Climate Change Establishment Painted Into a Corner


Color Me Plateau

The global warming establishment is the pharaonic construction of Western academia to serve the political interests of the Left. The long hiatus in global warming is already shaking the global warming house of cards; and, nature is dictating what happens next which may be global cooling not warming –e.g., has global warming paused or is the globe at the top of a climate change rollercoaster? “I will refer to the present leveling of the global temperature,” says  Donald C. Morton (Will a return of rising temperatures validate the climate models?), “as a plateau rather than a pause or hiatus because the latter two imply we know temperatures will rise again soon.”

The opponents of modernity in academia’s ivory towers of babble may be forced to keep their concerns about global warming simmering on a back burner for years or even decades. It’s a race: if the EU falls off a cliff or becomes a Russian puppet state, will the rest of the West heed this as a sobering wake-up call? Perhaps there still is time to turn our backs on the nihilism of the Eurocommie government planning that can end only in a moribund society and a culture running on empty.

Science has been corrupted for political purposes. All of the money spent on climate science has been wasted and we must start over without academia’s monomaniacal fixation on humanity’s CO2. Having failed to consider all of the factors – even the factors we knew about – the General Circulation Models (GCMs) upon which global warming alarmism rests are nothing more now than weathered symbols of a lost age like pyramids buried in the sand.

Through the inadequate inclusion of natural contributions,
we lost the recent decades for comparing predictions with observations.
It is time for a new start. ~Donald C. Morton

Starting over must begin with an acknowledgment that GCMs are dust: they’re all based on using parameters to turn something complex into something simple. The many phenomena that comprise climate change are so complicated it is impossible for us to believe school teachers can capture them using computer languages to explain nature. We were told government scientists using supercomputers could predict global average temperatures 50 and 100 years into the future. That was all bull shit: “a model cannot be trusted,” says Morton, “if it does not make correct predictions of observations not used in determining the parameters.”

There is much to know. What’s missing is the courage to do nothing to the economy until we actually know much more. Instead, nihilistic ideologues in Western civilization — mostly in the government-education complex (who only know how to spend the money others have earned) — demand that we hand our future over to them at the expense of our common sense, proven best interests and individual liberty.

The natural factors that cause global warming and cooling and by extension, climate change, are the very things we know very little about. These factors are also what  GCM’s fail to adequately account for, such as changes in stratospheric water vapor, El Niño warming events, La Niña cooling, variability due to multidecadal and centennial oscillations, cloud forcing, the effects of aerosols. We don’t even understand our effect on the climate when we attempt to limit the production of greenhouse gases. “Climate predictions without accounting for the relative importance of natural and human effects,” says Morton, “are useless because we cannot tell whether any proposed change in human activity will have a noticeable effect.”

We deceive ourselves even with the language we use. Global warming is nothing more than a speculative theory that academia has attempted to exempt from experimental verification. “In our view,” argue George Ellis and Joe Silk (Scientific method: Defend the integrity of physics), “the issue boils down to clarifying one question: what potential observational or experimental evidence is there that would persuade you that the theory is wrong and lead you to abandoning it? If there is none, it is not a scientific theory.” The Earth is not a greenhouse.

Also I prefer to describe CO2, methane (CH4,), nitrous oxide (N2O), ozone (O3), and the chlorofluoro carbons (CFC’s) as minor absorbing gases rather than greenhouse gases because glass houses become hot mainly by keeping the heated air from mixing with cooler air outside rather than by absorption in the glass. Atmospheric absorption by these gases definitely does warm the earth. The controversy is about how important they are compared with natural causes. ~Donald C. Morton

In spite of our collective ignorance and perhaps because of it, the free enterprise-despising, climate-protectors of the Left-wing reward Democrat politicians who demonize capitalism, mining coal, fracking gas, drilling for oil, pipelines and police. Thriving societies need more opportunities and jobs and more not less individual liberty to safeguard civilization from the ignorant and superstitious barbarians at the gates; and, that requires more not less energy.

Climate change may be less important than rising populations, land use practices and ecosystem degradation. Regions that find solutions to problems of climate variability and extreme weather, and address relevant challenges of an increasing population, are likely to be well prepared to cope with any additional stresses from climate change. ~Judith Curry

A free people must learn to see and refuse to be led by liars. Global warming is nothing but a hoax and scare tactic: an unprovable hypotheses that is useful in the Left’s propaganda war against Americanism. The Left would embrace the use of nuclear energy to generate electricity if they really believed burning fossil fuels caused climate change.

Michael Crichton nailed the logic employed by the Left in his lecture about aliens causing global warming –i.e., they believe, the burden of proof is on the deniers. The Taliban burned teachers alive in front of their students yesterday because the terrorists believe little girls shouldn’t go to school. It’s not always easy being a denier and perhaps deadly in Afghanistan but, being a climate change refusnik in America is the only moral course to take.

The stochastic nature of climate means what will happen
probably won’t be what we think we want.

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