Climate Science Reformation in the New World

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Old World Claims of Impending
Climate Catastrophe are Way Passé

How likely is it that current views prevalent among those in the official climate change establishment will remain unchanged after ten more years of no global warming? Twenty years? Thirty? How many more years of no global warming will it take to bring about a reformation in their belief system or is a Martin Luther and unrelated outside forces always required to change perceptions and bring about needed doctrinal changes?

Obviously, more science is not the answer. I think most of us already realize neither Michael Mann nor Al Gore – and, not even Obama – have authority over the sun or Earth’s 1,500 year climate cycle. No one really believes America is at fault for rising seas, receding glaciers or bad weather around the world.

The Western Sultans of climate disaster have become increasingly irrelevant. We are beginning to hear the heralds of climate pragmatism. Meanwhile, a steadfast refusal to think freely has marginalized Western Universities; and, its many victims of political correctness, mind-numbing ideological uniformity and creativity-crushing liberal conformity are beginning to show their new age irrelevance.

Watch climatists work as they pretend they can tease out the eerie solitude of a lonesome flugelhorn amidst the cacophony of an orchestral warm-up by turning a deaf ear to everything other than what they want to hear. Have you noticed the perfect 1-to-1 relationship between the upward bias in the size of government and the upward bias in the global temperature trend, suggesting that the upward bias on the temperature trend will be corrected only when the size of government is reduced?

Academia is carrying out a pogrom against modernity and blaming the productive for stoking the fires of global warming (AGW theory). In concert with these views, the Left’s eager willingness to sacrifice the future of America on the altar of academia’s unverifiable climate models is analogous to witchdoctors in superstitious pagan societies who responded to bad weather by sacrificing virgins to appease their gods.

In the fever of our times and an example of the snake turning on itself to eat its own tail, eveready alarmist prognosticators of global warming like Naomi Oreskes recently labeled as denialists, other self-anointed establishment climate experts because they don’t go far enough in trumpeting our imminent doom. This is happening while the real story on the ground is that AGW theory is a lot of hot air and obviously more like political science and political correctness than natural science or common sense.

We recently were treated to the insidious news (bordering on invidious) that the books have been cooked. “We believe the NOAA/NCDC homogenization adjustment,” says Watts, et al (link), “causes well sited [temperature monitoring] stations to be adjusted upwards to match the trends of poorly sited stations.” Rather than a ‘homogenization’ of raw data to remove at least some part of the warming bias that the vast majority of poorly sited stations introduce into the record – due to the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect –  the warming bias was simply baked into the pie.

This is what happens when everyone knows there will be no consequences for lying to the people. It requires a willing suspension of disbelief to think global warming is all just one big innocent mistake and not a hoax and scare tactic for political purposes to blame humanity’s co2 for foul weather, killing the polar bears and raising the level of the seas.

…recent warming period started in 1951, not the mid-1970s (1975) as has typically been shown. In other words, not only has NOAA endeavored to eliminate the slowdown in global warming in recent years, NOAA also appears to be attempting to eliminate the slowdown (or cooling) of global surface temperatures from the mid-20th Century to the mid-1970s. ~Bob Tisdale, ‘Busting (or not) the mid-20th century global-warming hiatus’)

This is the sort of bias that we will of course endeavor to correct by throwing more money at the problem; but, that is a waste of resources. It is high time we rethink the issue and admit where we’re at: like Michael Mann’s hockey stick, the land-based temperature record is quatsch!

The majority of weather stations used by NOAA to detect climate change temperature signal have been compromised by encroachment of artificial surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and heat sources like air conditioner exhausts… NOAA’s methods are not correcting for this problem, resulting in an inflated temperature trend. (Watts, A., et al., AGU presentation)


Given the current state of public education,
Jesus would be a skeptic. ~Wagathon




(Updated 22-December-2015)


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