Human CO2 Fever Much Worse that Cigarettes for Society


Are you interested in giving government more power to impose devastating costs and resource restrictions on the economy, that provide little or no benefit to the wellbeing of consumers and the nation, and exempting from such ever-growing government intrusions, none but the politically correct cash-for-clunkers schemes of the friends of the Left? Then, fear of global warming is the gift you want to give the ever-growing bureaucracy to use for their own personal and political benefit and power.

“If we are in a global warming crisis today,” says Harold Faulkner (Global Warming? All Lies and More Lies…), “even the most aggressive and costly proposals for limiting industrial carbon dioxide emissions and all other government proposals and taxes would have a negligible effect on global climate! The government is lying, trying to use global warming to limit, and tax its citizens through cap and trade and other tax schemes for the government’s benefit. We, the people cannot allow this to happen.”

Kristen Barnes (Ponder the Maunder) at 15 years old could figure this out. Instead of celebrating her perspicacity, here we are 7 years later and still, so many of us fail to realize, our society is fundamentally dishonest. When Al Gore claimed there was a scientific consensus of opinion that humanity was causing global warming, he was being dishonest. All of academia that stood by quietly was being dishonest. What was the consensus of opinion among the German people about the opening of an eastern front with the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 — all good up to now but this… I don’t know… maybe this is a big mistake?

Everyone knows, the consensus today is not the consensus of yesterday. Nor will it be the consensus of tomorrow. This is especially so when talking about something like global warming which is more a social than scientific issue. For example, not long ago there was a far different consensus of opinion about when and under what circumstances it was legally and socially acceptable to terminate the life of a fetus. The consensus of opinion will have changed again if the views of people like Paul and Anne Ehrlich are accepted –i.e., that a human’s right to life should not attach until a year or two after birth.

It complicates matters that the rules society lives by change so much faster today than at any time in history. Consensus views on many subjects will change many times in a single lifetime. Socialism and atheism, for examples, require a belief that human beings may safely be untethered from thousands of years of ancient wisdom – codified in ancient teachings – presumably because we are all simply programmed to know how we should think and exist. Apparently, the end result of human evolution has seen to that: the Left believes humanity is nothing more than mulchable populations of malleable conformists, waiting for government to tell them what to do, what to think and how to live. The teachings of Ayn Rand — although herself an atheist — are unacceptable to the Left because Rand refuses to share the socialists’ belief that individual liberty and free will are mythical notions.

What about the myth of human-caused global warming? What if all of the government scientists say it’s not a myth! The definition of a myth ought to be that it is what most supposedly in the know believe to be true. Why is the scientific method one of the greatest human discoveries of all time? Because among those who have an interest in separating fact from fiction and who invest value in truth versus living in superstitious ignorance, the scientific method frees us from the tyranny of those in the know.

Is it true that Coke Zero, is the Deadliest Beverage? What say the consensus? What say the government scientists? Here’s why we should believe in scientists and why red wine is good for us and now it’s not and why diet causes ulcers and now it doesn’t and why breakfast is the most important meal of the day but only if you sell Kellogg’s cereal or Florida orange juice and why you should avoid eggs because they’ll cause high cholesterol and why that is no longer true and how the food pyramid is real science and all of the old food pyramids were bad science and carrots are good for your eyes and since cows live exclusively on a vegetarian diet, so can you. We should all eat more hay!

We must believe the government scientists because the public is the real problem. Sure, sure, the global warming hoax is academia’s knowing deception on the people. But, the government’s scientists know the public; and, they have nothing but contempt for them and their employers. Who wouldn’t: as the country goes broke the voters continue to return the same dishonest anti-business people to public office. Just throw the public a bone like raising the minimum wage, again. It is dishonest because it does not help those it is supposed to help — just the reverse: that’s basic econ that is taught even in the public schools going back to the 60s during the first two years of prerequisite college courses in biology and sex education.

We might as well trust government scientists because who else is there: the people? We learned a few days ago that two-thirds of America’s youth — 17 to 24 — would not qualify for military service (Twitter / WSJ: More than two-thirds of America’s …). They’re fit perhaps for nothing else but being future students in an environmental PhD program at a state university and employment in the anti-business government bureaucracy, or as  cash-for-clunkers government scientists wearing global warming doomsday signs around their necks, or as meat for community organizers who cater to those who are willing to cast their last vote for the fall of Western civilization.




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