their way of sneering at all Judeo/Christian traditions, morals and ethics. But, it certainly is no wonder the global warming believers also turn their noses up at the objectivist writings of atheist Ayn Rand. Rand writes for individuals who love freedom. Rand writes for Galileo not the science authoritarians of his day. Rand writes for Einstein not the German citizens who voted Hitler into power. Rand writes for the person anyone could be who is not looking for a free ride. Rand writes for everyone that seeks the truth and who are willing to pay with their own time, sweat and tears, which is the price that is required to obtain real knowledge.

For the CAGW believers, the NYT and Huffington Post and not Rand, point to the promised land of free lunches for all. Rand’s writings are now for 80% of the world’s population who live in the developing countries –e.g., China, India, Russia, Brazil. Over there, they know that Western academia’s god of AGW is false. The Left has turned the world upside down. Chinese owners are buying Fisker Karma automobile company out of bankruptcy. Jaguar and Land Rover are now the prize of the Indian firm, Tata Motors. The Indian’s plan is to sell nameplate luxury autos to China. “The four biggest emitters of CO2,” says Dr. David Evans, “are China, the USA, Russia, then India. Their climate establishments are more or less financially independent, but three of the four don’t agree that humans are causing global warming. Our media often remind us that almost all climate scientists agree that humans are causing global warming. No, only most western climate scientists.”

Nevertheless, the policy cart was put before the scientific horse, justified by the precautionary principle. Once the UNFCCC treaty was a done deal, the IPCC and its scientific conclusions were set on a track to become a self fulfilling prophecy… National and international science programs were funded to support the IPCC objectives. What should have been a political debate about energy policy, environmental quality, and reducing vulnerability to weather and climate disasters, became a debate about the nuances of climate science, with climate scientists as the pawns and whipping boys… However, at the heart of the IPCC is a cadre of scientists whose careers have been made by the IPCC. These scientists have used the IPCC to jump the normal meritocracy process by which scientists achieve influence over the politics of science and policy. Not only has this brought some relatively unknown, inexperienced and possibly dubious people into positions of influence, but these people become vested in protecting the IPCC, which has become central to their own career and legitimizes playing power politics with their expertise. ~Judith Curry

The balance sheet for the government-education industry is disappointing because the public is getting very little of what it’s supposed to get in return for its investment in personnel and infrastructure. Instead, the public is getting a whole lot of grief and being forced to pay for it. With global warming, the entire public education system has become a mixture of 419 scammers and self-dealing special interest groups with tax-paying working folks in the crosshairs.

 Climate-change orthodoxy is certainly infiltrating the educational system.  The most interesting thing I have seen is the emergence of Austrian social critic and rap musician Kilez More who produced and posted a climate science sceptic video. ~Judith Curry

“These debates,” argues Sir Peter Gluckman (Science and Public Policy – Reconciling the Two Cultures), “have a strong philosophical basis that often is somewhat tritely reduced to a uni-dimensional characterization of left versus right -leaning ideology.” It is disingenuous of Sir Gluckman to pander to the effete snobs of academia by at once saying the, “debates have a strong philosophical basis,” while at the same time characterizing opposing views — that are demonstrably Left vs. right in origin — as somewhat of a trite oversimplification of underlying ideologies. Does Gluckman seriously believe academia has not been co-opted as an ally of the government bureaucracy in a battle by the Left against business and capitalism — and, even Judeo/Christian traditions, morals and ethics — to forward the secular, socialist agenda of Eurocommunism in America? Perhaps all of us, even Sir Gluckman, are incapable of learning from the personal experiences of others, be they those of Václav Klaus above or the teachings of Ayn Rand. In the modern age history itself has become trite.

Has any man ever attained to inner harmony by pondering the experience of others? Not since the world began! He must pass through the fire. ~Norman Douglas (South Wind, 1921)

Reality is not a, collection of platitudes. We cannot ignore the truth embodied in nature and the lessons of the past by simply dismissing them as trite.

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    Climategate is the direct result of two key events:

    1. FEAR and CHAOS that were mostly hidden from the public in August 1945
    2. A GREAT DISCOVERY acknowledged with a Nobel Prize in December 1922

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