The Missing Hot Spot of Climate Science

Missing Hot Spot

What happens when you can’t find something that’s not there? All of the government-scientists staked their credentials and professional reputations on a no-show. How do we break the news to them that their careers and credibility are shot to shit!

Wasn’t Mulla Nasrudin’s cousin upset when informed too bluntly about the demise of his cat? “Where I live, we give people bad news more tactfully,” the cousin cried. “Instead of just telling me flat out that my cat was dead, you should have let me know little by little. You should have started off by telling me, ‘Your cat is acting strange,’ then later said, ‘Your cat is jumping all over the place,’ then still later told me, ‘Your cat is missing,’ and then finally broken the news and said, ‘Your cat is dead.’ Nasrudin wrote his cousin back a month later and said, “Your mother is acting strange.”

So, I want to be tactful when talking about the HOT SPOT! It’s acting strange. It’s not where we expected to find it; not in the tropics; not anywhere. It’s missing. All of the data gathered by our satellites and balloons say it never was and that flies in the face of claims made by global warming alarmists that water vapor is a positive feedback mechanism that amplifies warming caused by humanity’s C02, which is a key assumption that has been built into all Global Circulation Models (IPCC models). Global warming is dead.

If the IPCC models are right about the feedbacks, we would see a hot spot 10km above the tropics. The theory is that with more heat, more water will evaporate and rise, keeping relative humidity constant at all heights in the troposphere. The point has been conclusively tested with 28 million weather balloons since 1959. […assumptions wrong–the hot spot is missing]

As it turns out, a hypothesized ‘hot spot’ gone missing means the jig is up! The cat is dead: everyone knew by the mid ’90s that the continued claim by the Left about a consensus opinion on the validity of AGW theory was only evidence of the existence an ideologically-motivated pathological science being put forward as mainstream thought.

At this point, official ‘climate science’ stopped being a science. In science, empirical evidence always trumps theory, no matter how much you are in love with the theory. If theory and evidence disagree, real scientists scrap the theory. But official climate science ignored the crucial weather balloon evidence, and other subsequent evidence that backs it up, and instead clung to their carbon dioxide theory – that just happens to keep them in well-paying jobs with lavish research grants, and gives great political power to their government masters.

There are now several independent pieces of evidence showing that the earth responds to the warming due to extra carbon dioxide by dampening the warming. Every long-lived natural system behaves this way, counteracting any disturbance. Otherwise the system would be unstable. The climate system is no exception, and now we can prove it. ~David Evans

After not showing up – which shoots a big hole in AGW theory (the theory that human CO2 was causing global warming) – alarmists stopped talking about a Hot Spot and began to make excuses for why it was missing. It’s too late though: the rest of the world no longer cares about what the witchdoctors of Western academia are going to say next about global warming and climate change. Even those who hate America know that if the Leftists will stab their fellow citizens in the back they’re certainly not to be trusted about anything else. “Climate science is incredibly more complex than [developed countries] negotiators make it out to be… Climate science should not be driven by the West. We should not always be dependent on outside reports.” ~Jairam Ramesh (India)

The folks have noticed that the Leftists no longer even bother to pretend they have anything of value to offer society – at least not anything anyone voluntarily wishes to buy. Rather than a positive feedback we’ve learned in the meantime that water vapor is a net-negative feedback mechanism because the clouds that are comprised of water vapor, increase the Earth’s albedo and that reflects the suns energy away. But, unionist school teachers in the public education disinformation machine don’t care. They’re perfectly willing to continue supporting AGW lies if it helps them keep stuffing the government pig with the blood of the productive, no matter what the cost is to the culture and to society and no matter what that does to the economy and the future of all Americans. Otherwise, you have to believe that increasing tax revenues at the expense of consumers and transferring a huge percentage of wealth from the productive to non-earners and deceivers is actually providing value to society.

Let’s get real: giving blood is a lot like paying taxes. Not everyone gives blood. Some can’t. Some shouldn’t or just don’t want to. But what of those who can and let us say, should pay taxes. Should those with more blood be forced to give more blood? Whether we say the productive are giving taxes or their money is simply being taken we all should agree that Leftists are bleeding the nation and taking all they can take without giving anything of value in return. There’s no productivity in bleeding an economy like the ritual blood-letting of a sacrificial animal; and, the Left will continue using global warming as a means to achieve their political ends until the productive are dragged down and drained.

We all know now that those who engage in climate change
 doomsday scare tactics are hanging onto the AGW hoax 
 for personal and not scientific reasons.



They did all they possibly could do – more than anyone has ever done – to diminish government. That is their legacy and it is that legacy that still has our backs.

Who are they in the sentence above:
(a) Public school teachers
(b) Scientists
(c) The Founding Fathers



Answer: The Founding Fathers

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