How Cool is Global Warming in Washington, DC

Evidence of GW-Peak Bloom

Cherry Blossom Bloom Schedule

Forecasting peak bloom is almost impossible more than 10 days in advance. The cherry trees’ blossom development is dependent on weather conditions, which are inherently variable. National Park Service horticulturists monitor bud development and report the status of the blossoms. The table shows bud development data for Yoshino cherry trees, the most common trees in the park. ~NPS (National Park Service)


Forecast: Peak Bloom this weekend is possible…

UPDATE (9-Apr-15): Puffy White officially occurred on the 8th of April.

Latest WA-DC news: Cherry Blossoms Defy Claims of Global Warming Today (8-Apr-2015) by Pres. Obama…

WA-DC-Some White Blooms-APR-8-2015~2

Note: NPS still expects “peak bloom” to fall between April 11-14.

Note: “The earliest recorded peak bloom,” according to NPS records, “was March 18 (2000). The latest was April 18 (1958)…  Since 1921, the overall average peak bloom date has been April 3.” The current NPS 2015 Peak Bloom Forecasts is as follows: April 11-14. Previous articles about the link between, Washington, DC’s cherry blossoms and global warming, are as follows:

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Updated 13-Apr-2015

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