The Exquisite Pain of Modern Living


“Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”

Oh the pathos of suffering from normal situations– like, the weather. In the putative Western science of climate change, ‘climate’ is the statistics of weather over 30-year intervals. For those who suffer from climate because it is e.g., dryer, wetter, warmer or hotter, foggier, cloudier, cooler or colder, more stormy or arid than normal (i.e., compared to the last 30-years since the last time it was actually this cold was 300 million years ago), there is but one common sense cure– move!

It is inconvenient for the Left that the Jew-hating, anti-Christian radical Islamic state and its holy warriors around the globe care less about global warming than lopping heads off of Eurocommies, breathless progressive Charlie Hebdo subscribers and Leftist government toadies of climate change alarmism in their neighborhoods and classrooms. No, it’s not possible to just get along with those who are fundamentally certain the way the rest of us must think and act is “settled truth.”

The one field where the science must be “settled,” of course, is global warming. Or is it “climate change,” when clearly no skeptic doubts climate changes? Why the alteration in terminology? Perhaps because, in 2007, the world’s leading experts at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] reported its “central forecast” for long-term warming to be 3 degrees C. Yet, since then its reports have not listed a single central estimate but did reduce its minimal expected warming down from a 1.5-degrees rise to only a 1.0-degree temperature increase… As climatologist Judith Curry testified to Congress, IPCC models have forecast surface temperatures to increase 0.2 degrees C each 21st century decade. But during the first fifteen years, actual temperatures only increased 0.05, four times lower than predicted. And the models cannot explain why more than 40 percent of the temperature increases since 1900 took place between 1910 and 1945, which produced a mere 10 percent of the carbon emissions. ~American Spectator, ‘Treating science with the respect it requires’ [Link]

Scientific skepticism is more prudent than ever considering climate change has become a Left versus right issue; but, why has global warming become more political than scientific? The answer to that may be found in research coming out of Yale University (‘The Cultural Cognition Project’). “That research finds progressives risk averse, biased toward control of their environment, while conservatives tolerate risk, partial toward greater freedom — the recognition of which does not overcome the progressive insistence that relativity explains all motion [despite quantum mechanics] or that global warming is settled science.” (Ibid.)

United as free-thinking, self-actualizing individuals, skeptical of government truths and unhindered by political correctness– we stand exquisitely tall; divided as a collective of intolerant socialist, progressive liberal fascists– Western civilization falls. Even Chinese scientists apparently are a good deal more pragmatic these days than what we have come to expect from what passes for government-funded research coming out of Western universities. Yang and Lu (study) found that global warming during the 1961-2012 period was linked to helping preserve China’s drylands.

This study provides a preliminary estimation of recent climate changes on wind erosion risk in China’s drylands region, indicating an obvious decrease in the wind erosion climatic erosivity…

“Contrary to the progressive hysteria, the fact that President Trump’s Cabinet nominees take a skeptical stance toward what science knows and how to apply it is probably the best reason to have some confidence in them.” ~American Spectator (Ibid.)




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Hot World Syndrome—fear of a hotter, more intimidating world than it actually is prompting a desire for more protection than is warranted by any actual threat.
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