Americagenically-Caused Global Warming


Paul Ehrlich, James Hansen, Al Gore, and the Eurocommies all blamed the US as the major cause of AGW (Anthropogenic Global warming). Their anti-America propaganda in the guise of AGW has become shrill.

Even with the mathematical models (GCMs) offered by a willing academia to mask their real motives, now that China is numero uno Americanism is no longer enough to establish the credibility of global warming alarmists. “Three hundred million Americans consume more petroleum than 1.3 billion Chinese,” says Paul and Anne Ehrlich (Too Many People, Too Much Consumption). “And driving an SUV is using a far more environmentally malign transportation technology than riding mass transit.”

But, with a move to natural gas in the US and the Leftists’ jihad on the US economy, America’s carbon footprint has shrunk. Leftist academia’s mathematical models now look less like serious science and more like German Nazi anti-Jew posters of the late 30s.

GCM-production is just another example of cash-for-clunkers government planning — all underwritten by government subsidies — that must be paid for by the ever dwindling number of taxpayers. We now know too much about the, natural components of the currently progressing climate change, to be deceived or afraid:

The first one is an almost linear global temperature increase of about 0.5°C/100 years. The second one is oscillatory (positive / negative) changes, which are superposed on the linear change. One of them is the multi-decadal oscillation… ~Syun-Ichi Akasofu

These natural factors and others explain the temperature record without any help whatsoever from any alleged man-made causes. There is no global warming beyond what is explained by natural causes and, in fact, there is no room for man-made causes because ‘ground-based warming’ actually plateaued years ago:

…lower atmosphere satellite-based temperature measurements, if corrected for non-greenhouse influences such as El Nino events and large volcanic eruptions, show little if any global warming since 1979. ~Richard Courtney

The use of simple linear, reductionist logic to capture a view of the world that proves a single cause-and-effect relationship between increases in atmospheric CO2 and climate change has become passé. Academia is now desperate to come up with new models to keep the AGW blame game afoot –e.g., by adding stochastic projections to account for all of the uncertainty and to provide a sprinkling of chaos for spice.

The problem with stochastic modeling is that government scientists really have no desire to venture outside humanity’s comfort zone (i.e., the last few decades to about the time Al Gore was in graduate school)! For example, what is the likelihood that the future climate will show no global warming for a long, long time? Stochastic thinking requires a longer view of the past and looking back over the last million or so years no one could seriously conclude that a period of no global warming is impossible; rather, we would be forced to conclude that the possibility of an ice age event is an absolute certainty (it’s all a just a matter of time and luck of the draw).

Mathematical models may be the best tools we have but statisticians like Dr. Edward Wegman, Steve McIntyre, Ross McKitrick, Blakeley McShane and Abraham Wyner – not climatologist playing doctor – don’t come to the challenge of modeling the world around us by assuming it is possible to use numbers to capture nature in a bottle. GCMs are academics playing with toys — it’s like watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory — and, if limited to teaching tools they could be valuable. But as magic windows into our future, we see that models are giving power to the most unaccountable, unworldly and fundamentally dishonest sector of Western society.

We learn something from climate change-GCM heretics –i.e., scientists who have abandoned the facilitators of linear thought-based global warming alarmism. They know as well as AGW’s scientific skeptics about the truest measure of expertise is the field of climate science –i.e., foretelling global warming based on GCMs is digital crystal balling.

Still and no matter what, the Left believes we are all polluters, every time we breathe and exhale an invisible cloud of CO2. Now that all those Chinese are the biggest polluters of all — even more than Americans — and because there are so many of them, we’ll soon be coming around full circle to Paul Ehrlich’s original contribution to science which was nothing to do with fear of global warming, per se. Ehrlich like Hitler and the Nazis simply believed there were too many people in the world… nowadays, Al Gore and the Left believe they’re causing the globe to ignite, fast!

Experts like Ehrlich, Hansen, Gore and all of the government scientists of AGW are not just the death of invention and the economy. They’re the death of humanity. Sure, sure, Al Gore really knows how to inspire an audience but Adolf Hitler was a mesmerizing speaker too.

Updated 29 June 2014

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