Very Funny, Global Warming Doomsday Came and Went


Death to All Who Question an
Enhanced Greenhouse Effect

Humanity continues to up the CO2 into our atmosphere. Meanwhile, the very same methods Academia and the Left used to drum up fears about runaway global warming show the official average temperature of the globe has gone sideways since the late 1990s.  “While activists earnestly deny the pause,” says Fabius Maximus, “scores of peer-reviewed papers discuss the pause, analyze its causes and forecast its duration. We see the cutting edge of this work at the 2015 annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society, in their two sessions about the Global Warming Hiatus.” The funny thing is that with a plateauing in warming there are now many signs that decades of cooling may lie ahead.

Western academia conjectured that releasing CO2 into the atmosphere would have a disastrous warming effect on the world’s air like erecting glass walls to make a ‘greenhouse’ that keeps cold air out, warm air in and prevents the moisture in the soil from evaporating and being blown away by the wind; and, this greenhouse effect would be exacerbated by the fact that warmer air would then hold even more greenhouse gas in the form of increased water vapor. Academia simply ignored, however, that increased atmospheric water vapor also leads to more clouds. Rather that reinforcing the greenhouse effect, low clouds cast a shadow on the land and cause cooling by reflecting solar energy away. Academia ignored Miskolczi Theory for years –i.e., the view that water vapor has acted as a climate control mechanism throughout Earth’s geophysical history. Ferenc Miskolczi now speculates that in the upper atmosphere additional CO2 only replaces water vapor, thus having no added effect on global warming whatsoever. (See, link to complete paper)

Putting conjectures and speculations about reality aside the real truth is, global warming alarmists really don’t care one way or another about CO2. Leftists did not suddenly become concerned because someone died from increased global warming. Like the Left-leaning media leading up to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris (liberal media didn’t just refuse to run satirical cartoons against the Muslim faith: they ran from them), there has been a systemic failure by the liberal media from the beginning to print the real news about the global warming debate. A failure to report on the fundamental dishonesty of the official government-education climate science establishment is like being unaware of the anti-Semitism of radical Islam’s imams.

It’s local weather not global climate that kills people; and, cold weather kills more people than hot weather. The truth is, a warmer climate has been good for humanity, and trees and every other living thing, and if we actually had a say in the matter the only rational choice would be for a warmer not a cooler climate. About the only downside to a warmer climate is that it has been the rising tide that raises all Leftists who want to apply a sin-tax to fossil fuels to pay for an ever-growing secular, socialist government bureaucracy.

Using the analogy of a greenhouse with respect to global warming alarmism was never an attempt to objectively describe the actual effect of CO2. The purposeful use of the erroneous greenhouse analogy was for its dramatic effect – it made for great theater. The phony greenhouse analogy is dogma not science: a scare tactic to help achieve the Left’s political agenda of taking over the country’s economy, just as ignoring the effect of clouds is a knowing deception to further the global warming hoax. It’s all a big math charade – pulling mythical rabbits out of abstract toy models to divert the public’s eye from the real truth.

So long as it is in their political interest the UN and the Left will continue to spread propaganda that serious warming will someday return and when it does it will be worse than ever unless our socialist government overlords are immediately empowered to raise taxes to dramatically curb the emission of greenhouse gases. The UN and the Left will continue to proclaim, “Eureka! That is what our mathematical programs tell us and we have many of these programs and they all tell us the same thing!” For the Left, humanity is causing global warming no matter what anyone else may believe and despite what we may observe now or in the immediate future. It’s a good gig for them and many have made a living taking public money to spread these fears about what will happen long after we’re all dead and buried.

The real problem is that the global warming alarmists of the Left have no uncertainty whatsoever when it comes to their belief in a Marxist economy — despite the fact that in practice it has been a socio-economic failure and the cause of immense suffering and millions of deaths — and, it is that certainly that wipes away their uncertainty about all else. Perhaps Miskolczi should produce yet another paper, the next showing that Western academia is saturated with greenhouse effect junkies, controlled by a politically-motivated Leftist army of bureaucrats whose aim is to enjoy the fruits of the labor of others as they sit back and drink margaritas in the safety and security of their Ivory towers in their mythical Eurocommie Utopia.


The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘That’s funny…’ ~Isaac Asimov




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