We’re at War with Radical Academics


Funding– “climate science… increased from about
$500 million per year to about $9 billion.”
~Richard Lindzen

Climate science is just the latest example of Leftist dialectical sophistry and… we’re paying for it! More amazing and astonishing though and unprecedented in the annals of science is that climate researchers are hyping their work, both exaggerating and overstating their results like never before in a manner that was essentially described as outright fraud.

…competition for grants and glory has grown increasingly fierce. In response, many researchers are touting their work more aggressively. (Dutch study finds huge surge in hype)

And, all of the talk really is just, academic. Destroying the American economy does not change the fact that the construction of 2,440 new coal plants are planned around the world. If global warming really was a more pressing danger than I-S-I-S as is claimed by the Left, who is going to provide the boots on the ground that will be needed to put down all of the globe-killing CO2 polluters and prevent the impending catastrophe that academia’s climate models predict?

CO2 is not a pollutant like black carbon aerosol and mercury. – Judith Curry



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