Turning Unaccountabe Global Warming Science Around

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The real story about public education is about a loss of trust. Truth does not matter there anymore. And, teaching bad science has become useful to the wrong people –i.e., those who stand in the way of others whose contribution to society pays all of the bills. Science without accountability is the new morality.

The wrong people are the secular socialists who use bad science to promote their Leftist political agendas. Wrong people pushing bad science destroy a culture and trust in government and they refuse to take responsibility for anything they say. “The truth is indeed great,” as Jeffrey Tucker agrees (see below), “but whether it will prevail here is an open question.”

The economic lesson plan of the Left is even worse: those who can’t do, preach fire and brimstone! Only now, preachers waive mathematical models instead of bibles over our heads. The further we get from market-based decision-making the more separated we become from what the productive require to maximize the net present wealth of society. The algorithm that is working is pretty simple to explain: it’s the ‘public sector’ that is the recipient of tax dollars versus the ‘private sector’ that is responsible for picking up the tab.

Meanwhile, the advocates of “climate justice” look to as their leaders the likes of Al Gore, who preach abstinence for others while living in multiple massive high-carbon-footprint mansions (http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/gorehome.asp ) [and] (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/17/photos-al-goree-new-8875_n_579286.html ) and flying around the world on private jets. It is time for the advocates of “climate justice” to recognize the immorality of their campaign to keep the poor poor. ~Francis J. Menton, Jr.

Did modernity superheat the last of half of the 20th century? Apparently not. NOAA agrees the summer of 2012 must resume its place in history as just another warm period because, July 1936 is now the hottest month, again. Shouldn’t a real world consensus of opinion reflect the fact that if global warming presents a danger to humanity then we live in a less dangerous world despite increases in atmospheric CO2?

But, the Left just keeps the propaganda machine going, misstating reality and even misstating the findings of others. The Left’s only objective is to argue that America is evil and bad for the world; and, getting caught lying does not bother them. Ding dong…

I would like to call your attention to an egregious case of “citation out of context” appearing in the comment/rebut by Mora et al. today on your journal website. Their use of Tebaldi and Knutti (2007) to support their projections … is laughable, since our paper actually presents arguments against it. ~Roz Pidcock, Overconfident predictions risk damaging trust in climate science, prominent scientists warn)

The real story as observed by Francis Menton is that, “under the banner of so-called climate justice, the U.N. is doing exactly the opposite. It is doing its best to hobble, hinder and obstruct development of the cheapest and most reliable sources of energy in the third world [e.g., first coal and now ignoring the natural gas revolution].”

Without access to energy service, the poor will be deprived of the most basic of human rights and of economic opportunities to improve their standard of living. People cannot access modern hospital services without electricity, or feel relief from sweltering heat. Food cannot be refrigerated and businesses cannot function. Children cannot go to school in rainforests where lighting is required during the day. The list of deprivation goes on. ~Francis Menton

I think we all can understand all too well what is really going on here. It is not America that is evil and the cause of the world’s problems. No matter how you dress up the pig, global warming is still just another Left versus right issue. There is no other explanation and the time has come to take sides: allowing what is going on to continue is a vote for racism based on hindering access by the world’s poor to affordable energy.

Poverty, in the sense of deprivation of basic goods and services, in very large part is a result of insufficient access to energy. Access to energy means electricity for our homes, businesses and computers; it means transportation, in the form of automobiles, trains and planes; it means heating in cold weather and cooling in hot weather; it means functioning hospitals and health care facilities; it means mechanized agricultural methods that ameliorate the effects of bad weather and pests; it means access to information; and many other things equally important. Without access to energy, people are trapped in local areas to lead a life of basic subsistence if not periodic hunger and starvation. ~Francis J. Menton, Jr. (The Looking Glass World of “Climate Injustice”)

“Imagine your life without abundant, reliable, affordable electricity and transportation fuels,” says Paul Driessen (Holding Greenpeace accountable). “Imagine living under conditions endured by impoverished, malnourished, diseased Indians and Africans whose life expectancy is 49 to 59 years. And then dare to object to their pleas and aspirations, especially on the basis of dangerous manmade global warming speculation and GIGO computer models. Real pollution from modern coal-fired power plants (particulates, sulfates, nitrates and so on) is a tiny fraction of what they emitted 40 years ago – and far less harmful than pollutants from zero-electricity wood fires.”

anyone with knowledge of the politics of science and the politics of public policy can know this much: this is not going to end well. ~Jeffrey Tucker

Updated: 8-July-2014

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