Blooming Blossoms, Global Warming and Academy Awards

What is Higher than Learning?

Brian Williams and I were invited to view a gathering of the greatest minds in the Western World last Sunday – the 87th Academy Awards. An overall consensus of opinion was that there are several big problems. The solutions for all of them was more liberty – for women, for blacks, for gays and Mexicans; and, more freedom to hold contrary views. Despite the obvious slight to the power of the country’s adversarial legal system that such discrimination still takes place, still it’s an awesome sight to behold these great minds selflessly bringing their truth to light.

Perhaps the USDOJ: Civil Rights Division is not up to the job of advancing the cause of liberty in America. I was surprised to see that a continuing need for greater suppression of carbon dioxide for the sake of the planet wasn’t even mentioned. Sure, we’ve all been cautioned to, “remember that bad science can be hard to spot, that provenance is no guarantee of good” (David Oliver, Masstorts… It is indicative of a lack of understanding of the scientific method among many scientists) and maybe these warnings have finally taken root –e.g., just today the salacious Dr. R.K. Pachauri (member of the India Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change) stepped down as director general of the IPCC (the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). Pachauri dropped the charade and explained a lot on his way out the door, admitting in his resignation letter that global warming isn’t science – it’s religion: “For me the protection of Planet Earth, the survival of all species and sustainability of our ecosystems is more than a mission. It is my religion and my dharma.”

Common sense has for a long time been relegated to the back of the bus by the global warming machine of Western government, science and academia. Instead of the scientific method it’s the practice of primordial wisdom that motivates global warming alarmists. Perhaps the Academy’s great minds now believe that in its religious zeal to save the planet from America and capitalism, the government’s many solutions to the supposed dangers posed by the machine are actually addressing non-problems and are deceiving the public.

If these great minds can actually admit making a big mistake and now want to correct the record, that truly would be a great example of bringing light to truth. Are these great minds now bringing the sad truth about global warming to light? We can hope that this is yet another example of liberals and Leftists who have come to see the light. Was it not just a short time ago that Mug Wump (Global warming is nothing but a hoax and a scare tactic, 7 Feb. 2011) had most of his posts summarily deleted about 2 months after simply posting obvious questions on Amazon’s Science Forum like, How many Western Leftist environmentalists does it take to destroy the environment in, e.g., Bangladesh?

There’s a common misconception that per capita consumption of energy and resources is directly related to negative environmental impact. We’re told that, because the average North American consumes 80 times as much as the average Bangladeshi, we cause 80 times the damage. But all one need do is travel to Bangladesh to see the impact of poverty on the environment. Forests are stripped bare for subsistence farming, rivers are fouled for lack of sewage treatment, and wildlife is severely reduced through poaching. These people need more resources, not less… As a sensible environmentalist, I believe we should be planting more trees and using more wood-the world’s most renewable resource- while building upon and sharing everything we’ve learned about forest sustainability. ~Dr. Patrick Moore (‘Confessions of a Greenpeace dropout,’ see assorted quotes, Ibid.)

Better late than never; but, even if we’re jumping the gun, at least cherry blossoms in Washington D.C. may share their truth with us. Washington’s cherry blossom bloom dates have been confounding the global warming machine for a while now. The Smithsonian’s scientists were quick to point out suggestively when the facts suited them that, “On average, flowering plants are blossoming 4.5 days earlier in 2000 than in 1970.”

The nation’s National Museum went so far as to release the results of a, “30-year study of flowering plant species common in the Washington, D.C. metro area.” and speculate that a, “trend of earlier flowering is consistent with what we know about the effects of global warming.” However, observations of late arrivals of cherry blossoms does not appear to fit the government bureaucracy’s putative, “trend toward earlier blooming of flowering plants [that] may be a result of global warming.” And, the last few cold winters have been causing late blooming, especially last year – maybe this winter too.

As for the next cherry blossom bloom, when it comes it comes and so in time will the truth. Most of the Earth is covered by water and given the depth of the oceans, we’re talking about a heat sink comprising 100s of millions of cubic miles of water. The second half of the 20th century witnessed one of the most active periods of solar activity in Earth  history; however, the sun has been anomalously quiet for a while now and from what we observe, that is not expected to change soon. Instead of slowly storing heat over a long period of time, the oceans are now giving up heat and that probably also will occur over a long period of time. No one knows. Perhaps until 2080, depending upon solar activity.

Putting the global warming machine’s fears of human-CO2 aside, a 2008 study by Aono and Kazui, of the full-bloom date of cherry tree blossoms from the 9th Century in Kyoto, Japan, noted several cold periods, 1220–1350, 1520–1550, 1670–1700, and 1825–1830. However, the temperature began to increase almost linearly after 1830. The Japanese study also discovered something that the government machine tried to hide: “the existence of a widespread ‘Medieval Warm Period’ around the year 1000, as well as the LIA [Little Ice Age].”

In 1280 AD, volcanic eruptions on Iceland and a change in ocean currents started the Little Ice Age which finished in 1920. The North Sea froze in 1303 and 1306–1307, there was massive famine in 1315, and the plague pandemic attacked the weakened population in 1347–1349. There was massive depopulation and it took Europe 250 years to reach the population of 1280 AD. During the Little Ice Age, there were warmer periods associated with sunspot activity. During minimum sunspot activity (1440–1460, 1687–1703 and 1808–1821), the intensely cold conditions were recorded by the Dutch masters, and King Henry VIII was able to roast oxen on the frozen Thames. There were food shortages. Short cold periods occurred after the eruptions of Tambora (1815) and Krakatoa (1883) respectively. In fact, 1816 was known as the ‘year without a summer’. This was the time when Turner painted stormy oceans and skies full of volcanic dust, Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein and Byron wrote Darkness. ~Ian Plimer (The Past is Key to the Present…)

Like the drunk in the Sufi story who looks under the streetlamp for his lost keys because the light is better, perhaps we’re shining our light in the wrong places. Are we only illuminating those things we want to see? Sufi stories have multiple meanings, as suggested by the story about a boatman –i.e.,

The Mullah was earning his living by running a ferry across a lake. He was taking a pompous scholar to the other side. When asked if he had read Plato’s Republic, the Mullah replied, “Sir, I am a simple boatman. What would I do with Plato?” The scholar replied, “In that case half of your life has been wasted.” The Mullah kept quiet for a while and then said, “Sir, do you know how to swim.” “Of course not,” replied the professor, “I am a scholar. What would I do with swimming.” The Mullah replied, “In that case, all of your life’s been wasted. We’re sinking.”

Sure, we see what we shine a light on; but, these stories also shine a light on the limits of practicality and human nature. They question whether knowledge really leads to wisdom. Perhaps we’re missing a lot in life because we do not actually know what we’re looking for and fail to fully appreciate the beauty that is right if front of our eyes. Those who make up the ranks of the global warming machine believe that’s where they will find happiness; it’s where their peers go to seek fulfillment. Finding contentment and meaning in a simple life is not a part of their religion of saving the planet from us.

Global Warming has become a religion. A surprisingly large number of people seem to have concluded that all that gives meaning to their lives is the belief that they are saving the planet by paying attention to their carbon footprint. There may be a growing realization that this may not add all that much meaning to one’s life, but, outside the pages of the Wall Street Journal, this has not been widely promulgated, and people with no other source of meaning will defend their religion with jihadist zeal. ~Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D. (‘Science in the Public Square: Global Climate Alarmism and Historical Precedents’)

Save Us From The Religion of Experts…

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