Global Warming Is Polarized


Climate Is More Inflammatory than Warm

How young scientists are to navigate all this [‘CRAZINESS in the field of climate science’] is beyond me, and it often becomes a battle of scientific integrity versus career suicide… ~Judith Curry

We need rational peoples equivalent of voters in flyover-America seeing through the politics of capitalism-hating Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. The people need to rise up and take umbrage with Al Gore, Western academia, Leftist politicians, overweening government bureaucracies and the radical environmentalism of the climate change movement who blame climate change on Americans who are simply engaged in the business of living, as friends of the secular, socialist Democrat party establishment and the eurocommies get rich off alternative energy and decarbonization schemes.

At this point, the private sector seems like a more ‘honest’ place for a scientist working in a politicized field than universities or government labs — at least when you are your own boss. ~Judith Curry

Meanwhile, supposed fears of global warming demand that the EPA shutter industries with energy-killing regulations that – by their own estimate – “would only reduce sea levels by 2 sheets of paper by 2050.” [Link]

To comprehend the impact of EPA’s proposed new rule [the CCP’s (Clean Power Plan) 32% reduction of CO2 emissions from US power plants by 2030] on America’s poorest, just imagine what it would be like to have to spend three-fourths of your household income on energy, leaving only one-fourth for food, clothing, shelter, transportation, health care, education, and everything else combined. ~E. Calvin Beisner

In their book (‘Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years’), Fred Singer and Dennis Avery ask, “Is there any Power source the Greens will accept?” They answered, beginning with quoted material from Don Thompson (“Environmentalists Sue over Medicine Lake Geothermal Plans,” Associated Press, 20 May 2004), as follows:

“Environmental groups have sued the federal government over geothermal projects it has approved in the remote Medicine Lake Highlands region considered sacred by Indian tribes. The suit, filed Tuesday and announced Wednesday, challenges approval of the first two geothermal power plants proposed by Calpine Corp. Both would be built within the Medicine Lake caldera, the remnant of an ancient volcano 30 miles east of Mt. Shasta… in northeastern California. The four environmental coalitions that filed the suit in Sacramento federal court contend the power projects… would turn an otherwise scenic natural area into ‘an ugly, noisy, stinking industrial wasteland.’”

The proposed geothermal power plants would emit no greenhouse gases nor would they produce radioactive waste. They would even feed into the existing Bonneville power grid without the need to create extensive new transmission lines and rights of way. And even this is unacceptable because it would create a few nine-story power plants on fifteen-acre pads in a remote location where almost no one would have to look at them.

Radical environmentalists who have found a welcome home on the Left are the new Neanderthals of the 21st century. “Don’t be fooled by the fanfare in Paris,” says Mario Loyola (Twilight of the Climate Change Movement): “The climate change movement faces big trouble ahead. Its principal propositions contain two major fallacies that can only become more glaring with time. First, in stark contrast to popular belief and to the public statements of government officials and many scientists, the science on which the dire predictions of manmade climate change is based is nowhere near the level of understanding or certainty that popular discourse commonly ascribes to it. Second, and relatedly, the movement’s embrace of an absolute form of the precautionary principle distorts rational cost-benefit analysis, or throws it out the window altogether.”

The AGW fearmongering business now faces a great danger of we taxpayers coming to understand that, (1) we’ve been lied to by our Leftist Overlords and (2), only we have skin in game and its time we stopped baring our backs to the whip.

The UN-IPCC is seen to be continually revising down the academic community’s estimate of what part of observed global warming is actually due to human activity. Unfortunately, all we can now say with some certainty is that climate fraud is just half of what it used to be and that even global warming alarmists now admit natural causes explain half of it.

Earthly sea levels, for example, have been relatively stable for centuries. We have learned from verifiable satellite information that we do not face an imminent crisis of disastrous sea level rise caused by humanity. We have also learned that the greatly exaggerated threats of sea level rise in particular and global warming in general have become the proselytizing of a false religion by superstitious and ignorant doomsday prophets and worse, are nothing more than Left versus right, ideologically-based fearmongering for political purposes.

Given the degree of politicization of the climate debate, we should not be surprised that even the weather gets politicized. ~Roger Pielke







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