Western Academia Puts Science to the Torch

The Climate Prophesies

Academia Trumpets Magic of Prophecy

We can never trust science again. After the great global warming hoax of the late 20th century, the scientific method is deader’n’a’doornail! Those who learned about science in school as part of a well-rounded education still respect the methodology of the science that helped lift humanity out of the dark ages; but, scientists don’t.

The long hiatus in global warming wasn’t a slap in the face; but, Western academia’s reaction to the long pause was. It’s been a wake-up call for all of us that AGW (the theory that us moderns caused global warming with our profligate CO2-generating lifestyles) is not only wrong it’s also not our grandfathers’ science nor what we were taught before public schools became dropout factories run by union hack tenured schitzos.

The methodology of real science shows how to put AGW theory to the test –i.e., if you can reject the null hypothesis of AGW, you may have a valid theory; and, if you can’t reject the null hypothesis – that all global warming is natural – you don’t have a valid theory.

Rejecting instead the scientific method, academia simply accepted the climate establishment’s belief that nature wasn’t the cause of global warming, not the sun either nor anything else that has ever caused global warming in the past. AGW theory is valid, the scientists say, and Americans are guilty of global warming, because that is what scientists believe – ’nuff said! Now, stop being a denier, pay your taxes and stop blaming nature for what your capitalist ways are doing to the globe.

Nature is not the cause of global warming. Period.

Along came the pause. There’s been no global warming for 16, 19 or 26 years so that had to be ignored and then denied by the climate establishment and then explained away to maintain the view that us moderns really did cause climate change. The explanation? Natural fluctuations must have overwhelmed humanity’s warming effect.

Nature is the cause of no global warming. Period.

What gives? Using the logic of modern academia, the scientific method had to be torched like a bad witch. Substituting confirmation and disconfirmation biases that underlie their motivated reasoning (as we can read about in the article, Science communication as political communication), academia has an explanation for everything. The length of the pause has given way to an acknowledgment of it and that fact is now being transformed into how much weight to be given to this new fact, in light of what does and does not support the existing viewpoint that AGW is a valid theory, irrespective of the fact it fails the scientific method and despite the fact it no longer even exists, nor has it existed for a while and possibly much longer as we now may face decades of global cooling.

Clearly, nature is at the helm and yet academia continues to say it is not the cause of warming while also saying it is the cause of no global warming despite the fact humanity is still the causing it. For those of us who know better than scientists about the proper method to determine a valid hypothesis from wild-ass guesses, wishful and apocalyptic thinking, we now have a new null hypothesis that was put forward by Joanne Nova years ago and has yet to be rejected: The main cause of “global warming” is air conditioners.

In a matter like global warming and considering the pitiful shape of modern academia and its war on the scientific method, there is zero justification for failing to maintain the integrity of the political decision-making process. This is especially the case considering the Left’s war on capitalism and on the God-given liberties of enterprising people. Why would we hand our freedoms over to the killers of the scientific method when we know about their obvious cognitive bias in this small area of natural science and after all of the examples we’ve seen of knowingly fraudulent conduct and use of propaganda to stampede a naïve population so they don’t notice obvious changes in circumstances.

There’s no justification for allowing ourselves to be run over by the climate alarmists because there’s no urgency to act. There never was anything more than a supposed urgency that was simply manufactured: a sword to be held at the necks of all Americans and used to cut the heads off skeptics by school teachers whose motivated reasoning belies an eager willfulness to deceive themselves and others.

There is no real pressure to respond for fear the fate of all humanity lies in the balance. There are no horrible consequences to be suffered due to inaction. The fear mongering by climatologists and the Left argues for discounting everything coming from academia about global warming when making important decisions in our lives. And, all of the fast decisions that the urgency-mongers demand we must take to avoid climate catastrophe actually imperil society’s ability to survive in the present.

Satellites circling the planet twice a day show that the world has not warmed since 2001. How many more years of NO global warming will it take? While temperatures have been flat, CO2 has been rising, BUT something else has changed the trend. The computer models don’t know what it is. ~Joanne Nova


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