Climatology and the Volkswagan Diesel Scandal


Why The Outright Cynical Deceit?

Interesting parallel between VW’s diesel scandal and global warming. VW was not able to make diesel cars that gave the results they were after and still meet pollution standards so they used software that gave them the results they wanted. What’s illegal in the automotive industry and immoral by any standard in the business world in general is, however, common practice in the field of climatology, even despite the fact they’ve been caught red handed. “In whose professional world,” Mike Wallace asks (see, Touchy Feely Science – one chart suggests there’s a ‘pHraud’ in omitting Ocean Acidification data in Congressional testimony), “is it acceptable to omit the majority of the data and also to not disclose the omission to any other soul or Congressional body?”

When things don’t make sense, there are many possibilities –e.g., we’re all too stupid or everyone else is or we don’t know as much as we think we do or there are powerful ulterior motives underlying why people say and believe what they do even though reality paints a different picture or maybe some are cheating when it comes to describing reality. Or, it’s all of these things and also because we simply believe what we want to believe, without facts and despite alternative explanations and evidence to the contrary, which pretty much explains belief in global warming, i.e., it has become a religion.

One of my motivations for completing the book was finding to what extent ‘climate change’ had become a religion… I have tried to emphasise that I really dont think the science is as settled as many pretend… you can’t understand how the ocean works from studying one region – just as I know that you can’t make any solid conclusions about how the climate works from studying just the short period since 1960, which is what many people are doing. ~Alan Longhurst [link Longhurst to download the book]

“The depths of this fraud is breathtaking, but
completely consistent with the fraudulent profession
which has become known as climate science. ~Tony Heller

Moreover, the worst is yet to come. As with the VW scandal, AGW, the theory that humanity’s CO2 (read, the modern-world and American capitalism’s CO2) is responsible for catastrophic global warming over the last half of the 20th century, has not only blackened the image of climate science. Government’s ulterior motives in its funding and use of global warming for ideological purposes has given a black eye to both science in general and Western academia in particular. No one is excusing VW’s calculated duplicity nor should anyone fail to see that the Left has willfully undermined honesty in science, the economy and the entire Western government-education complex.

More worrying than deceptive automotive marketing and manufacturing is the  government propaganda machine that singles out the energy and automobile industry. The root of the problem is a Leftist government that is preaching anti-business liberal Utopianism and the use of the Tobacco-Model of taxation to further climate hucksterism. The Left’s goal is to go after all of the evildoers and to protect people from themselves, whether it’s from Wal-Mart’s low prices, fatty burgers, sugary big cokes, predatory home loans, evil insurance companies, second-hand smoke, cell phones… CO2, too much NOx.

Government even taxes businesses per person every time they hire someone, not just the profits, if any they make, that businesses are able to generate by virtue of providing goods and services that people actually want and are willing to pay for with their own hard-earned dollars. To use the Tobacco-model revenues to fund it’s Utopia the Left demonizes big oil and cars but it also sees evil everywhere: the people are the problem!

“EPA played politics with the regulatory process by trying to manipulate rulemaking deadlines to avoid a public backlash close to the 2012 Presidential and 2014 midterm elections, and to push implementation of the rules to the next Administration.” (Senate EPW Oversight Report [link])

The ability to ride a bicycle and to enjoy cycling for fun and enjoyment on a regular basis is more a sign of wealth in the U.S. than a necessity as it may be in a rickshaw or horse and buggy culture. Many of us have an automobile to enable us to take a bike to someplace nice to ride as part of a healthy alternative to other options for staying fit. Many of these other options probably would use less energy and thereby release less CO2 into the atmosphere. Does that make us weekend cyclists guilty of warming the globe and killing polar bears?

According to the global warming religion, the answer is, Yes, we are the evildoers. It’s a shame our taxes are going to fund the ideologically-motivated climate pseudoscience that underlies the global warming religion instead of allowing people to keep more of their earnings for themselves, to spend on what they consider to be productive purposes, instead of having their blood, sweat and sacrifice siphoned off to grow more government and more lying and dissembling politicians and evergreen hypocritical Leftist bureaucrats who add zero to the GDP.

Will it bring about the death of public faith in the promise of universal education? Like VW, we learned Western academia is involved in fraud too. Global warming is nothing but a hoax and a scare tactic.




Update: 25 September 2015

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    Tony Heller is right, and I suspect the VW executives knew that too.

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