A.I. Chatbots Mindlessly Parroting Climate Doomsday Prophecies from Western Academia’s Towers of Babel Will Butter No Parsnips!

What is in store for us after A.I. Chatbots discover Nietzsche or… Wagathon? New Truth or Old Truth or Woke Truth or… the truth?

Western academia’s climate change gestalt is that we must fear a Hot World, sure but much more– we must fear everything! Rather, we should question everything. Even so, some things we need not be so skeptical about like, for example, the value of modernity. But, do question the gestalt and sometimes, truth may shine through like a nugget of gold in a pan of mud.

It’s not so much manpower nor brain-power as it is willpower that is the real force separating the free-thinking individuals from meaningless ciphers in the Left’s propaganda war against Americanism.

It’s all a matter of perspective. What, for example, would ChatGBT write using ‘evilincandescentbulb’ for its database of unbiased, honorable, ethical, scientific, morally and historically defensible knowledge?

For a clue, if ‘hot world freedom’ is typed into this site’s search engine you may be directed to a simple question posed by Wagathon, as follows: Do you believe Western academia in support of the UN and Eurocommunism is engaged in a noble effort to save the world from America and capitalism? Or, does that sound to you more like believing an alien race picked the UK as best place in the universe to announce it’s presence by creating crop circles in wheat fields?

Okay, let’s try, ‘liberty, reason, tyranny.’ I find that a, ‘code of silence,’ says Ken Haapala, ‘infects publicly funded climate science,’ and Wagathon’s unfortunate refrain that Western society has indulged lying for too long and that there is no good end to it… for Westerners. Humanity in general may learn something from it but for now America is no longer the greatest hope for a humanity yearning for personal liberty. So, we begin with a definite loss going forward: painful as it is to see, global respect for the individual’s life, liberty and property is not the consensus opinion of the New Age. As the Left turns the U.S. economy into a house of cards the American culture has become a storage locker of abandoned dreams.

Jonathan Turley questions whether objectivity is a myth. It’s a legitimate question given Western academia’s advocacy role in the global warming alarmism meme and the amount of censorship in the reporting of supposed ‘news’ in favor of advocacy journalism, all apparently based on the Left-wing political narrative of anti-Americanism.

A friendly Heads-Up! Abundance doesn’t come from more people. It comes from more free people. A simple and undeniable reality of human nature, chat this- there is no free lunch. People who acquire money without working for it will spend it more quickly, less wisely and at the end of the day all will have less to show for it.

(Updated, 28Feb23)

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Liberal Goggles and the Left’s Attack on Western Culture vs Climate Catastrophe Skepticism and Freudenfreude of Americanism

There’s no time to think before acting. Now! A complete disregard of the impact on all elements of society is the new imperative– only a grand narrative is of any importance, the individual be damned! Such is the gravamen of liberal fascism.

Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway likened cryptocurrency to a venereal disease that nobody wants except that it’s useful to kidnappers and extortionists. But, it is the new commerce, the economics be damned!

Similarly, the global warming hoax is crypto weather and by extension a Hot World climate forecast that has proven to be useful in a DC/Eurocommie political war on Americanism– just scare tactics… science be damned!

The great AGW ‘evanesco’ hypothesis has been exposed as the new woke! Nothing more than an ever-hotter human-caused global hoax. The ever-vanishing CO2-caused climate catastrophe as foretold by the ever-changing UN-blessed mathematical models of official Climacrats has been exposed as Global Warming Catastrophism. Nothing more than crypto science for the simple-minded, malleable and irrelevant. The real event is that principles of reason have been driven out out of Western academia. Fear of modernity is the new bright star in the sky.

The real story is, all of this is not without consequence. It’s as if the principles of cause and effect are now deemed irrelevant. That the human-caused global warming meme is not an attack on petroleum nor CO2. It is an attack on Western culture in general and in particular, the founding principles of Americanism, of self-overcoming, of transcendence, the future be damned!

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Modernity… Making The World Green Again

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20221107_200450365_apple-1.jpg

We all know what Western academia has been pushing for a while but look who’s buying now — children, gluing themselves to famous paintings of old masters. This is just one manifestation of what we call, Global Warming Syndrome. It’s rather telling too in exposing the true natures of Hot World fabulists, i.e., their need to attack creators of value.

‘Global Warming’ (GW) is an invention of Western academia. AGW began as the simple hypothesis that we anthropoi (the “A” in “AGW”) are raising temperatures around the globe by releasing our CO₂ into the atmosphere.

Despite spending and essentially wasting billions of dollars in grant money to Academia, the AGW hypothesis has yet to be scientifically proven. Any serious scientific skeptic easily sees that nothing is happening now that is any different than what has happened in the past and in some instances, not so long ago but in all events, long before the modern age. Politically however, DC/Eurocommies have nevertheless used their ‘climate change’ hoax to beat up on Americanism in the UN and at state elections back home.

How about the benefits of modernity? To the many benefits we could mention and would fight like Greeks to avoid giving up we should add, Making the World Green Again! We can see that from space.

Moreover, no one need feel guilty about greening the globe. At least, not any scientist with an appreciation for the scientific method. “I have always had a strong belief in the scientific method that I was taught,” says Adam Riess. “[Y]ou do an experiment to test a hypothesis and if the data doesn’t fit (and you can confirm the data), you must revise the hypothesis. This is what makes science different and more capable of explaining the natural world than religion or politics where you hold to your beliefs.”

The simple fact of the matter is, the AGW hypothesis fails the scientific method because the null hypothesis, that all global warming can be explained by natural causes, cannot be rejected. AGW is an emotional trope designed for mind control and manipulation. That’s the science. Everything else is what we call, superstition, ignorance, faith (religion), politics, quackery, fraud, misconceptions, maliciousness, tomfoolery, jingle-jangle fallacies, art or perhaps, just nuts.

Clay Stone (City Slickers, 1991) wouldn’t need a PhD to know that, scientifically speaking, the AGW hypothesis, no matter how much you want to believe it, is as ‘worthless as hen sh*t on a pump handle.’ It could however make wealthy and hypocritical feckless malcontents fly a private jet to France for a visit to the Musee du Louvre and glue their hands to the Mona Lisa.

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Epic Failure on the Altar of Leftist Climate Dysphoria

Not surprisingly, the fabrication of GCMs (General Circulation Models– the numerical models used by UN-approved global warming charlatans and climate change hoaxsters to simulate the laws of nature, the universe and everything to realize an ersatz digital reality they find useful to exaggerate the effects of CO2 on temperatures) to scare children, to stampede the superstitious and ignorant and to feather the nests of Leftist Western Academics in ivory towers who then spin prophecies of an impending Hot World catastrophe out of anti-science and hate-America babel, is not a productive activity in any economic sense. The global warming hysteria-Tower of Babel is useful only to help Leftists push their DC/Eurocommie political agenda.

If not for George Bush, America would have had Biden’s economy in 2000 instead of ’22. It was close then but American voters were just smart enough (with the help of the founders who gave birth to the electoral system) to kick a self-hating, climate-dysphoric Al Gore and all the Democommies to the curb.

Leftist climate change fearmongering is now on the ballot again but now faces the inconvenient fact that we taxpayers have come to understand we’ve all been lied to. It takes a lot of low cost fossil fuel to make the batteries required to store so-called ‘green energy.’ Without cheap Russian oil, Eurocommunism’s anti-America Green Utopia has hit the wall.

(Updated, 25Oct22)

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Another Human-Caused Disaster: Public Funded Education is Corrupt

Biden, Newsom and all the DC/Cali-Democommies’ climate policies are promoting the opposite of unity and prosperity. The time has come for voters to acknowledge failure!

All considered, a Leftist Western academia has been complicit in causing a human-caused crisis by promoting the human-caused Global Warming (AGW) hoax. The phony science and fake news underlie the scare tactics of imminent climate disaster that socialist politicians and bureaucrats find useful in promoting an ever bigger, ever more authoritarian Federal government machine in service of a Leftist takeover of the free enterprise economy.

What can we expect if we continue to pay Western academics to argue for bigger and more powerful socialist government? Bigger government is more corrupt and dictatorial. Lenin’s communism that inspired Stalin, Mao, Castro, Eurocommunism and now, the DC/Democommies always ends in mass killings.

Climate change research has been plagued since the days of hysterical fears of imminent cooling in the 1970s. The problem then as well as now is that, ‘any belief system that purports to tell the future,’ says William Grey, ‘is most likely pathological.’

Western climate science has become a pathological religion that scientific skeptics believe should be taken with the seriousness that many outside Western academia compare to the science of ancient astrology. The Left has waged a war on Americanism and US energy self-sufficiency, all in the name of AGW and all to the delight of China, Russia, Iran Saudi Arabia, Argentina and all the other undemocratic and tyrannical regimes that comprise the UN.

Now here’s the real scandal of the near trillion dollars that governments have stolen from taxpayers to fund climate change hysteria and research. By the industry’s own admission there has been almost no progress worldwide in actually combatting climate change. The latest reports by the U.S. government and the United Nations say the problem is getting worse not better and we have not delayed the apocalypse by a single day. ~Stephen Moore, ‘Follow the (Climate Change) Money’

Forget about its hatred of Americanism for a minute and consider… Western academia can no longer escape prime responsibility if it should turn out in the end that doing something in the name of mitigation of global warming is the costliest scientific mistake ever visited upon all humanity.

Acknowledging historical facts cannot be controversial. The existence of previous hot and cold periods like the MWP (Medieval Warm Period) and the LIA (Little Ice Age) are facts but the reality of their existence has been clouded by climate researchers to better serve political purposes. How is acknowledging instead of hiding historical facts helpful to science? When honor and integrity can no longer be taken as foundational principles, all scientific research becomes meaningless.

The scientific method depends on honesty. Politics is different–there is no honesty in politics and that is why the politicization of science is the death of science. ‘Let’s come right out and say it,’ says Joseph Sternberg (WSJ), ‘Anyone who still thinks climate change is a greater threat than climate policy to financial stability deserves to be exiled to a peat-burning yurt in the wilderness.’

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Global Warming Alarmism Skeptics Were Right On…

Should a Hot World be the leading fear on humanity’s list of concerns going forward toward the year 2100? “It’s like asking whether removing that ‘Go Bears’ flag from your radio antenna will improve your gas mileage and lower your overall expenses. Well, yes, maybe, but it’s hardly first on the list.” ~John Cochrane (the grumpy economist)

~image by, Bjorn Lomborg

It is easy to Google that in China, ‘More than 1,000 coal plants are in operation, almost 240 planned or already under construction.’ Moreover, the hypocrisy of DC/Democommie energy policy is palpable as US energy producers are throttled but despots, religious fanatics and autocrats in Russia and Iran to Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela are begged to pump more oil and are then flooded with cash at heady market rates. But, the public may be catching on to the insanity of the Hot World religion and politics that the fake news MSM, the half-baked educational industrial complex and Leftist blue state politicians have been dishing out since the ’90s.

The writing is literally on the wall.

Great minds of woke academia in its religious zeal to save the planet from America with its emphasis on individual liberty, self-actualization, personal responsibility and capitalism prefer to continue addressing non-problems and deceiving the public about an impending Hot World climate doomsday if America outproduces its anti-democratic, anti-western competitors.

Global socio-political and moral corruption of, e.g., Bush/Trump/SCOTUS derangement syndrome, unleashing a pandemic upon the world and the indiscriminate bombing of the civilian population of Ukraine are far more injurious to life, liberty and property than American oil and energy independence from the jack boot tyranny of the DC/Eurocommies and authoritarian regimes.

Updated 29JUN22

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Global Warming Sounds… ‘Woke’!

Truth Matters

The ideal economic plan starts with not following the lead of Eurocommies – their anti-free Enterprise/anti-Americanism and disregard for the scientific method for politically motivated purposes has not worked out well for them in the real world, e.g., their dependence on the petrochemicals of authoritarians in Russia, Iran, Venezuela and the M.E. with their facilitators in China. Humanity cannot live on DC/Socialist-Democrat/communist platitudes alone.

Mathematical models that can never be verified, predicting (forecasting or projecting) a Hot World Armageddon will never change the simple reality that global warming alarmism is nothing more than a DC/Eurocommie con job facilitated by a fake news biased sociopolitical mainstream media and liberal Western academia that is fascist to the core.

It’s time to do what works. Peace through energy independence is what works in the real world.

All other things being equal, everyone would prefer clean over dirty energy.  However, all other things are not equal. We need secure, reliable, and economic energy systems for all countries in the world. This includes Africa, which is currently lacking grid electricity in many countries. We need a 21st century infrastructure for our electricity and transportation systems, to support continued and growing prosperity. The urgency of rushing to implement 20th century renewable technologies risks wasting resources on an inadequate energy infrastructure, increasing our vulnerability to weather and climate extremes and harming our environment in new ways. ~Judith Curry

The earth has been warming over the last century and overall it has been cooling over the last 10,000 years. It’s cooler now than it was in the time of the Romans and also cooler than it was in the time of the Minoans. Weather can be a wicked mess but not climate – climate, by definition, occurs over a 30-year period so rational adaptation is expected if we actually knew enough to know something bad was really coming. That would solve the problem that any change in climate might bring. The big reason it’s hard to actually ‘know’ anything about future climate and believe we should change it even if we could is that global warming brings benefits and has been a positive for humanity, irrespective of what we may or may not do.

The one thing we do know for sure is that it makes no sense to sacrifice our personal freedom, individual liberties and right to self-actualization and determination on an altar of failed liberal/leftist ‘woke’ ideology that is founded on superstition and ignorance of the same old anti-America, contra-cultural demonizers of Judeo/Christian morals and ethics and personal accountability.

Revised, 22Apr22)

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Tulip Mania Faux Economics, Crypto Hot World Alarmism, Bizarre Anti-America Alternative Realities and Fake News

Reflections of Reality

Miners of calamity are always looking for data to reinforce their apocalyptic projections. Everyday, we wonder what the next Big Lie! will be. Off we go, from using the Russia meme to hijack a presidential election, all paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and hung around Trump’s neck for 4 years, to the next lie-upon-lie-upon-lie about a looming global warming catastrophe.

The more expensive energy becomes the more poverty there will be. It’s a predictable outcome. ‘Simply put… it is difficult if not impossible to dramatically reduce CO₂ emission growth without also reducing economic growth.‘ ~Bjorn Lomborg

The DC-Eurocommies of the Left are using our tax and debt dollars and the power of government to sow the seeds of poverty, racism an anti-Americanism around the globe. Its like nuking Africa to eliminate Ebola.

Scientific opinion has become a weapon in the hands of Western academia to produce computer-generated reflections of reality that better serve the political and ideologically motivated Leftist agenda. Officially-blessed experts look only for plausible-appearing explanations as to why we all must invest our life’s energy in service to a dictatorial state authority.

Politicization of science redefines reality to better serve the interests of the Lefts’ propaganda machine. The ‘message’ is that the global warming alarmists of government must be empowered to substitute their will for the will of the people, even if it means coming up with new theories to explain the absence of global warming despite increasing atmospheric CO2 levels.

Rather than a Hot World growing ever-hotter, the crushing of individual liberty and a runaway big government Eurocommie economy is the real threat. More than predictable, we’ve seen that approach fail in our lifetime– socialism has been tried and failed enough times that it has a record and we know what to expect. That is an outcome that we can predict! “Socialist governments,” as Margaret Thatcher warned, “traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them.”

We now have a government grown too large to fail that dreams daily of telling us what we can and cannot have or do based on the priorities of government bureaucrats. After spending the earnings of others, they simply run the printing presses until the ink runs out, cryptonizing the currency based on bigger-fools, tulip-value economics, as the Left’s Tower of Babel comes tumbling down. Cryptocurrency is just a symptom of the DC-Eurocommie’s zero value-added progressive-economic dysfunction amounting to a legal Ponzi game that turns investors into pinball wizards. The stock market has become an ode to the rock opera, Tommy–

“How do u think he does…?” I don’t know?
What makes him so good?”
The Who

According to our modern-day school teachers, humanity has been declared guilty until proven innocent. It is time to stop looking for warming and start educating the public on the need for more not less energy but, those who live off of government taxes have a vested interest in keeping the climate change charade alive. We’re paying for opinions that are not worth the money. The problem now is that, offering nothing of value that anyone is voluntarily willing to pay for, the Left is now just taking what it wants.

Leftist climate-fixing by taxing evil CO2, based on phony models that can never be verified, fake news that is never held accountable, feckless speculations, self-serving suppositions, far-fetched inferences and officially blessed guess work, dodgy statistics and corrupted data, is the only business that DC-Eurocommies ever care to engage in. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! All we can do is hang onto our individual liberties for as long as possible until the next election and hope that nature itself will continue to prove that climate-obsessed Democrat-Socialist fear mongers for political office cannot control the weather.

What is predictable according to Philip Stott is, “that climate itself increasingly fails to fall compliantly into line with the virtual world of the climate modelers. This will severely undermine the whole credibility of the Grand Narrative with the public.” Additionally, Stott concludes, “attempts to scare the world sick, certain of the scientific claims… are even concerning some of the more serious scientists involved… [and] are so far fetched that they are just bringing down ridicule onto the basic science involved.”

(Updated, 8Nov21)

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Time to Do Something About the Toxic Environment- It’s Anti-American


Life is like a ratchet, going both up & down and symptomatic of that is what’s going on from Washington to Virginia where currently, conditions amount to DC/Eurocommies vs Free Speech & Free Enterprise.

Looking at a ratcheting down of civility, for example, compare what occurred Sept. 9, 2009 when Rep. Joe Wilson was moved to shout, “You lie!” at Barack Obama (and apologized afterwards) when the president denied illegal immigrants were covered by his health plan, especially considering the current context of virtually unchecked illegal immigration across the southern border. Compare that to Rep. Cori Bush labeling Rep. Joe Manchin (Nov. 1, 2021) a racist for wanting to see a write-up before voting on a $1.75 trillion spending bill that lacked the backing of a single Republican. And, who expects an apology from the Left for quixotically injecting race into a green-inspired runaway spending debate?

When it comes to truth and honesty, in both science and government, the Left has been the true polluter. The liberal information industry (the MSM) has become a complicit enabler of an anti-America, anti-business, anti-liberty political machine that would sacrifice life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on an altar of liberal fascism.

Science, for example, has suffered a continual ratcheting down’ of objectivity in an increasingly toxic political environment. “At a philosophical level, Greenpeace had started with a strong humanitarian orientation to save human civilization from nuclear war,” [Patrick] Moore said. “That meant we actually liked people. That’s the peace in Greenpeace. The green, of course, was the environment… I decided to fashion myself a sensible environmentalist basing my positions on science and logic rather than sensationalism, misinformation, and fear.” (see, Greenpeace co-founder joins climate change skeptics by Kevin Mooney, Washington Examiner, 26Oct21)

“We must take the language back,” tweeted Moore the next day. “I am not a climate change skeptic never mind a climate change denier. I know the climate changes. I am skeptical of the ‘climate change crisis’ and the ‘climate change emergency’.”

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Nature Laughs at Politicization of Weather and Science

The real hot world ‘hockey stick’

More people suffer and die of cold weather and Western Academia’s phony climate change science than from hot weather. Hopefully, another cold winter won’t have the elderly in Great Britain*** burning books again to stay warm.

On the eve of the 31Oct-12Nov COP26 meeting (26th UN Climate Change Conference) hosted by the British in Glasgow, Scotland (many won’t bother to attend, e.g., China, Russia, Brazil, the Pope), North Sea winds literally stopped blowing, driving wind driven electricity production through the floorboards. A sudden need to fire up gas and coal-fired electricity plants arose overnight.

Fears for thee but not for we, hypocritical Hot World authoritarians, is political theater in this age of MSM disinformation and propaganda. Scientific cognitive dissonance has become scientific cognitive distortion.

Climate change research has been plagued since the days of hysterical fears of imminent cooling in the 1970s. Western climate science has become a pathological religion and should be taken with the seriousness that many outside Western academia compare to the science of ancient astrology.

Modern climate change alarmism is based on fake news that’s based on phony science that’s based on the misuse of continuously adjusted research data, poor statistics and unverifiable computer models. It is a knowing outright corruption of raw science without accountability of any kind, all made-up by a sycophantic culture of interrelated, self-reinforcing, self-serving gurus (elevated far above their competence for ideological reasons) who practice the art of superstitious preconceptions and flawed conclusions to push a politically-correct voodoo.

  • We also know that the myth of a scientific consensus belies the actual fact of an ideologically-driven consensus supported by fraud and corruption. We know that the global warming alarmists have become further and further removed from the rationalism and dispassionate search for truth that the scientific method requires. We see the failure of academia and note its precipitous decline in a sense of truthfulness among officially sanctioned scientists in proportion to the confused the cognitive distortion of their Climatology belief system. We also see global cooling. We see all of the other completely natural explanations for global warming that the climate change catastrophists ignore.

As Philip Stott predicted in his article on cognitive dissonance, what follows is the usual insult and crapulent BS commie-dog campaign from the Left that’s now raised to a fever pitch before these prophets of global warming doom are all dragged down by the cold, dead stone of irrefutable logic. This final howling of the Heaven’s Gate cult of Climate Change fear mongers mark a point in time that may give rise to some hope in the next election. As Victor Davis Hanson (Lecture, September 8, 2021) asked and answered, “What can the citizen do… we can vote… we have to say, ‘No’.”

***Fallacy Six: The UK has shown world-leading decarbonisation
Finally, a sixth fallacy is about a conjuring trick. The claim that the UK is admired around the world for its example and for the speed of its ‘decarbonisation’ since 2000 – which is actually a deindustrialisation – is much repeated by British politicians and ‘green’ bureaucrats. This too is an illusion because much ‘decarbonisation’ is sleight of hand. Manufacturing and its associated emissions have simply been shipped offshore over the last two decades, mainly to China (so-called ‘carbon leakage’), and then the products re-imported and the related emissions debited to the manufacturers’ account. A totemic pride is also taken in ‘driving’ coal out of the power generation sector with no apparent comprehension of the true meaning and implications of what that means for the resilience of an advanced economy, nor, it seems, awareness of what has happened in Germany’s Energiewende when this experiment was conducted. ~Gwythian Prins (The worm in the rose)

The hypocrisy of the global warming alarmism meme is palpable…

Joe Biden rides in massive 85-car motorcade in Rome to chat about danger of ...
massive motorcade cop26 anti-global warming convention Glasgow Scotland goes to Pope from www.dailymail.co.uk
1 day ago — Joe and Jill Biden used a massive 85-car motorcade to wind through the streets of Rome on Friday for their meeting with Pope Francis.

(Updated 30 October 2021)

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Climate Change Truth, Justice and Nature’s Way is the American Way

KGW– Kryptonite Causes Global Warming

The theory that humanity’s CO2 causes global warming (AGW) has gone from a conjecture in natural science to a tool in political science. In other words, we’re no longer talking about phenomena which can be observed, measured, duplicated and verified by the scientific method. Instead, we’re talking about a fatalistic fantastic deep state ideology of mandated civil order versus free will and self-directed free enterprise. We’re talking about criminalizing democratic behavior and sacrificing individual liberty on the altar of liberal utopianism versus constitutional protections against authoritonism.

We’re talking about those who wish to align with the usual tyrannical regimes, authoritarians, tin pot dictators, fascists and commie states comprising the UN that wish to form a consensus against Jesus and Jews, capitalism, business and free enterprise versus those who celebrate customs and traditions that serve to preserve life, liberty and right of the individual to own property earned by the sweat of the brow.

As a concrete example, we’re talking about those who feel they have the right to keep the fruits of their own labors, investment and years of blood sweat and tears versus those who would confiscate the wealth of others to spend billions to fill filing cabinets full of academia’s irreproachable global warming junk science floated by phony research that is broadcast by fake news high-minded nabobs of mediocrity to the self-righteous, credulous, ignorant and superstitious.

The truth is, seekers of liberal utopianism have no good ideas and nothing productive to add to society other than donning a pair of Nikes, pulling plastic bags over their faces and laying down to prepare for leaving the real world like the Heaven’s Gate cult for ‘blast-off’ to the dark side of the comet Hale-Bopp– just spiritually and morally bankrupt takers of wealth that others have created. They refuse to buy into a system of personal responsibility; and, they refuse to admit anything that would conflict with their ideologically-motivated preconceptions of how the world ought to be.

In opposition to this nihilism are those who are willing to face reality and admit to the disaster brought about by the self-defeating ideology of atheism, socialism and liberal fascism. The nihilists feel compelled to blame America for the problems in the world and feel no shame about riding the backs of the productive while providing nothing of value to society and offer nothing in exchange for the work and sacrifice of others but to live in a meaningless little tent revival show in their heads, busily beating their big runaway global warming AGW doomsday drums to scare children to justify taking the hard-earned property of others by legislative fiat.

The Copenhagen fallacy— “Considering that the climate models are the only support for the AGW premise, and the AGW premise is the only support for the climate models, exposing this simple fabrication is all that needs to be done to put an end to this circular argument that forms the basis for the entire climate change lunacy.” (Norm Kalmanovitch)

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Ooglega and Academia’s Nadolf Nitlers Use ‘Climate’ and Covid-19 to Undermine Liberty

The sun shall rise and that is a fact.

Al Gore’s Hot World hysteria, the country’s greatest politicization of Western academia, now competes with Kamala Harris’ statement she would not trust a Covid-19 vaccine under a Trump presidency, as proof the Left has undermined honor and integrity in communication. “The medium is the message” said Canadian communication theorist Marshall McLuhan (Understanding Media). We’ve gone from the Information Age to the Propaganda Age, a time when social digital media is now utilized to shape public opinion by any and all means possible to undermine concepts of individualism, personal liberty, self-overcoming and rationality of objectivism that underlie Americanism.

Simple proof – type, “evilincandescentbulb” in the digital world’s most popular search engine and you will be pointed to nothing more that light bulbs. Now, type the same using an independent search engine, e.g., DuckDuckGo and the first thing that comes up is a link to hundreds of references in articles related to the ideologically-motivated politics of global warming, climate change, the assault on western science in general and on the scientific method in particular, on this site, as follows:


The height of the Little Ice Age is generally dated as 1650 to 1850 A.D. The American Revolutionary Army under General George Washington shivered at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-78, and New York harbor was frozen in the winter of 1780. Historic snowstorms struck Lisbon, Portugal in 1665, 1744 and 1886. (P…

The medium is the message and the message is clear: the words of Mugwump@Wagathon (https://twitter.com/wagathon) shall not be searched or read. We’ve seen the same type of communication cleansing beginning in the Trump era and continuing through the Biden era and even earlier when the entire public scientific forum at Amazon.com was taken down. Such ‘shadow banning’ is simply a cleaner and obviously more surreptitious way of preventing the public from being informed that is simply a modern method of burning down the offices of newspapers that print uncomfortable, inconvenient and objective news.

Wanna get banned? Simply point out that, those who despise capitalism have no respect for we anthropoi who believe there is a higher authority than ideologically-motivated establishment politics. For us who are skeptical of official government-blessed knowledge, there are higher authorities: integrity, honor and respect for the scientific method.

Over the years, I have watched a growing intolerance at universities in this country – not intolerance along racial or ethnic or gender lines – there, we have made laudable progress. Rather, a kind of intellectual intolerance, a political one-sidedness, that is the antithesis of what universities should stand for. It manifests itself in many ways: in the intellectual monocultures that have taken over certain disciplines; in the demands to disinvite speakers and outlaw groups whose views we find offensive; in constant calls for the university itself to take political stands. We decry certain news outlets as echo chambers, while we fail to notice the echo chamber we’ve built around ourselves. ~John Etchemendy (‘The threat from within’)

What passes for science in the halls of academia these days has less to do with skill and ability than who are better at marketing fearsome scenarios of certain doom, who are big promoters of big government planning and who are the most enthusiastically eager to allow science to be used as a propaganda tool to usurp the fruits of others’ labor, energy, will and commitment to truth and honesty.

So… what do we do about it? Obviously, classical education is dead. We’ve got to learn to think for ourselves and sometimes, it doesn’t come naturally. We’ve got to be more proactive about being aware of hidden motives, secret agendas and unstated biases of others, more skeptical about anything that defies common sense and learn to do our own research. “Classic psychological research,” says David Robson (Why smart people believe coronavirus myths), “shows that some people are naturally better at overriding their reflexive responses than others. This finding may help us understand why some people are more susceptible to fake news than others.”

In this era of fake news, a healthy degree of thoughtful skepticism and fact-checking is a healthy, rational and wise approach to take about everything we are asked to believe without question. No less an authority than Albert Einstein on the subject of ‘thinking’ also advises us to question it when he says, “Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

(Updated, October 16, 2021)

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