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The West is Bleeding and Likely Dying

Setting wealth creation aside for the ever-growing populations of perennial kibitzers to do nothing more than hector the productive is one thing. It is, however, delusionary to believe that the ideology of federal climatists can influence how other people in … Continue reading

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Global Warming or Western Fraud?

Is humanity destroying Earth? Is a tinfoil hat Leftists’ modern version of Noah’s ark? You judge. Do you believe the opinions of deniers of nature and the proselytizers of a socio-economic ideology that has been used for years by the followers of Marx to justify godless anti-humanism and the killing of … Continue reading

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How Close Was America to a Leftist Coup?

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Seeing what is going on in politics and how truth doesn’t really matter anymore, whatever we hear coming from the government-funded global warming alarmist skeptic-bashers is just what we expect. That is what liberal fascism is all about. This is … Continue reading

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Climate Change was NOT an Ideologically-Driven Agenda for Charles Dickens

Let’s keep to the science, assuming you really want to get to the truth of the matter. And, if you do care about the science, Charles Dickens gives a more faithful account of climate change than the astrologers of modern … Continue reading

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