Slipping Offical Thermometers of Global Warming

Official Saving Falling Temperature and Hgh Stick Hockey

Saving Official Temperatures from
Alarmists’ High Stick and Natures Hip Check

The climate does not happen overnight but after 100 years it may change overnight –e.g., water is transported and spread throughout the Atlantic and exported to the Indian and Pacific oceans before updwelling in Antarctic waters. The return flow of warm water from the Pacific through the Indian ocean and the Caribbean to the North Atlantic, a distance of 40,000 km, takes from 13 to 130 years. (Solheima, et al.). That is just a small example of what comprises global weather dynamics.

Why do the Earthly model-makers of global warming believe they can deal with lag times like we see in the example above –e.g., 13 to 130 years? Consider that we are not even aware of all the natural phenomena that take place around us — as we look back in time at past weather to tease out future trends — all of which are involved in climate change that we only understand, after-the-fact.

Who is to say that the effects of the polarity reversal of the Sun’s magnetic field that marked Solar Cycle 24’s midpoint last April will not act in concert with other natural forces to amplify the effects of the Sun on the Earth’s future climate? We just don’t know: lag times and amounts could be large or small. But, what has Western academia ever done in the past that would give us confidence in their belief – despite all of the uncertainties that exist – that they can foresee the future and are competent to inform politicians how to change it? Unfortunately, few scientists of global warming alarmism will admit, as does Richard Betts below, to how little they know about CO2 and global warming –e.g.,

Everyone agrees we can’t predict the long-term response of the climate to ongoing CO2 rise with great accuracy. It could be large, it could be small. We don’t know. The old-style energy balance models got us this far. We can’t be certain of large changes in future, but can’t rule them out either. So climate mitigation policy is a political judgment based on what policymakers think carries the greater risk in the future – decarbonizing or not decarbonizing.

What we do know is there has been a lot of corruption in the climate community. And, nothing speaks more loudly about such corruption than examples of when periods of historical cooling suddenly become evidence of current global warming –e.g.,

Australia’s weather agency the Bureau of Meteorology (see BOM above) simply changed their raw data to turn a 100-year cooling trend into a 100-year warming trend. It has not gone unnoticed that the BOM simply changed history and when caught, still will not admit that previously good raw data (-0.35°C /century) was fudged to tell a lie about a scary hot future (+1.73°C /century).

Reporting on the purported justification for such changes (Graham Lloyd, ‘Heat is on over weather bureau homogenising temperature records,’ The Australian), “BoM says historic high temperatures are unreliable, some having been collected by thermometers housed in a beer crate on an outback veranda.” That is unbelievable! (See, Jennifer Marohasy)

 He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past. ~George Orwell, 1984



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