Illusion of Certitude Lost and the Climate Science Hoax

Is the Left the New Confederacy?

This is how a hoax dies: a consensus voted for Trump– and, poof! Climate change catastrophism is dead; and, now… global warming alarmism is way passé. In an odd turn of events, the Trump-hating Left is the new Confederacy.

Anti-Trump resistance is not pro-America it’s choosing pro-UN/Eurocommunism, liberty-robbing, pro-bureaucracy, phony-science global warming alarmism. We have today, a palpable glimpse of America-past: the Trump-haters are like the resistance Abraham Lincoln faced. The Left especially is in a fugue state where blue has turned to gray and life has turned into a nightmare from which they may never wake up.

Blue America has become a new ‘Bizarro’ confederacy of compact areas of densely populated urbanites that have ceded personal freedom to overlords of unelected bureaucrats schooled in the European style of communism. These ‘Blues’ cling to a flag-burning, pro-Castro, seas-rising/anti-business ideology and dream about actors sticking knives and putting bullets into the backs of Trump, Conservatives, Tea Partiers, scientific sceptics and everyone casting politically-incorrect ballots for anyone other than Hillary Clinton.

Seeing it all unfold is like watching Salma Hayek’s immigrant character in the movie, ‘Beatriz at Dinner’ fantasize about sticking a knife in the neck of John Lithgow’s character, a California land developer (putative stand-in for Donald Trump) for displacing her and her family from the mangroves in Mexico ~30 years ago. The America that took her in is of course to blame. In reality but not a part of the script, the chopping down of 143 acres of mangrove forest for a development project outside of Cancún is really happening, the work having begun just last year by an Italian developer, all at the behest of the Mexican government (Mexican tourist board). The building plans, all blessed by the Mexican courts pending relocation of crocodiles, lizards, frogs and other animals, are to include the building of a big Catholic church with the tallest cross in South America.

The battleground has gone from human-caused climate change to Trump-Putin election collusion to obstruction of justice to public-funded health care. And, of course, much like their past concerns about global warming, everything is all chop-chop and phony. No one has any doubts that climate changes or that Hillary Clinton caused her own problems of hacked emails or that John Podesta’s emails where phished by scammers. Most people realize that the Democrat party purposefully destroyed the health care system so that it could more easily be taken over down the road by the government– a TSA of medicine.

The big change in politics is that the public now knows the government doesn’t really care what they think. With the overturn of the Obama legacy, beginning with kicking Hillary to the curb, Trump voters slipped the noose of political correctness. In the process, however, voters also freed the liberal MSM from maintaining the pretense that it has a conscience: Dan Rather didn’t invent fake and biased news– it has been with us all along and now we all know it, see it and no longer believe it.

Everything has changed. The Left just knew we had to do something about climate change and that it was better to do something half-assed about it now, even if it meant sacking the economy and spending trillions of dollars we don’t have.  The alternative of course was to do whatever might actually be necessary down the road when we had the chance to understand more about it; but, that course of action posed a threat to the Left that we’d discover global warming is not a problem.

As an added twist, the element of catastrophism was introduced into speculations about global warming theory because researchers were seduced by the idea of seeing their speculations being acted on today not later or… never. The tyranny of immediacy was used to stampede the herd into action: the illusion of accomplishing something now, even if it meant acting badly on bad information, was seen as more important than acting better later with better information. The deep state calculus was that the illusion of accomplishing anything now – even if that meant doing the wrong thing – was more important than doing anything later, even if we learned through a better understanding of nature that we should do nothing at all.

Where are we now that no one buys the old charade of a supposed 97% consensus of opinion concerning the impending calamity we face due to human-caused global warming? The Left’s apocalyptic vison of modernity has been dashed. Rational people are prepared to address the reality that the future is always uncertain. What is the fix for the rest of the population? The closest thing we have to a savior is a 250 year old contract we call the Constitution that gave power in the last election to disenfranchised voters in fly-over America. The politics of the electoral college trumped the hoax and scare tactics of global warming alarmism and the illusion of certainty about climate change. With that, everything else came tumbling down like a house of cards.

Michael Mann’s hockey stick science and Al Gore’s vision of Earth-destroying runaway global warming has been thoroughly debunked. It has all been the product of a knowing and purposeful deception– a scientific fraud. A big hoax! There is no need to sift through the ashes and look for further evidence that Western Academia stabbed America in the back and sacrificed scientific integrity and honesty on the alter of Leftist ideology. Gore’s faux-science follow-up to the ’06, An Inconvenient Truth (titled, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power) will disabuse reasonable people of the notion that anything has changed. [e.g., see: Minister of Unified Earth]

Perhaps science can now fix itself but it will take a while. Western academia now has the credibility of CNN. The bitter pill to swallow is that the golden promise of universal education has become a propaganda campaign against individual liberty, personal responsibility and even free speech on public campuses. An entrenched Leftist bureaucracy in liberal state-run institutions has declared war on Americanism. Tie a bell to these cats and there will be ringing the next time you hear something that sounds fishy.

Living up to his campaign promises concerning government-mandated CO2 restrictions may be the most important thing any US politician has done in our lifetimes. “Since 2009, the US and other governments have undertaken actions with respect to global climate that are not scientifically justified and that already have, and will continue to cause serious social and economic harm—with no environmental benefits,” writes Dr. Richard Lindzen in a petition to President Donald Trump. “While we support effective, affordable, reasonable and direct controls on conventional environmental pollutants, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. To the contrary, there is clear evidence that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is environmentally helpful to food crops and other plants that nourish all life. It is plant food, not poison… We are now at a crossroads. Candidates Trump and Pence promised not only to keep the US out of a harmful international climate agreement, but also to rollback misdirected, pointless government restrictions of CO2 emissions. My fellow scientists [300 signatories] support you as you seek to keep your campaign promises.”

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ~Mark Twain



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Hot World Syndrome—fear of a hotter, more intimidating world than it actually is prompting a desire for more protection than is warranted by any actual threat. A Chance Meeting– We toured south along the Bicentennial Bike Trail in the Summer of 1980, working up appetites covering ~70 miles per day and staying at hiker/biker campgrounds at night along the Oregon/California coast (they were 50¢ a day at that time). The day's ride over, and after setting up tents, hitting the showers, and making a run to a close-by store, it was time to relax. The third in our little bicycle tour group, Tom, was about 30 yards away conversing with another knot of riders and treating himself to an entire cheesecake for dinner. He probably figured Jim and I would joke about what a pig he was eating that whole pie and decided to eat among strangers. Three hours later after sharing stories and remarking on a few coincidences that turned up here and there, Tom and one of the former strangers realized they were cousins, meeting in this most unlikely place for the first time. ~Mac
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1 Response to Illusion of Certitude Lost and the Climate Science Hoax

  1. Steve says:

    Very good writing, thank you. I hope you’re right in your analysis of what is happening, and certainly agree with your assessment of the meaning of Trump being elected. Still no real light in the tunnel here in Europe. They will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into a future without AGW panic, and will certainly come up with substitute nonsense…. Not to mention all the other problems here, which I won’t get started on now 🙂

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