IPCC Meeting in Monaco to Save Oceans and Cryosphere…


Cancelled For Lack Of Credibility

Why is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) holding its December 6-9 meeting in Monaco? How different is it from pretending to save the world while sipping margaritas on a veranda in Cancun with Hollywood swells?

Hundreds will gather including about 100 climate experts from 40 countries to scope out what to include in their Sixth Assessment Report due in 2022. And, there will be those Special Reports we can expect to see 2-3 years hence.

Hoesung Lee of the IPCC began by introducing, His Serene Highness Prince Albert (billionaire son of Prince Rainier III and ‘50s American movie star Grace Kelly) the current hereditary reigning monarch who rules the 36,000 population of the Principality of Monaco, which is less than a single square mile in size. Immigrating there is about as easy as becoming a member of your neighbor’s family–e.g., foreign nationals who seek citizenship must prove they’re so wealthy, gainful employment is unnecessary, and deposit the required amount in a bank in Monaco.

What better guarantee of objectivity and transparency could we hope for than dedicated global warming alarmists gathering in Monaco to charter a course that Leftist politicians will approve. Receipts from the gaming industry funds this 700 year old monarchy which has been ruled by the Grimaldi dynasty since 1419. Monaco’s vision of sustainability is being a favored destination for the world’s rich and famous and royals and upper class.

It was never good marketing when Al Gore would fly around the world in his private jet to preach to the rest of us that our use of petroleum products was no better than a heroin addiction. Similarly, it’s a stretch for Prince Albert to say we must, “move away from a society that is obsessed with consumption and consumerism,” and that, “we need to reexamine our lifestyles and consider how our actions and daily life are affecting our world,” from the helm of his French-made 197-foot yacht, Slipstream in Port Hercule, the Port of Monaco, where rich and connected folk aboard glamorous private motor yachts and cruise ships from around the world come to play.

Monaco doesn’t have open borders, its citizens pay no taxes, the state survives on gambling proceeds, and the reining morality there seems to be what we see with all of the Leftists and liberals– e.g., don’t do I do as I am free to do whatever I wish because I give my money and my name and celebrity for good causes and take the time to act like I really care.

You can take with a grain of salt the things that these government-approved scientists (approved by Leftist pols like Gore, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Reid) are telling us about the open and frozen oceans of the world warming, acidifying and losing oxygen due to industrialization, about emissions and removal of global greenhouse gases, the threat of climate change, praise of sustainable development, food security and desires to eradicate poverty, desertification, land degradation, marine species being displaced world-wide, coral reefs, molluscs and crustaceans dying, thinning Arctic sea ice, shrinking glaciers, rising seas, the disappearance of snow. Keep in mind that a farmer in Wisconsin is closer to and cares more about the land and does more out of self-interest and the welfare of his family to provide actual value to the world than the IPCC will ever do.

What’s more, farmers in Wisconsin and Iowa and blue-collar voters in Ohio and Michigan and rural voters across the country caught on to the real danger this country faces and it’s not global warming. The people are tired of lifetime professional politicians, tenured academics and government bureaucrats with a sense of entitlement who feel free to use cherry-picked data, phony statistics and fear mongering to push their feel-good, politically-correct, ideologically-driven global warming agenda, no matter what the cost or who gets left out in the cold.

Poor research design and data analysis encourage false-positive findings. Such poor methods persist despite perennial calls for improvement, suggesting that they result from something more than just misunderstanding. The persistence of poor methods results partly from incentives that favor them, leading to the natural selection of bad science. ~Paul Smaldino and Richard McElreath (“The Natural Selection of Bad Science”)

“The problem with ­science,” says William A. Wilson (Scientific Regress), “is that so much of it simply isn’t.” The vote from heartland has given the happy heretics of the Left’s global warming religion the opportunity to de-politicize the EPA. “All combined, this would extract from current U.S. energy policy the core of President Obama’s climate agenda and effectively put the Obama climate legacy into hibernation—a legacy that, if elected,” says, David Gattie (‘Pragmatic energy policy recommendations for the Trump administration’), “Hillary Clinton would have likely kept intact and expanded upon. How this projects forward remains in question.”

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