Global Warming Clouds Our Future

Where are the clouds-there ought to be clouds
Where’s the cloud? There ought to be clouds.

It’s the absence of clouds that causes warming.
Does anyone doubt that?

Anyone that is afraid of global warming should fear the absence of clouds. But, the presence of clouds could mean bad weather ahead –e.g., full black, heavy falling rain, filling storm drains funnel clouds.

The average age of humanity is increasing. With longer life the West found that things we humans can learn to fear is virtually limitless. We shouldn’t fear global warming if Western climatologists know as much about it as they claim –e.g., better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. Maybe we should fear clouds because we know so little: the science of clouds, which is clearly critical, is one of the least well understood aspects of climate science. ~Nigel Lawson

Clouds of water vapor, of cosmic rays, of ash, smoke and gases tossed aloft by erupting volcanos – we have a problem with all of these variables, and more: the size, height, amounts and extent of clouds and cloudiness, magnetic fields, galactic cosmic radiation and the amounts and types of solar radiation. That and more are all unknown.

For example, the effect of variances in cosmic ray activity on clouds, caused by sunspot activity, solar flares accompanied by energetic protons striking the upper atmosphere and generating NOx and ozone effects… Also, there are great uncertainties in reproducing historical TSI (Total Solar Irradiance)… ~Kanya Kusano (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology)

Scientists should keep forgetting about clouds though when toting up their list of fears. There ought to be clouds. Send in the clouds. It is the wheel that’s essentially responsible for 100 percent of humanity’s problems, including the country’s gas emissions: it takes lots of energy to turn a lot of wheels.

Forget about controls on coal and natural gas. The time has come for the Obama administration to launch a bold new initiative. We can tackle the problem of greenhouse gas emissions by weaning the US off its dependence on the wheel.

China is the largest producer of CO2 since 2006 (currenty, about 50% more than the US). The people of China should be limited to just one wheel apiece. But, even that is a slippery slope: didn’t it all start with a single wheel? Wasn’t the wheel barrow invented by the Chinese to build the Great Wall? Was that wall really needed?

The use of wheels in China – just a few of them per capita – was good enough for 1,000s of years. But, what of the hidden costs? And what now of the problem there of of runaway wheel use? It doesn’t take long before everyone has got to have a wheel: another entitlement!

Or, perhaps we should just forget about gas emissions and continue making good use of the wheel. “Even doubling or tripling the amount of carbon dioxide will virtually,” says New Zealand professor Geoffrey G. Duffy, “have little impact, as water vapour and water condensed on particles as clouds dominate the worldwide scene and always will.”

That we know so little about such things as clouds is unsettling. Perhaps it is time to put the blame for global warming where it belongs: on climate change. But, who can stop the climate from changing? That would be like controlling the weather. No society can do that. None at all. Besides, climate is all after-the-fact: after we’ve determined what the weather has been compared to some other time –e.g., it was a cooler climate before 1998 and cooler after. What happened in 1998?

A correlation between global warming and humanity’s ever-increasing emissions of CO2 simply does not exist. America’s CO2 emissions have gone down. But, is Chinese CO2 different from American and European, Japanese, Indian, Brazilian and Russian CO2? Fears about humans causing global warming is not fact-based: it’s psycho-socially based. Something we don’t understand is going on with the weather that might result in decades more of a cooling trend. Why isn’t that a story?

Will we live long enough to someday long for a return of the last global warming trend? Hot weather may sometimes be inconvenient; but, in cold weather, cotton kills. The lack of continued warming is beyond our understanding; just as is the fact of warming. When has humanity ever understood why the weather changed except according to the seasons and ENSO cycles (e.g., warm El Niño and cool La Niña ocean-atmosphere events) or perhaps directly following a gigantic volcanic eruption?

Rather than deal with what we know and can observe and logically do something about, we indulge in a fear of global warming that is killing our future. Rather than look to the future with a positive spirit we find that our society we must instead deal with despairing trivialities like the two irrational, politically-inspired climate change cases brought in California (a Leftist, anti-business state notorious for being a crackpot lawsuit magnet). In both instances – Native Village of Kivalina v. Exxon Mobil Corp.; and, Comer, et al. v. Murphy Oil USA, et al. – these nuisance cases were ultimately dismissed but only after a considerable expense and waste of time. The Supreme Court declined to consider the allegations of Kivalina‘s plaintiffs that Exxon’s greenhouse gas emissions contributed to climate change causing the erosion of an island in Alaska. The defendants in Comer were accused of contributing to climate change and sued twice for contributing to the strength of Hurricane Katrina, requiring the defendants to twice defend themselves on the same facts.

Transcending correlation we are the
sole cause of our demise.

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  1. Wagathon says:

    I’m pretty sure no one can change the weather by executive order, not even a Democrat president. “Climate is nothing but,” says Lennart Bengtsson, “the sum of all weather events during some representative period of time. The length of this period cannot be strictly specified, but ought to encompass at least 100 years…”

  2. ebrew79 says:

    While I have been critical of the Obama Administration for a lot of things as a far left liberal, I think he and they should be applauded for the recent EO’s he signed concerning climate change. It’s not a political winner for everyone in his party and they will try to stifle him on it (I’m looking at you Alison Grimes) but still I think it’s a good start, hopefully it is not an ending.

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