A Changing Climate in the Global Warming Debate

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An Ideological Bias Undermines Science

There’s a new mood in the air among those attuned to the cultural influences that affect scientific inquiry. Fluttering against our inclinations to look the other way is a nagging realization that what we must now study is science itself, before it’s too late and before we’re completely blind to the new reality that modern science is failing us. The monomaniacal obsession with CO2 in the science of global warming is now seen to have taken on a compulsive dimension with all the earmarks of a dementia; and, we have to be concerned about the future wellbeing of the very institution of higher learning.

What we’re seeing is a refusal to admit simple truths, such as the inhumanity of depriving the Third and Developing worlds of energy. We’ve come face-to-face with the possibility that a belief in global warming theory is more than a symptom of a small, culturally and socially disordered subgroup of society. The anxiety, fear, hypochondria, hysteria, phobias and quixotic societal maladaptation to challenges in the world around us can no longer be treated by simply throwing more money at the specter of climate change.

Some scientists in wide-ranging fields from philosophy, psychology, sociology and religion to economics and ethics, are looking more closely at the psycho-cybernetics underlying what has come to be called, climate change: a movement that is partly science, politics and religion; and, in large part, a heavy-handed dose of self-defeating neurosis. We may never agree on the reasons for the birth of the AGW phenomenon –i.e., the shared belief that modernity and humanity simply going about the business of living are heating the globe with disastrous consequences for all.

Scientific disciplines, like economies, can and do experience booms and busts.  We document a boom in climate science, sustained by massive levels of funding by government entities, whose scientific direction is set by an extra-scientific organization, the IPCC, which has emerged as a “big player” in the scientific arena, championing the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming.  We note the difficulties in obtaining definitive empirical clarity due to the complex nature of climate, the feedback between the effects of the IPCC’s advocacy and the government’s willingness to fund the science, the ideological and political agendas at play, the dangers to the integrity of scientific procedure in the context of ideological bias, and the poor performance of the “crony capitalist” enterprises that have grown on the back of politicized science. (Butos, WN, McQuade, TJ. Causes and Consequences of the Climate Science Boom)

The AGW phenomenon – largely typified by Left versus right thinking – has given rise to a host of cultural disorders and a societal schizophrenia based on a fear of climate change, all while demanding change of all sorts, irrespective of the consequences. The fear mongering about the causes of foul weather and disease – of droughts and storms, cancer and death – and, the Left’s hatred of president Bush, then Governor Palin, then the ‘Tea Party’ and ultimately conservatism is the preferred way of thinking of this new order. The Left’s demonizing of Christianity, capitalism and the wisdom of the Founders with its pogrom against Christ, the productive and the Constitution – as apocalyptic beasts that must be slain by progressivism – all while being blind to the evils of radical Islam and communism, is a unifying mark of Leftist consensus-thinking. The believers of global warming have become the supporters of liberal fascism, complete with an antipathy to Middle East Jews.

What principles do the followers of Climatism look to for spiritual guidance? What could typify Leftist-thinking more than their respect for the beliefs of people like Ward Churchill, Chairman Mao, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and pastor Jeremiah Wright (“No, no, no, not god Bless America: god Damn America”)? Are we witnessing the decline and fall of Western civilization and the rise of a dysfunctional, unconscious incompetent, secular, socialist herd of nihilists: a society corrupted on the inside and rotting from the head down with no respect for Western philosophy, traditions, principles, morals, ethics, ideals? Have we forgotten that Americanism holds at its heart the foundational belief that every individual has the God-given right to be free of the tyranny of the many?

The very nature of the IPCC’s organization, from its politically motivated appointments of senior staff, to its process of producing allegedly scientific summaries by negotiated compromise, to its toleration of the intervention of political operatives into the production of the most publicized reports of the state of the science, has served to make it the purveyor of tainted science… And as a herding-inducing Big Player in science, the IPCC has provided synergy for the interventions of Big Players of a different sort, the government entities who have seized on the IPCC-generated consensus to fund the climate science boom thereby justify increasing economic interventions citing the threat implied in the AGW hypothesis. (See, Butos, et al., Ibid.)

Sure, sure, it is true that a belief in global warming has been exposed as being something more than science and even politics; but, more interesting now is the blind acceptance of this new religion within the consciousness of so many Westerners, and most especially among the elitists of Leftist-thinking academia. The answer may be very simple: perhaps, they don’t love their country and simply have no respect for Western culture and traditions. Not even the scientific method can hold their allegiance. Their slowly unfolding counter-cultural vision of Utopia is where they want to live but they just can’t seem to get there except by making the rest of us feel guilty for living.

I’ve been mocked, vilified, besmirched… simply for expressing the view that the case for global warming and climate change, and in particular the emphasis on the damage caused by carbon dioxide, the so-called greenhouse gas that is going to do for us all, has been massively over-stated… Blinded, maybe even brainwashed by the climate-change zealots, we are spending so much money on reducing carbon emissions that there is a danger of us bankrupting ourselves – and future generations – to solve a problem that in the opinions of a growing number of scientists and opinion-formers has been wildly exaggerated… those who have been worshiping so ardently at the altar of reduced carbon emissions… may find that they have been deifying not just a false god… I want a clean, green planet. But this obsession with controlling carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere is now as dangerous as it is ridiculous… how worried they are about global warming, rising sea-levels and, having seen alarmist films such as Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth… And this breaks my heart. I want children to be excited about the future, not cowed by it. I want them to grow up in a world which is going to be better than the one their parents knew, not significantly worse. I want them to grow up excited by technology and new inventions, not worrying about where the electricity is going to come from to power them. ~Johnny Ball (Beware the global warming fascists…, 22-Feb-2011)

Scientific booms do burst, but in areas where the phenomena are complex and not well understood, the busts can be quiet and long drawn out… and create an ideal breeding ground for incentives that motivate ideologically biased people to circumvent normal constraints in the name of pursuing a “greater good.” ~Butos, et al., Ibid.






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