The Climate Change Paradox

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When Academia Became Irrelevant

Public education has become the least essential and most anachronistic of government institutions. That’s the lesson plan of global warming alarmism and building a road back to relevance apparently has been outsourced to outside the West. The gaping credibility abyss yawns widely ahead and we may not be this way again or any better able than we are now to avoid the well-trodden path that leads to the death of civilizations.

Fingering the real lying liars of the Global Warming Debate is a difficult topic to broach and harder still is knowing the global warming debate is just the tip of the iceberg — just a subset of the real problem: the increasing irrelevancy of government-funded education (at least at the federal level). No one wants to be honest about it yet but if it’s not addressed it’ll drag us down like a stone.

We as a society have a problem. We must address the Climate Change Paradox. If the predictors of global warming are correct, then they have solved the simulation problem –i.e., the computer models they possess must now be clear and accurate reproductions of nature. However, to believe there are so many — but, only in Western academia — who have successfully digitized faithful copies of nature is, irrational! Alan Turing may have invented the machine capable of deciphering a Nazi machine but none of us humans – not even Western school teachers – have yet to decode the secrets of Mother Nature. The enigma of climate change remains.

Applying the Discombobulating Principle to the global warming problem,  nothing explains the level of certainty about AGW theory in the field of climatology that ultimately is not merely, cosmological. AGW theory can never be reduced to a falsifiable hypothesis and therefore it has no practical utility outside of making something that is unimaginably complex appear to be insanely simple: like modeling nature by fitting a least squares trend-line to a haze of points, tra-la.

According to Donna Laframboise, Freeman Dyson (one of the world’s finest scientific minds [link]) says, “[climate] models are useless for predicting what’s going to happen more than five days from now.” CO2 isn’t scary, it’s plant food:

There are huge, non-climate effects of carbon dioxide which are overwhelmingly favourable which are not taken into account. To me, that’s the main issue, that the Earth is actually growing greener. This has actually been measured from satellites. The whole Earth is growing greener as a result of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, so it’s increasing agricultural yields, it’s increasing the forests, it’s increasing all kinds of growth in the biological world. (~Freeman Dyson, see link, ibid.)

Essentially, we’re taxing ourselves to pay government bureaucrats to teach the children a new age religion in public schools — to bring them up with a reverence for the new faith of Climatology. There’s not much that can be done about it other than a Founders’ version of following in the footsteps of Chairman Mao –i.e., defund this government-subsidized Prison of Belief and pack all of the school teachers off to the farms for a thorough reeducation about the importance of CO2 to a healthier world economy — it’s “extremely important,” says Dyson. “It’s enormously beneficial both to food production and to biodiversity, preservation of species, and everything else that’s good.” (See, ibid.)

Western academia’s fear of global warming at home is contributing to local ruin in developing countries where they desperately need more not less energy. It’s also ruining things at home. By traditional standards of validation that are a part of the scientific method the AGW hypothesis – that humanity’s release of CO2 into the atmosphere caused the global warming over the second half of the 20th century – is like following in the footsteps of David Koresh and the apocalyptic death cult of the Branch Davidians who believed they were following the dictates of their god. A society that confuses minister turned lifetime politician Al Gore for science, gives Obama two terms, hands their economic sovereignty over to the UN and flirts with handing over the presidency to Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, with John Kerry their VP, is on a death march to Greece.

Pushing the idea that humanity is causing the globe to overheat, as a byproduct of simply earning a living (and, it has to stop), has become the biggest backfire in history – a social cascade of beliefs that are identified with a crazy notion that if believed, would paint 97% of academia as hopelessly and forever clueless. Western academia has become the Great Britain of great nations –e.g., once powerful, now a mediocre player at best on the world stage: a believer and purveyor of superstitious pseudo-science as the rest us set off for work in the morning to earn a living by actually having to productively employ our energies to provide value.

Cognitive psychologists consider the availability heuristic [where our feelings about the likelihood of an event simply becomes the result of relying on what most easily comes to mind] to be a key determinant of individual judgment and perception… Our principal claim here is that this heuristic interacts with identifiable social mechanisms to generate availability cascades—social cascades, or simply cascades, through which expressed perceptions trigger chains of individual responses that make these perceptions appear increasingly plausible through their rising availability in public discourse. Availability cascades may be accompanied by counter-mechanisms that keep perceptions consistent with the relevant facts… The resulting mass delusions may last indefinitely, and they may produce wasteful or even detrimental laws and policies. ~Kuran T and Sunstein CR (1999). Availability cascades and risk regulation. Stanford Law Review, 51(4): 683-768.

Hopefully, it’s not already too late to address the insanity of the Left’s social cascade of mass delusion before the dysfunctional social mechanism of global warming alarmism makes a wasteland of our Western culture. Mann’s ‘hockey stick’ science and the continuing parroting of a mythical 97% consensus among scientists that AGW theory is true are examples of a social cascade that help keep the global warming hoax and scare tactics alive. Believing the oceans are warming when there has been no global warming going on 3 decades, depending on the data source used, is another cascade. Learn to ask a Bostonian the right question and you might get the truth –e.g., don’t ask what they think about a dying polar bear but about the January to March, 2015 cold spell.

The use of AGW theory to blame people who work for a living, for causing climate change, has become the key political tool in the Left’s takeover of the American economy. Sensationalizing every weather event and blaming it on human-caused global warming has become a social movement. The underlying motives of the Left’s propaganda about everything that is bad about America explains everything about what they also believe is good, from California’s bullet train that goes nowhere to government-subsidized Teslas that run only on sunlight. What is going on? An official shadow economy now exists with the people’s savings, the stored labor of the productive, earning virtually no interest at all while a company like Tesla Motors Inc. with no earnings or dividends has a $26.17B market cap.

Indeed, predictable social forces may reinforce rather than dampen sensational charges. One such force involves the mass media. The typical newspaper, magazine, or television station incurs a large penalty whenever it falls behind its rivals in reporting “breaking news.” Because a good relative position in the media hierarchy translates into disproportionately large profit differentials, a media outlet that exercises caution in reporting a frightening story may find itself at a huge, possibly irreversible, competitive disadvantage. Facing a prisoner’s dilemma with respect to sensational stories, it has every reason to compete aggressively to report sensationalistic stories as rapidly as possible. (See, Kuran, et al., supra)

The media has become a tool of the Left and irrelevant to true knowledge. It has become profitable to be a facilitator of the official global warming social cascade –e.g., the government assists with a nonsensical EPA fuel economy rating of 89 MPGe that it gives to Tesla based on the immaterial fact that the energy contained in a single gallon of gas is 115,000 Btu or 33.7 kW (and, 38 kW is enough to power a Tesla for 100 miles). It takes more than a gallon of gas to actually generate and then transmit 33.7 kW of electricity to a Tesla owner’s garage. The Tesla’s rating should be more like 34 MPG on an honest comparative basis and that would not even include all the petroleum-driven machinery required to fabricate the batteries made of rare earths from China. A Mercedes E-Class with intelligent clean diesel technology that satisfies even the most stringent regulatory requirements, as in California and Massachusetts, gets 42 MGP on the highway, it costs far less and has more than 3 times the range. That is life in the real world. Government should not use our tax dollars to skew economic decisions when the end result is simply to increase our dependence on the rare earth metals required to fabricate Li-ion batteries.

Sure, sure, a Tesla is fast but do we want government to subsidize the manufacturer of the fastest ever 0-60 automobile for wealthy Californians and crazy Norwegians? Sure too, we can charge-up Tesla’s using hydroelectric power that is kept artificially low for homeowners’ use, that is not further burdened with excise taxes to pay the costs to build and maintain the roads and HOV lanes for electric cars. But, just imagine for a moment the insurmountable regulatory obstacles to be faced and the enormous amounts of diesel fuel that would be required to build the Hoover Dam today, to charge-up our Teslas batteries. The current low cost of electricity is a legacy of our ancestors who obviously were a lot smarter that we are today (they were not afraid to liberate the CO2 required to make the cement that was used to build the Hoover Dam); and besides, 40% of the nation’s electrical grid is actually generated using coal – the evil demon of the Left. Or, we could charge up our Tesla batteries with the energy from heavily subsidized solar or wind power. Our government is telling us unsustainably big whoppers that are a part of the social cascade to keep the government-education bureaucracy in the catbird seat. Meanwhile, GM (government motors) announced Friday it will stop Volt production until 2016 as unsold inventory languishes on lots.

The multi-billion-dollar agenda reflects the Obama Administration’s commitment to using climate change to radically transform America. It reflects a determination to make the climate crisis industry so enormous that no one will be able to tear it down, even as computer models and disaster claims become less and less credible – and even if Republicans control Congress and the White House after 2016 [there exists] … a long list of regulators, researchers, universities, businesses, manufacturers, pressure groups, journalists and politicians with such strong monetary, reputational and authority interests in alarmism that they will defend its tenets and largesse tooth and nail. ~Paul Driessen, “The tip of the climate spending iceberg”

Meanwhile, the sun has gone from a geophysically unique Grand Maximum event during the last half of the 20th century to its current state of anomalous quietus, while academia wishes to remain oblivious to the Sun having gone on hiatus. What is the consensus of opinion as to what constitutes a not too hot and not too cold but just right, subsistence level of economic development, for the world’s inhabitants? With all of the barefaced certainty about global warming amidst all of the demonstrated uncertainty about climate change, someone should tell climatologists – Western science’s arrogantly unerring keepers of pharaoh’s omniscient and omnipotent laws of global warming – that there’s a new god in town.

Why we remain heedless of record-breaking solar activity simply defies logic. What we now know about the sun explains everything about late 20th century warming. As it turns out, “the modern Grand maximum (which occurred during solar cycles 19–23, i.e., 1950-2009),” says Ilya Usoskin, “was a rare or even unique event, in both magnitude and duration, in the past three millennia.” ~Usoskin et al., Evidence for distinct modes of solar activity, A&A 562 (2014)

Solar variations and volcanic eruptions are a wild card. Russian scientists argue that there was a Grand Solar Maximum that peaked in the late 20th century, and that we can expect a Grand Solar Minima (contributing to cooling) to peak around 2060… And finally, we can’t rule out unforeseen surprises. The hiatus in warming in the early 21st century was an unforeseen surprise. ~Judith Curry (House of Rep. Hearing, The President’s U.N. Climate Pledge, 15 Apr 2015)

Wholesale corruption in the government-education industry isn’t going to stop so long as we continue to pay for it. Earning a living by actually providing value to society is hard work and that is not what global warming is all about. Global warming is about pretending you’re saving the world while sipping margaritas on a veranda in Cancun with Al Gore and some Hollywood swells, as their private jets are readied for a quick jaunt to Paris, where nuclear power plants generate the power needed to illuminate the Eiffel Tower into the late night.

These are the folks that wish to send the rest of us back to the horse and buggy and a helluvalotta horsesh*t, especially when you consider that we may actually be in the midst of a cooling trend. The average temperature of the globe shows no global warming despite the fact the temperatures being averaged include a systemic warming bias: all of the official thermometers are located where people live and as a result, the data that is collected is corrupted by the UHI (Urban Heat Island) effect.

According to NASA, “On Sept. 19, 2014, the five-day average of Antarctic sea ice extent exceeded 20 million square kilometers for the first time since 1979.” Isn’t it interesting that, as soon as we were able to accurately measure it — using satellites (beginning in 1979) — global warming stopped. Amazing.

The global warming debate has come full circle. AGW theory of Western science has become a house of cards with the new issue being how best to put an end to the systemic fear and ignorance that typifies the government-education complex. Western academia’s supposed “97% consensus” about the legitimacy of its cause — essentially to put an end to modernity for our own good – is a form of revanchism against the public’s growing skepticism of AGW and the never ending funding of global warming research.

Climate change is nothing more now than a Left vs. right issue. So, we’re having a global warming debate and its not over; and, up to now I question whether any of it has advanced science. So far I see only one obvious conclusion – that it’s a debate with two sides, as follows:

► On one side — populated primarily by Left-thinking folks — is the belief that mere simulation of reality is, reality; and,

► On the other side, the rest of us see simulated reality as nothing but mere shadows on the walls of Plato’s prison cave.

The real question to be debated has become something quite different from whether AGW theory is true or not. Rather than ask if humanity is causing global warming we really need to ask why the Left wants so badly for this to be so, even if it isn’t true. The Left demands that humanity be held guilty of causing the climate to change and so long as that is what they really want, facts won’t matter. Other issues won’t matter.

“Nevertheless,” says Judith Curry (Climate change availability cascade), “climate change has become a grand narrative in which human-caused climate change has become a dominant cause of societal problems… Politicians, activists and journalists have stimulated an ‘availability cascade’ [link] to support alarm about human-caused climate change… Because slowly increasing temperatures don’t seem alarming, the ‘availability entrepreneurs’ push extreme weather events and public health impacts as being caused by human-caused climate change, more of which is in store if we don’t quickly act to cool the planet by reducing fossil fuel emissions.”

Is climate change making us stupid? I fear that the answer is yes. ~Judith Curry (Ibid.)

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