Global Warming and What It’s Really All About

Promoting Culture Over Science

The rise of Global Warming as a cultural phenomenon shows us that Western academia found its soul mate in the body of the United Nations. Andy West (Climate psychology’s consensus bias) writes, “In truth climate culture has a very long way to go indeed to become invulnerable and dominant in the US; the [‘Dem/Lib’] alliance could let it down at any time. This is very likely to result in anxiety from its cultural adherents. And promoting ‘better public understanding’, especially when conducted through deliberately emotive campaigns… is usually tantamount to promoting climate culture rather than promoting science.”

Author West above missed a key alliance of convenience to understanding the facilitation of the climate culture that has come to dominate the political reasoning process in the Western world. This new reasoning has been in spite of and mostly at the expense of the teachings of the scientific method that we as a civilization successively and successfully managed to carry with us and nurture within us from its formative days since the time of the Greeks. It is the Academia/UN alliance, a wedding of ideals that are grounded in their mutual opposition to the despised, foundational principles of Americanism (which is based on a respect for individual liberty and the need for personal responsibility, guided by a Judeo-Christian heritage and the liberal philosophy of the founders that are now branded by the Left as, conservative ideals).

We’re not far off from the government creating a new agency by renaming the NWS (National Weather Service), once known as the “Weather Bureau” to serve as our red taillights in the fog. The name for this new agency, the CCRC (Climate Change Response Center), would be headed by a new Climate Czar. As for why something like this may not be so very far off, consider that climate scientists just last week set the minute hand of the Doomsday Clock at 3 minutes to midnight to warn us that we’re ever-closer to the apocalypse. The urgency of this undertaking was hinted at when Obama spoke for the Democrat party and the ‘Dem/Lib’ alliance of the reigning climate culture at the State of the Union message last week, stating: “And no challenge – no challenge – poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.” The rhetoric matches John Kerry’s comments inside and outside UN boardrooms that global warming is, “perhaps the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”

Who is there to stop the accessing, fantasizing, facilitating, implementing, projecting and impacting the beliefs of the climate culture onto society? We are not so much witnesses as we are the disappearing pigment of a society, turning transparent with age as liberal fascism reemerges from the dark ages like a pentimento.

Our eyes are bleeding, looking for taillights ahead as we drive through the fog. We know we’re not alone. We feel prepared and safe under these circumstances and while we do not care who’s ahead we feel so much better knowing where they actually are ahead so as to gauge our own behavior accordingly. Seeing others through the fog is a comfort that even allows us to draw close. But then, there’s trepidation with every passing of those in our way on the road when again, as far as we can see ahead, there’s nothing to see but blinding fog. And then, some scientists come along and tell us that even without actually seeing anything they can provide us with some very strong clues about what’s going on up ahead, based on an analysis that you can use and rely on with comfort.

Now, these scientists are not fellow drivers and they’re not with us or following us nor are they up ahead, warning us of their existence or our proximity to them. Rather, they are completely independent of our experience and are inspired only by their own concept of the world as it is and ought to be, “i.e. one not spawned from left-wing or right-wing politics,” as West observed above, but rather an alliance, “personally committed to the belief and cause of man-made Global Warming.” And, this alliance commands our allegiance to their beliefs if we want to feel safe driving on their road. And that, is what liberal fascism is really all about, isn’t it?

The climate culture of Western Academia and the UN is founded upon their mutual disdain for the market-based free enterprise system we call capitalism. The system empowers individuals, acting freely in a liberal democracy, to direct the use of scarce resources using the earnings they have derived from working in the system by virtue of providing goods and services that others desire to purchase with their earnings. The Academia/UN climate alliance paradoxically proposes to replace capitalism with wierdonomics. “That’s right: Norway, one of the greenest countries in the world, can afford to be so green partly because it is so rich in fossil fuels: it is the biggest oil producer in Western Europe and the third-largest exporter of natural gas in the world.” (See, How Can Tiny Norway Afford to Buy So Many Teslas?)

What happened in Norway and elsewhere is what is happening in the US but with some amazing differences. In Norway, “the abundance of natural resources,”  was the incentive, says Daron Acemoglu (co-author of ‘Why Nations Fail,’ see ibid.) for, “lots of groups to become much more conflictual in order to take control of state institutions, be able to become politically powerful, or blocking actors in order to be able to benefit from these natural resource rents. And the extreme form of this is the sort of civil wars that have ravaged countries like Sierra Leone and Angola where diamonds, another form of natural resource that’s perhaps even easier to mine and exploit than oil, have played a major role, or the huge political instabilities that have erupted in places like Venezuela and Nigeria around the oil economy.”

In the US, the plunder is not oil or other minerals: it is the wealth of the productive who voluntarily exploited their own energy and talent for reasons of personal satisfaction and gain and future wellbeing of their families. The natural resource of the US was its peoples’ faith in the ethic of Americanism. It’s the peoples’ faith that created the wealth and with it, a government-education complex that has now become an institutional curse.

I do not feel particularly confident about this account—
in part because even after constructing it,
I still myself am left wondering…
‘what exactly is going on
in their heads?’ ~Dan Kahan









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