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Is It Workplace Violence?

The religion of global warming has colored government bureaucracy like a wave. But, what came first, a wave or a motive? Is the wave merely phenomenal, like water running downhill, or the product of motive like the passion of causes to which reason is but a slave?

Here’s an example of the propaganda that government school teachers are  shoveling down empty-headed skulls:

You hear a lot about climate change. Maybe you hear that it’s controversial. But it’s not among scientists. Expert scientists agree that climate change is happening and it’s caused by human activity. This map shows how much warmer the decade 2000 to 2009 was compared with the 1951 to 1980 average. (See, example lesson plan)

If you want to know the sort of preaching that passes for Climate Change science in public classrooms, hold your breath and follow along as if you too are a faithful member of this new cult known as global warming. The following is an adaptation of information about global warming, as follows:

The IPCC’s (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) 2013 report was  2200 pages by more than 200 expert scientists and they say that warming is unequivocal. The media may say there has been a pause in global warming but there was no pause. Levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have not been this high for 800,000 years. Scientists are now 95% to 100% certain that humans are causing global warming. The future will see more frequent temperature extremes, mostly of heat, less of cold. Physical evidence of climate change has been measured through looking at Arctic temperatures which are increasing…

Let’s compare what we’re seeing take place in classrooms to the norms of impartial and non-partisan scientific behavior that should be expected of academia. The IPCC, for example, showcased Michael Mann’s hockey stick (MBH98, 99) in its reports to create alarm about global warming. The IPCC knew Mann’s work was fraudulent. As scientists who have been attacked by him can attest, Mann has violated every scientific standard of conduct while academia simply stood by him in silent approval. Judith Curry details some of Mann’s violations, as follows:

(1) Attempts to thwart M&M [statisticians Stephen McIntyre & Ross McKitrick] in their efforts to reproduce MBH98, 99… (2) Helping Phil Jones et al. figure out how to circumvent FOIA requests [CRUgate]… (3) Attempts to dismiss M&M’s 2004 publication because McIntyre was a shill for fossil fuels… (4) Attacking the person not the argument:  calling me denier, anti-science, serial climate misinformer… (5) Advocacy related to his area of expertise [violating the Mertonian norm of disinterestedness –i.e., scientists should disengage their interests from their actions and judgments]… While there is considerable debate about the appropriate roles and responsibilities of scientists regarding advocacy, I will say this. If you choose to be an advocate, and you engage in skullduggery such as #1-#4, your advocacy will amplify the public concern over #1-#4. ~Judith Curry

What is going on in today’s classrooms goes beyond propaganda; and, it’s more than condoning fraud and verbal assaults: it’s harassment, intimidation and indoctrination. Climatism represents a danger to the safety of all in society who refuse to adopt the anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism embodied in the global warming credo of those on Left who have genuine socio-political and ideological interests at stake in the acceptance of global warming that have nothing to do with an average climate of the globe.

I have criticized his involvement in Hiding the Decline, and also his violations of the norms of what I regard as appropriate behavior by scientists…  5 years ago, defending Michael Mann against his attackers was regarded by many scientists as defending climate science.  At this point, I am not seeing many climate scientists standing up for Michael Mann, owing to his violations of the norms, unless they are extreme partisans. ~Judith Curry (Ibid.)

Why an atheist radio station would want to interview the prophet of a millenarial cult like Mannatollah Mike is a mystery to me. ~Mark Steyn (Mann is an island)



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